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I have a Amex Explorer Card with 200k MR point(gateway) balance. And planning to apply for a Platinum Charge card soon. With a little digging, was able to find out I'm still eligible to get bonus 100k MR points (Assent) with new charge card, thanks to latest Amex terms & conditions. My question is, If i got approved with 100K Assent points, can i pool my 200k Gateway points in to Assent program without a fee and and would i be able continue my Assent membership with both of my cards?

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    Technically no you cannot pool the two accounts unless you pay 0.5c per point to do so (don't bother). But you can still access both balances from your login and there is nothing stopping you from making two transfers to your preferred airline/hotel.

    Eg Transfer 50,000 to Velocity from your Ascent Premium and also transfer another 50,000 to Velocity from Ascent Gateway.

    The reason they can't be merged is due to the fact they have different redemption values.

    • Thanks, appreciate the respond

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    Yes you can! 🐶

    I used to have a Platinum Edge card under the Ascent program and an Essential card under the Gateway program.

    Now my Essential card is under the Ascent program, and the MR points I previously had were transferred over fee-free.

    The trick is to call late at night to try and get an American operator. I rang around 9.30pm AEST. I've also read you'll have better luck ringing on the weekends. They'll be able to merge both cards under one program for you.

    If you get an operator who says you'll have to forfeit your current MR points in order to merge them into one program, politely decline and try again at a later time.

    • Thanks for the heads up, will try this out and update the outcome, fingers crossed

      • how did you go with combining,

        I just recently signed up to the platinum edge after having the explorer for 2 years, looking to combine my 250k gateway points to the accent program as well!

        • its the luck of the draw, called first one said I would loose points best to cash them in. called couple days later in evening got someone helpful who said it would take a few days to complete fee free.

  • I can confirm this will work.

    I was in the exact same position with my Explorer card before I applied for the Plat Charge card.

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