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NSW Half Price Cornetto @ Coles starts 15/7


Streets Cornetto - Half Price this week at coles…

$3.35 per 4pk..

Havnt seen this price for ever!!

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  • similar deal with woolworthes last week, and its coles turn now

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      with the the woolies didnt you have to buy 8 or more ? at least this way you can get just one pack

      • Nope, 3 packs for $10…

        • Yes, which means you had to buy 12 ice-creams! They both equate to the same price per ice-cream but with the Coles deal you don't have to buy as many!

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            @carlenet: 1 box is not enough!!!

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            @carlenet: Actually, Woolies was about 5c cheaper than Coles for 3 boxes…

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              @jv: If you read my reply I said per ice-cream…I didn't say overall! :P

  • Sweet when does it start? I hope they have all the flavours on special!

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    Man, I'm getting fat on this site…

    dominoes, catch of the day candies and now this…

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      At least now we can take advantage of all those cheap leftover XXL sizes at the clearance sales now ;-)

      • But size 8 is always the left overs on the rack… maybe we should starve ourselves instead?

        anyways, good deal but my 2 tub of ice cream is gonna stay there until winter is gone lol.

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    Better deal than Woolies as I get to earn flybuys points! :) I just finished my kinder bueno from COTD!

    • but woolies you get QFF points :)

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        Don't you only get QFF points at Woolies for each dollar over $30?

        I prefer to shop at Coles. If you have an Entertainment book you can purchase Coles gift vouchers for 5% off (paying with credit card, so you also get credit card points). And then you can use Fly Buys when using the gift voucher too.

        Effectively that's more than 5% off groceries at Coles!

        • "Entertainment book you can purchase Coles gift vouchers for 5% off "

          HOw many can you buy? And at what value? eg can't imagine they letting you buy $1000 right?

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            @furyou: as much as u want!
            have to pay with visa or mastercard (haven't checked if updated to allow amex)

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              @djones145: Yep - what Djones said - as many as you want!

              There used to be a limit up to $3000 but that has now been removed.

              "Please note: the Coles offer printed in your Book included a limit of $3,000 worth of cards per member. This has now been removed and you may purchase as many cards as you like!"

              I usually buy a couple of $100 Coles gift cards every 2 or 3 weeks, but I only pay $95 per card :D

          • @furyou: What entertainment books is it???

            • @Benmc: http://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/search-the-book.aspx
              It's a book that offers vouches for all sorts of businesses. Look up Coles and you can see the offer.

              • @DogGunn: do they charge postage for the giftcards?

                if so how much?

                • @airpoe: I think you can buy them at the store.
                  The Entertainment Book costs though.

                • @airpoe: No they don't. I've purchased some before, they came via registered mail, for no extra cost.

                • @airpoe: Giftcards arrive via free registered post….. admittedly you do have to pay for the Entertainment Book itself in order to secure the 5% off though. But I use the Entertainment book quite a lot anyway, and I have relatives who ask me to buy the Coles gift cards for them, so it all works out in the end…

  • Why don't they ever put Weight Watchers meals on special !!! :(

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    "Do you want anything from the shop?"

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      "I'll stop doing it when you stop laughing"

  • this is cheap but i shudder to think what the normal price has got to now. i remember drumsticks being 1$ each not that long ago.

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    I bought 10 boxes few secs ago…

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    Also, Half price Terry's Chocolate Orange!

  • Bargain! But to cold for ice cream this winter.

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    no weather is too cold for ice cream!!

  • about time. I really hate shopping now when buying junk food. I usually treat myself when there are specials but having to buy 3 for "_____" something really grates at me.
    Whinging over. I like the price of this :D

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    Yeh… I'm in coles right now, essendon Vic. No deal yet.

  • No deal at Broadway , ultimo. :(

  • Starting Thursday as with all coles catalogues.

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      OP should put this in the title… Stop people like me going down to coles, just to get all disappointed.

      • Agreed and I asked this very question 11 hours ago but of course no1 answered it.

        • Nawww ;)

  • Just so people know. Sales from these sort of catalogs generally start on Thursdays.

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    no deal at melbourne central's coles

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    good deal, but last week woolies had 3 for $9.00 for the same thing

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    I'm waiting for a Drumstick deal - wish I'd stocked up - they taste loads nicer than Cornetto. The icecream seems much creamier or something. The satisfaction factor just isn't there for me with Cornettos. Hehe, I'm fussy when it comes to my treats. :D

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    odd that when someone negs a deal, its viewed as an attack, which in turn is what a lot of others do in return, hypocrites much? For those that dont shop at coles, its not unreasonable to neg a deal if its vague and has encouraged a wasted visit

  • went to Springwood, QLD coles last night. No sign of the deal. pretty lame.

    • Coles deals usually start on Thursday and end on Wednesday. I'm guessing this one will follow the usual format. It wasn't clear in original post though.

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    This deal is not active and there is no proof of it,it should be removed, it is vague and misleading as just because of the ad I went into the coles store in search of the cornettos, I also told the kids and they were very disappointed, it is a big negative from me!, absolutely waste of time

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    yep not all coles have it so must been a store special or something :(

  • mods can you please add 'starts thursday' into the heading?

    It starts Thursday - the day that ALL coles catalogue specials start. I'm not even a regular shopper there and i knew that lol. Positive from me.

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    Coles catelogue starts on a Thursday, as do many other stores like Target, KMart, IGAs etc.

    Woolworths used to be Thursdays too. Now woolies start on a Sunday.

    • Woolworths start on Mondays in VIC.

      • Same in NSW too … each Woolies catalogue runs from Mondays - Sundays.

  • Guys - Just found out that this deal isnt available in NSW…

  • So where exactly did you get the information about half price cornetto? It isn't in the catalogues.

  • The 15/7 catalogue is out online but there isnt any cornetto listed at all for NSW at least, seems like VIC has them for $3.35 other states may also but definately not NSW

  • It is available on the online catalogue in Qld (Brisbane anyway). Starts today - It's on the very last/back page of the catalogue - for those interested. Now I need to go and make room in my freezer….!!! =)~~

  • Unfortunately no discount at Chatswood Chase, NSW. Went to the shop early this morning and checked in their catalogues. :(

  • just saw this online:


    Last page of this online catalogue: http://catalogues.coles.com.au/portal/dynamiccatalogue?Catal...

    States: Sale starts today (15 July 2010), ends: 21 July 2010

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    not available in nsw, not in the catalouge

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    Not available in ACT either. :(

  • Do these come in minis, or is that drumsticks….

  • one box is enough! - fridge

  • Not NSW dude

  • -> Tomsco

    from what I can see, the Mods didn't edit this so I'm flagging it for Scotty to check, how you've got a cache without NSW in it when there's no list of edits for this topic.

    • -1

      That's interesting. I definetly recall that NSW wasn't originally there, so I just checked google and clicked on the cached page. If there's no list of edits would that mean the OP didn't edit it either? We're entering the Twilight zone.

      • Sorry guys, i fixed up the title and revoked the vote for clarity. I've been away from the comp for a bit and i didnt realise there was an issue.

  • Have to neg it because it's not available in NSW at all but clearly said NSW in title. Not in catalouge, not in store.

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