Cadbury Roses Tin - Where Can I Get Them

I've eaten some forbidden chocolate now i have to find a replacement but I can't seems to find them. I need to buy Cadbury Roses but they have to be in a tin, does anyone knows where I can get them?


  • Umm… If you don't mind being a little underhanded, couldn't you buy a packet of them, and put them into the tin?

  • In that case… blame shift…

    "It was probably that little bastard, enter name of closest child, I knew they were a mistake the moment I saw them."

    • No one else in the house, I'm afraid! But I like your thinking lol

      • Visitors? (visitors with kids are even better, those little shits are an easy mark when the parents aren't around to defend them).

        Replace missing forbidden with boxed ones, tape tin, job's right.

  • I saw tins being cleared at Woolworths yesterday

  • Make it look like a robbery, smash the place up and take the chocolate out of the house.