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Philips BDM4350UC 43" 4K IPS Monitor $899 @ Scorptec


This is the cheapest I've seen this monitor after a quick search.
4K, 43 inch IPS panel with a USB hub

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    Not bad but unlike their 40" panel ripped from a good tv this one has a cheap no-name panel with terrible burn in, like almost instant & the monitor warns you everytime you turn it on to keep things moving every 15min. Depends a lot on luck but the QC has been poor

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      I picked this up ( from scorptek ) a few months ago.
      Been running fine / awesome for me - interested in your info though…

      • I did a lot of research as I was also tempted in buying one a couple of months ago. If you google Philips 43" monitor burn-in or read some Amazon reviews you'll see users reporting it. 40" Philips is a far better deal either way

        • Which monitor did you end up going with, I am tossing up between the 40" mentioned below but never had a VA before.

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        As I said though it depends a lot on luck when it comes to panel issues. Some expert reviews found no issues, consumers however did find issues. Little issues were reported with the earlier 40" model

        • yeah something i was worried about ( not specifclally due to tyhis model ) due to it being anew screen.
          5m screen saver set.

          and i got the display model too, so fairly sure it wasnt susceptible…

          but still - consumner guarantee a) Oz is pretty good and b) phillips guarantee the screen for long time??

        • @imnotarobotorami: The Philips warranty is its only saving grace. Still doesn't change the fact that Philips cheaped out on this model

    • Wow I thought screens moved on from burn-in a decade ago …

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        Here's some photos with burn-in (not mine)


        I think it eventually goes away but this would get annoying!

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        On the contrary - it's been 'reintroduced' with the awesome OLED TVs.

        • IPS LCD also suffers "image retention" rather quickly.

        • I've gamed on my OLED since 2014 with no burn-in. Every time an OLED TV goes on standby it runs a compensation cycle that prevents it. I think you'd have to really abuse OLED to get burn-in. Either by turning it off at the wall or leaving it on a static image for a month without letting it go into standby.

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    I have one of their 40" monitors and it is fantastic. You soon get used to the size. With 4k, you can organise the screen with several usable windows.

    @backslashio, shame the quality of the 43" isn't that good. I was almost tempted.

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      There's a 40" 4K BDM4037UW curved Philips monitor coming out to replace the earlier 40" model

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        Good to know, I have the original and moved to it from a Dell 34" curved display and have always felt curved would make sense as this feels like its so big the edges are just out of peripheral properly. One thing I liked about the Dell was how clear and insight the curved made the edges seem.

        Looks like its already available and 10bit panel this time around too


        • This seems to good to be true at that price?!

        • Oh wow its already instock?! Hmm, this or the LG HDR…

          10bit panel is something I didn't realise

        • @carlitos:

          VA not IPS, only 85% of NTSC vs 99% sRGB.

        • @getho:

          While I currently have an IPS, I keep reading that the new VAs are not so bad?

          Also the 99% sRBG would only really affect an imaging professional right?

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          @getho: The product page on the US Philips site(http://www.usa.philips.com/c-p/BDM4037UW_27/brilliance-4k-ul...) is saying 85% NTSC and 123% sRGB. That said, different colour spaces usually can't be compared like that, unless it's 100% Adobe RGB or DCI-P3 to sRGB or 100% rec 2020 to anything else.

        • @carlitos:

          yes indeedee, that 40 inch curved would otherwise be great. If they had an ips version with a good gamut I'd be all over it :)

        • @getho:

          Can you let me know how this would effect my experience? Just need to it and normally have had IPS.

        • @carlitos: What are your main uses? In general, IPS is good for colour reproduction, but has crap contrast and IPS glow. VA has great contrast and okay colour reproduction, but has a slow response times.

          A wide gamut, is good if you use software that is colour managed, which I assume you don't, otherwise anything above 100% sRGB is going to look oversaturated.

        • @TheContact:

          Ah oversaturation in something I can understand and wouldn't want.

          So this 43" TV would be a better choice.

        • @carlitos:

          No thats not what theContact was saying. Neither this or the VA 40" are wide gamut so oversaturation is not a problem.
          He was saying The 40" VA will have slow response times so not soo good for gaming.

          So for general use either would be fine (but I personally would go for curved 40" over flat 43" as my desk is not particularly deep, and the 43" would have me leaning and craning my neck to see the corners).

          read this: http://www.tnpanel.com/tn-vs-ips-va/


        • @getho:

          The 40" has < 4 ms g2g response time.

        • @carlitos:

          read the page!

    • I have that too. GREAT monitor! I love it. I hate going to work and being sick with a 24" 1080p

  • If anyone has experience with a 4K of this size. How far back would you sit from this for computer usage - non-gaming.


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      At least 80-90cm would be ideal

      • Cheers

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          70cm could suffice but yeah, if you have a desk with a big depth it'd be an advantage and avoid less neck movement

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      I've got the 43" Dell. It would work on a 70cm deep desk but 80-90cm is ideal.

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      Hi Malouphix

      I got the Sony 43" x8000d and it sits on a square desk 160cm (2 x ikea desks 80x160cm), about 90-110 cms away from the edge closest to me
      any closer, i'll have to start moving my head to get to the outer edges of the TV

      I chose this over a monitor (and this phillips model) because:

      i can use it as a TV or watch youtube/netflix without the need to turn on my computer
      no "burn" issue as a lot of people have mentioned in other forums
      i don't game or do anything that requires colour accuracy


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      I have a 40" 4K monitor the Wasabi Mango UHD400. I sit about 60-70cm from it and it seems fine for productivity.

      Edit: I'm using 100% scaling on Windows if anyone is curious.

  • Good price but looking for a 30" - 32" 4K instead.

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      Keep an eye out for the LG 4K IPS 32" with HDR!

      • I have their current 32" 4k.
        Used for photo editing work. Great monitor.
        Was looking at adding a second but now I think I'll wait for this new one.

        • With this current 20% off ebay sale I'm trying to hold off for a HDR monitor. It'd be worth it but I'm impatient :P

        • @backslashio:
          I know what you mean.
          I grabbed this one form an eBay sale as well. Just over 1200 delivered. Still selling around $1500.

          A good saving from the Dell I was looking at as well.

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    My 2 40 inch units have been flawless, great monitors. Mine are wall mounted and I sit around 1m away.


  • Why choose this over a larger 4K TV?

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      Wouldn't choose this monitor personally but monitors have less input lag & they're less harsh on the eyes from sitting so close. Also they're more likely to have useful inputs other than a bunch of HDMIs

      • Correct, specifically they have display ports which allow 4K at 60hz

    • Displayport, potentially better colours due to it supporting YCbCr444 which is the the full Chroma subset of 4:4:4, maybe better latency, and more ports options.

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    Check "User Manual" http://www.philips.com.au/c-p/BDM4350UC_75/brilliance-4k-ult... , see section 7.1: "Philips’ Flat Panel Displays Pixel Defect Policy". Two pages describe what defects are acceptable, also a table. The last line from the table (acceptable, not covered under warranty): "Total bright or black dot defects of all types: 12 or fewer". Compare with Dell Premium Panel Guarantee: "free panel replacement during the Limited Hardware Warranty period even if only one bright pixel is found".

    • One in a million ain't bad.

  • Is it worth getting over my 40"? 43" might be a bit big but I like the layout of the inputs.

    • The way I look at it is, 40" you have 4X20" monitors with no bezels stacked side by side in a 2X2 configuration, 43" would be 4X21.5" monitors. So that will give you some perspective, especially if you have a monitor around 20", you can just imagine it being 4X larger.

  • ID like LG to bring out their DCI 4K 32" in 38 or 40" please :)

    • this one LG 38UC99 ?

      • nah specifically their cinema 4K res (it also has great colour specs, for video and photo work)

  • I was thinking about upgrading. Gona have to pass and stick with my normal Tv.

    Ps. I think I would like a 5k 43" version.

  • Has anyone owned this monitor and had major issues with burn in?

  • Just stumble across MSY, and find it selling at $895.

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