Getting fined for parking near the station to go to work. Worth disputing?

Hey guys just need some advice from anyone that's been in a similar situation.

The designated car parking for my train station fills up very quickly (no spots after 8am) - So I have to park somewhere near there with a 4hr parking being the closest and pretty much the only viable alternative to parking.

I was fined about 2 weeks ago for parking longer than indicated as there were no spots so I parked there. It was $50 so I just decided to cop it on the chin.

Then yesterday the same thing happened - and again, I was fined. Is it worth disputing? I can honestly not park anywhere else otherwise I will most likely be late to work.

I know I can just wake up earlier and get there before they fill up but I'm basically looking for a lazy way out and don't really want to come to work an hour early as I can't do extra work before my designated shift due to the nature of my work.

Im in Melbourne.


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    This has got to be a joke?

    You admit that you parked for longer than what is permitted and you still don't think you should pay the fine?

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    i thought troll as well.

    but mate cop it on the chin… again. and if you don't learn.. your loss.

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    I don't see on what grounds you can dispute the second fine other than the rarely successful "lightning shouldn't strike twice"

    Maybe scope out the next nearest Station?

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      Double Jeopardy!!

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    cheaper than city parking, totally worth it dude

    may station parking fills up at 7…. I get there at 6:15…..

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    Disputing? something wrong with your judgement/morale/thinking and it needs checking.

    Its like oops I accidentally drove passed the traffic lights on red BUT there was no car am I wrong?

    Lazy way out? yes don't drive take public transport.

  • On what grounds would you dispute??? I can't think of any based on what you have said…

    Similar situation at my old work where there was a section of road with metered parking that was about $5 all day. Some people used to park there everyday and not pay, risking a fine. They could go for weeks/months and not get a fine and then get two or more fines in a short period of time. Not sure who would be ahead, people who pay everyday vs people who don't pay but risk a fine…but it is the risk you take…just really depends on where the rangers decide to go, right?

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      OP: Sir, I plead extreme desire to retain my fifty dollars, plus a desire for a lazy way out.
      Judge: Say no more fam, I got you. Case dismissed!

      • Judge bro? cool :)

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    I would fight it with your argument being it’s the constitution, it’s Mabo, it’s justice, it’s law, it’s the vibe, and…no that’s it…it’s the vibe. I rest my case.

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      Actually looking at the Op's past posts they admit to studying accounting graduating this year, so given they are trained to work out how to avoid taxes, I think your advice would be probably fine (pardon pun)

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    Has to be a joke post…

  • Just take down the signs and then you can park there for as long as you want. Then take a photo of the car parked with no signs and send them off to overturn your fines.


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    This might be outside the box thinking but Wake The F Up earlier.

    • He doesn't want to.

      I know I can just wake up earlier and get there before they fill up but I'm basically looking for a lazy way out and don't really want to come to work an hour early as I can't do extra work before my designated shift due to the nature of my work.

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        ride a bike to the train station, walk, run, bus, motorcycle, anything else other than drive lol. or park further away

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        Then he should get used to the fines. The lazy way out obviously costs money. Get up earlier or walk further from somewhere you can park legally.

        Anyway, no spots after 8am sounds pretty good, if there are no parks after 6.30am then you could have reason to sook.

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        If he's getting to the station after 8am he's already having a good lie in anyway.

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    Just put different plates on your car.

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      Go on the run? No chance they will catch you if you go into hiding over a $50 parking fine.
      Bonus, don't need to go to work or park near the station again!

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      I might try this, thanks!

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    Can you not park a few more streets further away where there are no time restrictions? Theoretically only add another 5 or 10 minutes of walking and is good for you anyway.

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    Low quality bait….

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      You've got to hope so, for the good of the nation.

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    Which train station is this?

    • Guess it's watergardens, hard to find park on the shopping centre side, they recently put 4h limit on the car park

  • maybe look at a station that is more a hub, you might get an express train as well.

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    Lol I think op thinks that it's the council's job to ensure op can find a park at his convenience….

  • I think we are looking at this from the incorrect perspective its the train stations fault, why don't you fine them?

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    I'm basically looking for a lazy way out

    The lazy way would be to cop the $50 fine and either pay it or ignore it until the sheriff comes knocking.

    The adult options are:

    • Get to the station earlier
    • Find a new station or location to park
    • Find alternative transport to the station/work
    • Find a new job which you can get to easier
    • Move house to be in a better location
    • All good options except for waiting for the sheriff. They will cancel your license or registration first! Not a good option.

      • Yes, but that would truly be the lazy way.

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    Hey guys so I always run a red light on the way to work, I need to get to work on time and I'm in a hurry I don't have time to wait so I run it. I don't want to get up early cos im lazy. Anyways I got fined not long ago and paid it but I've been doing it for a week since and keep getting fined. Is there a way out of this? Why do I keep getting fined?

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      Can't you give the OP a lift to work so they don't have to park and get fined? lol

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      Are you by chance related to the poster or seeking similar advice?

    • because you have no money problems

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    Get a motorcycle or cycle/walk from further away. This is a stoopid post.

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    Buy a cheap motorised scooter for a couple of hundred, park it in the middle of one of the best car parking spots at the station then move it to the front of your car when you arrive. Just remember to move it to a different spot every few days to avoid it looking like its abandoned.

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    Please don't feed the troll.

    These threads are becoming quite common……..

  • Debate it.. your reasoning may be flawed…but it may make sense to you and they will have some pity on still probably get one of the fines but at least you dodged a $50 fine..

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    Leave your car on the tracks…nobody parks there. You'll be right.

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    A few months a go you were wondering why you were receiving low grades in your business and accounting degree. Maybe you should try improving your application of logic skills.

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    Have you ever thought about the "good neighbour" policy.
    Scope out houses near the station. Have a chat with the owners, and they may be open to allowing you to park on their property.(even for a small charge per week).
    Cheaper than $50 daily parking fines.

  • Good Lord …

  • The fine was issued correctly. There is nothing to dispute. You cant break the law because the conditions dont suit you.
    If the car park fills by 8am (which is quite LATE compared with most places) then get up there earlier and stop complaining!

  • Lazy

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    What next for discussions here?

    "I made poopie in my pants…should I change them?"…4 pages of discussion later including 1.5 on whether or not it's a troll.

  • I suspect you're not the only person who does this. You have three options:

    1. Keep risking it and copping it on the chin, and hope that it works out cheaper than parking in the city (although not the same).

    2. Get up earlier, park your car, and do something useful with the free time you get from doing so.

    3. Get a bicycle and enjoy the health benefits/saving in parking fines/sleep.

  • Stupidest post ever.
    Approach someone who lives on that Street and ask if they have a spare spot on their property you can rent if you can't afford 50buck fine a day.

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    Have you seen the Road User's Handbook?

  • Catch an uber to the station?

    No idea how far you live from the station but maybe it will be less than $50?
    Save on petrol and u could sleep for the uber ride if ur feeling extra lazy.

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    hahaha yeah fight it!! I mean its not your fault you parked in a 4 hr spot ALL day…. Oh wait…

  • Does this happen to be at watergardens lol! They're a joke there, even for staff, they refuse to give a parking permit out on the weekend, and theres a page long term and condition.

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    This is outrageous, you should certainly dispute it. Send them a friendly but stern letter outlining everything you mentioned in this post. I'm sure they'll cancel the ticket and maybe throw you some gift vouchers for good measure. Good luck OP.

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      They will also pick OP up from home and drive him/her to work everyday.

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        didn't think this even needed mentioning. It's a given, right?

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      Don't forget to threaten to take then to the ACCC

  • Buy this, epoxy it down so you don't have to hammer drill, epoxy some fake bolt heads too so it looks fully legit so no one will mess with it.

    • Wow - $482 !!

  • I'm sure its set as a 4 hour parking zone to stop exactly what you are doing - parking all day and going to the station. Find somewhere else to park or get to the station earlier

  • Wake up and get to work early, then take extended lunch breaks or leave early. If you move your sleeping slot an hour earlier, you dont have to deal with rush hour in the morning, and it feels so much more energising.

  • The only way to dispute the fine if you can prove that the signage was poor where you parked, the lines are not clear, or that the inspector did not follow procedure (whether crossing tyres or taking photos). This dispute would have to go to court. Good luck.

  • Drive to a different station with better parking.

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    Even though your question was about disputing the fine, let me attempt to give you another option to look at for the future.

    Have you tried some of the apps which allows you to search for parking spots in areas you wish for. ; or something similar.
    You might get a better secure parking spot closer to station without having to bother about fines or waking up early.

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    Probably best to drive all the way into work, just park in a loading zone near your work.

    The fine will be higher, but more convenient and you wont need the hassle of the walk from car —> station —> …station —> work etc. Let alone the return walk, just jump in the car and drive directly home. Happy days.

  • I heard someone is getting Centrelink payments for the exact reason. Receiving more parking / traffic fines than income from work, therefore unable to work. Also more environmentally friendly!

  • Buy a Bicycle. Pay $50 for bike cage pass. Ride to Station.

    • Buy a bicycle. Ride to work from home. Pay nothing to park it at work. Pay nothing in train fares. Pay less in fuel as you don't need to drive to station.

  • Come on man, you need to think bigger. The laziest way out is to quit your job, no more parking fine, problem solved!!

  • Im in Melbourne.

    2 minute silence for all Victorians who are reading this and shaking their head.

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    OP, if you're lazy and can't be bothered. Just pay the fine and hope next one won't get fine.

  • I really can't believe what I am reading here but I guess this is now commonplace on ozbargain, home of the fine advice threads

    Why are these threads becoming more common on ozbargain? Can someone enlighten me?

    Can the Mods change the system to have a prompt before posting fine related issues ?

    I don't see how you are going to dispute the fact you parked longer than the signposted limit
    If you are running late for work I would suggest leaving home a little earlier and snagging a spot
    The old saying, the early bird gets the worm, the late worm gets the fine reigns true here

    Better yet, look around for a spare carparking space in an apartment block if the commute into work isnt too far, most people rent out spaces and it certainly will be cheaper than a fine every few days

    Also $50 is cheap for a fine, 1 minute over in Brisbane and you cop an $92 piece of paper under your windscreen

    Sorry but you will need to cough up the cash.

  • Move closer to the station so you can walk?

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    park on other cars in the parking lot in the station

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    Nekt minute, DisabledUser69.

  • Is this OP?
    Frustrated commuter calls for more car parking at Dandenong train station
    "The self-confessed “parking warrior”…"

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