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Xiaomi ROIDMI 2S Music Bluetooth 4.2 Car Charger Dual USB Port w/Mic & App AU $17.89 + AU $1.28 Postage - ZAPALS


Was AU$19.92 + AU$1.35 here a few weeks back, seems like a decent price.

Tl;dr of features: It's an FM transmitter with Bluetooth input, FM output. Allows you to play music via Bluetooth in cars which don't natively support Bluetooth. Also has 2x 2.4a charging ports.

Billed as AU$17.89 + AU$1.28 (AU$19.17) if AUD is selected. Otherwise US$13.92 (~AU$19.27 according to google) - Zapals conversion rates are (currently) really generous.

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  • I am using it for last 1 week, but there seems to be a lot static noise while playing music from Google Music. Any fix?

    • Some static noise and quality issues can be expected from the FM transmission side of things, but nothing too serious. Best bet is to true a different FM channel and see if that works. Try to find one which isn't used by any local stations.

      I'm unsure exactly on how this is done or how much static should be expected (only ordered mine today), but I've used similar devices in the past and the lower quality (compared to aux/etc) is noticable at times, though never really bad enough that it's problematic or unpleasant.

      Edit; can you confirm which version you have? Apparently the older version had a quite known issue with excess noise, where as this one has "noise reduction technology". Can't really comment on how well it works before I try it, but I'm unable to find anything on Google where anyone is having problems with the 2S.

    • Try playing from files on your phone, do you still get the static?

      If yes, then it's likely you're getting interference on the FM frequency you're using. Try a different frequency, you'll have to use the Roidmi app to change it.

      Do you get the static listening to Google Music through your phone or through a BT headset?

      Also, make sure the 2S has a good power contact within the lighter socket, I had to slightly bend the sockets two side negative springs in to get a reliable contact - do it while there's no power connected to the lighter socket obviously.

      FWIW, I have both the 2S and the older version, neither has given me any noise problems.

  • I am not buying if it has noise issue. Do others have the same feedback?

    • +1

      I've been using mine for a number of months now and have not had any issues with static. I've been thoroughly impressed with the audio quality. However the signal comes in quiet so I find I need to max out my phone volume and have my stereo a tad louder than I normally would.

      • I've found that volume is reduced if you just use BT pairing to your phone, if you use the Roidmi app to start whatever player you're using then the volume is increased, (almost like pushing a Loudness button).

  • I have the original version and the quality of it is fantastic. Music Controls in this one is highly tempting :)

  • Bought one thx

  • Does this for into older style cigarette lighter sockets, as the connector looks a bit different to the adapters than I've used in the past

    • I believe it needs an adaptor for older sockets. Right down the bottom of the description there's details and diagrams.

  • +1

    I agree the quality is excellent. Since I live out of the city the FM signal is not a problem. A major issue however that people should be aware of is that it is only compatible with cigarette lighter type 12V outlets & not your more typical(these days)12V outlet, which is odd… not sure of the logic behind that?? Took a bit of a workaround to get it to work with my VZ Commodore.

  • Ordered mine on 11/12/16 and still hasn't arrived yet :(

  • So does this work without the app - I.e. Can you use the app to set it up.originally, then use it without it with a different phone without the app?

    • -2

      App must be installed in the phone. Once setup, it's not necessary to keep the app open during playback, it'll work in the background.

      • Bugger - was hoping that it'd keep the settings (FM station etc.) saved. Was hoping to use it with a phone that it doesn't have an app for.

        • It doesn't require the app, it will pair with a phone normally. You will, however, be stuck on the default frequency of 96.4MHz (IIRC).

          I just tried it with a 2S and another phone without the app

          The older version also allowed you to pair without the app, (which you had to do in the case of iPhones since they didn't have an app for iOS).

    • Yes, you can. If you're happy with the default FM frequency, you don't even need to install the app.

      I have installed the app previously, but I don't like that it logs your location, etc. I just use Poweramp and don't bother with the Roidmi app. You only need it to change the frequency or the colour of the LED.

      • Just use permissions to restrict its access to everything except BT.

        I found the volume increased when you used the Roidmi app to initiate connection and your player of choice, (almost like another driver kicks in instead of a generic BT driver).

  • Damn I just bought one and then saw this note on the Bangood product page "Notice: With total contact conductive electrode, the product has the compatibility to the usage of most car's cigarette lighter. All kinds of Nissan, KIA and Subaru car are not included. Besides, Honda(Odyssey, CITY, Vezel, Crider, Fit, XR-V), Toyota(Vios), New Citroen, New Jetta, Peugeot(201, 301, 2008) are also not applicable. You can check the internal structures of cigarette lighter to confirm if it applicable or not."

    I have a 2005 Subaru…

    • I believe there's adaptors available, unsure on pricing though.

      • hmm i thought cigarette lighters were fairly ubiquitous

        • At the bottom of the product description there's a little diagram. All (I believe) fit the longer pinned ones, though not all fit the newer kind.

    • It worked fine in my car (Mitsubishi), and I don't understand how the other type are different, but I've heard you can just put a ball of foil in there to make it work in the other type.

      • …Just by a cheap Chinese adaptor if that desperate, can't ever recommend putting foil into a live 12v socket lol

        • link?

        • +1


          Most two way splitters will do the job. View the diagram in product description and ensure the outlets are similar to the correct ones, while the plug has a similar to the older style ones.

    • Please check this image for the compability

      My Mazda RX8 has two socket, one is the compatible one, one is other type.

  • The device is useless in my VE Commodore. I bought the official Roidmi 2 socket splitter so i'd have two of the old circlip style sockets. It works, but the volume is lower, and every 15 minutes or so, it gives me a overcharge warning, telling me my battery voltage is too high, so I get annoying beeps over the music. Still waiting for the app update with the shake function.

    I'm pretty disappointed with its performance. Using a Belkin audio cable from the headphone jack on my iPhone 6s to the aux socket on the stereo works far better!

    • How high is your battery charge?? This is 12-24v..??

      Maybe it's low voltage? I don't think a commodore is gonna be 24v, so the expected ~13.8v can't be the problem..?

      • ~14.4v

        If only there was a way to disable the overcharge alarm in the app… unless it's a hidden setting that i'm yet to discover!

        • That's quite odd, it's my understanding this uses a switched-mode voltage converter and so (in theory) shouldn't have any real differences at any voltages, especially any in-between the two specified supported voltages. It must just be some kind of battery monitoring Xiaomi threw in as an extra feature on these…

          (Note ridiculous voltages would still be problematic, though a voltage in-between the two supported levels is far from ridiculous)

  • Can anyone provide a link from what I would call the "old" cigarette lighter socket to the "newer" socket that would fit this product?

    I have searched online and can't find such a thing.

  • Can Zapals be trusted with the quality of their products? A bit nervous to buy from here…

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