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New Balance Gym Bag $6.30, Team Backpack $16.80, Team Holdall $21, Team Hold All 2016 $25.20, FREE Delivery @ New Balance Online

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  • The Team Backpack is $16.80, isn't it? With the 30% discount code it comes down to $16.80 delivered, which is still good.

    • yep. your right.

      I bought 2 of them. One for work and one for the gym

      • Yeah, the blue color looks great. Thanks for posting, mate.

  • $21 Black/Yellow backpack if anyone is interested.

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    Hey guys, i'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong, but for example, the first item, the gym bag, is $25, with the code it brings it down to $17.50.. not $6..

    • You are right. Change the color if you want the price drop, which is what i just realized which comes down to $9 and not $6.30

      • Make sure to use the code for the price to drop down to $6.30.

        • Oops. Crap.

        • +1

          @Ruptur3: You already bought it? My condolences then.

    • Yeah, it's the 'Gold Multi' bag that's on sale, and it's $6.30 after the code is applied, since it's already $9 before the code.

  • Damm gym bag sold out but got the backpack

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      Bloody OzBargainers! It has just been available a couple of minutes ago when I've made that comment above. Looks like someone bought dozens of it. I also got the backpack, as I need it for uni, and it looks cool too.

  • Used the code to get a discount on a hat in clearance items.
    Code seems to work with other products (clearance only?)

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    Any idea what size the backpack? The web seems strangely devoid of any reviews or dimensions/capacity for this backpack.

  • Blue colour is not available anymore. Missed out. By the way, do you use some application to notify if a new deal is posted? I missed out on couple of good deals so exploring of there is any better way

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      Go to the New Balance store's main page and hit the subscribe button, then OZbargain will email you whenever a new deal for this store is posted. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/newbalance.com.au

      You might also want to subscribe to other stores that sell New Balance products or just create a search alert, search for something relevant then if you look there's an option "create alert" which will also email you when it's triggered (by finding a new matching query)

      Alerts can be managed here ~ this is your unique page, only you can see:

      2 warnings: sometimes there can be a delay on the emails and often you'll get an email that isn't relevant, just because somebody typed New Balance (if that's your search alert) but didn't post a deal for example.

      • Thanks Nismo. Appreciate that.

  • OzBargained :(

  • Added the code makes it $24 not $6 op plz fix tittle.

  • -1

    Team Backpack sold out as well, added to my cart and went through checkout process but got out of stock error at final page

    • Looks like they updated stock levels. Was able to order one now.

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    got the gym bag for $30 during the last sale in a different colour (orange black grey). used it as check in baggage for 2 trips since, great for travel.

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    Bought it for $21

  • +1

    Looks like the 2016 holdall is OOS as well. Thanks OP, grabbed the $21 bag, great deal with free shipping!

    • +1

      I was in the middle of paying for the 2016 Team holdall when it expired… Bought the $21 bag instead. Hope it's large as the 2016 holdall version, needed for my upcoming overseas trip :)

  • Reference for the dimension of New Balance Team Holdall, Large - $21, hope it is right:

    "This holdall measures 62cm x 31cm x 29cm"


  • Just managed to get a gym bag. Maybe back in stock?

  • All items seem to be back in stock.

    • Except the cheapest one, Team Gym Bag 'Gold Multi', which was $6.30 after discount. Sold out pretty fast.

  • Can anyone find the bag in the thumbnail (gray, black, orange)?

    • No, I tried looking as well

  • Missed the $6.30 one.

    I have a gym bag but it's very dusty. Been so long since I went to gym lol.

    I guess not having a brand new bag won't tempt me to go back to the gym since I am one lazy SOB. Silver linings.

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    The gym bag for $6.30 is back in stock. Just bought one, thanks OP.

    • None of their bags have website images to display internals. What's a gym bag - just a plastic sack with a draw string?

      May grab one for the pool.

    • What's wrong with NB? It isn't there again.

    • Am I missing something as the New Balance Team Gym Bag is showing me $17.50 at checkout and not $6.30

      • The only colour left is navy, but it is not $6.30

        • +1

          Check the comment I've just left below this.

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        The other one is back in stock again. Either their site is messed up, or they're messing with OzBargainers. lol

        PS: Underneath the bag, change the color to the gold one and the price is $9. Apply the code and then it will drop to $6.30


        • Thanks mate and EC!
          I didnt even go through cashrewards just in case it goes back out of stock again

        • Thanks got it

  • You need to change the colour to bring it down to $9 and the code brings it down to $6.30.

  • Able to get one for $6.30 + free shipping.. Thanks OP :)
    Code seems to work on other NB products too.

    • How? I can't seem to change the colour from navy. There's only one colour option. Navy. For $25 before discount.

      • I was able to 20 mins ago.. but u r right, there is no option to change the colour now. I think their website is playing up. Try again after sometime.

        • Ah ok. I tried 2 hours and now again unsuccessfully. So thought it was just me.

        • @Pepsii: For some odd reason their site was playing up all night last night. The cheap bag shows up, and then disappears, and after a while there it's again. Not sure why that's happening.

  • Trying to get the $24 team backpack down to $16.80 but the price isn't changing after the code has been applied.

    • The same thing happened to me. I tried many times but doesn't work.

    • +1

      It appears that the 30% off code has expired.

      • Free shipping still works though

  • I bought the Team Backpack as soon as OP posted the deal, and NB has just emailed me saying that unfortunately they don't have any stock of that bag as it has been oversold. WTF! I was one of the first, if not the first person to pull the trigger on that bag. :(

    Has anyone got a dispatch confirmation for the blue Team Backpack for $16.30?

    • I ordered a gold backpack about 10 hours after deal was posted and just got a email saying it was shipped.

      • Yeah, unfortunately I liked the blue one better and they stuffed my order.

        • To tell you the truth I was really surprised to get this email as Gold backpack was also sold out initially and more stock was added few hours before I did the order, I also liked blue better but I figured there is hardly any chance for me to get that one.

    • Got dispatch confirmation for the blue Team backpack, as well as Gold team backpack and 2 Gold team Gym Bags (separate order). Still waiting dispatch confirmation for the shoes :(

      • Lucky you! Looks like early ordering isn't priority with NB. Stuff them! lol

        • +1

          Just got my backup today, not impressed with the quality or size of the thing so you are not missing much

  • new balance emailed me saying team backpack unavailable

    also ordered as soon as the deal was live :(

    • +2

      It's time they bloody upgrade their site so that it reflects their inventory, just like eBay and other businesses do. They contact customers days after they made purchases to tell them that what they ordered was out of stock, and now it's even too late to make a different purchase coz the other color is also out of stock.

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    Has anyone received dispatch email for the shoes??? Ordered 3 pairs as soon as the sale was on, but the order status is still pending??

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      Just wait, they would have had a huge influx of orders in the past 3 days (hundreds, possiblity thousands) so may take a few days to sift through them all.

    • Just wait, they would have had a huge influx of orders in the past 3 days (hundreds, possiblity thousands) so may take a few days to sift through them all.

  • Team Holdall shipped, gym bags cancelled.

  • The Team Gym Bag that I ordered isn't available either. Come on, NB!

  • Gym Bag got canceled by NB, guess who is responsible for breaking my new year's resolution ;)

  • If anyone wants a 2016 team holdall and can pick up in Adelaide NE suburbs I'm selling for cost price. Can return but too lazy to go to post office

    • Do you have the blue Team Backpack? If you've got that one and wanna sell it I'll buy it from you. And yeah, I am in Adelaide.

  • Received the Team Holdall today. It says size "Large", I reckon it's a bit too big. If the size was something like the Country Road duffle it'd be perfect.

    Anyone know if it can be taken as a carry-on luggage?

    • how big is it if you don't mind me asking, i was thinking of purchasing it but could not find any info about its dimensions. Also if you could comment about the quality.

      • It's like one of those bags you see athletes (basketball, baseball, football) carry. It feels quite sturdy and has a side zip to put a pair of shoes in. Definitely spacious as a gym bag.

        Post says "Expired" so if you're buying you might have to pay $30!?

  • Thanks for replying , yea I know it expired but never know might get restocked, I want to see if its too big for gym or beach

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