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FREE SodaKING Canister Exchange | First 500 Customers | 60L Canister | Compatible with ALL Soda Maker Brands | 1000+ Locations


For the launch of the SodaKING Referral Program we are offering FREE soda canister exchanges to the first 500 customers who sign up in-store!

Simply head to your closest SodaKING stockist and register on the iPad in-store to swap out your empty soda canister for free.

  • Exchange a soda canister for FREE when you join the SodaKING Referral Program (RRP $18.95)
  • Earn a $3 credit for every friend who joins and uses your referral code
  • Free to join and takes less than a minute in-store - simply enter your name, email and number (referral code optional at this point)
  • Compatible with any Soda Maker including SodaStream
  • Stock available at over 1000 Newsagent locations across Australia (click the exchange canisters link to find your closest location)
  • Promotion ends after the first 500 registrations
  • One free redemption per household

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  • Do you need to bring an empty when you sign up?

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      Yes, you will need to bring your empty canister with you.

  • Hows this different to soda stream

    • Same product, only a different brand.

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      But once you hand over your soda stream canister, you can't swap it back.

      • Yep
        Swap it for free to be then locked in unless you want to go buy a new soda stream one

        • Swap it for free to be then locked in unless you want to go buy a new soda stream one

          Deal breaker for me

        • @sqeeksqeek: You'll be locked in at a significantly cheaper rate than competitor brands. The canisters are made of exactly the same content, CO2, and you are able to exchange your empty canisters at over 1000 locations Australia-wide.

        • @Nparcel: How many times to refill to break even?

        • @Nparcel: $19 for SS at Kmart.

          What's the SK refill cost?

        • @sqeeksqeek: SodaKING refills are $18.95, and you'll earn $3 credit for every friend who joins and uses your referral code. You could be refilling for free each time, and not to mention are able to swap them out in significantly more locations than Kmart.

        • @forumninja: Break even in what sense? By heading into a newsagent now you could refill your canister for free.

        • @Nparcel:
          Not sure how much use anyone can get from a refferal program like that.
          I'm all for promotions and discounts but I just can't really imagine having that conversation with anyone.

        • @King Tightarse: You could simply text or email your referral code to your friends, family or co-workers. Not only will they get a $10 canister exchange when they register (or a free one if they head in now!), but they'll also take advantage of the ongoing rewards program. For every friend that they refer, they'll be earning credit too.

        • @Nparcel:
          A $10 canister exchange is good but once they join up they will see that I "earned" $3 which is kinda sad. IE I wouldn't do that to an actual friend.
          I am not knocking you BTW, just giving honest feedback. Like I mentioned, I am all for discounts etc and I think the $10 first exchange is good.

        • +1


          You'll be locked in at a significantly cheaper rate than competitor brands.


          $19 for SS at Kmart. @squeeksqueek
          Coles Express are now running an exchange program @$19 for Soda Stream (genuine) @hammo


          SodaKING refills are $18.95

          No thanks. I'll stick with genuine sodastream refills that I know lots of places accept and will likely outlast your business.

        • @King Tightarse: they will know when they register, but it does only take 2-3 people using your referral code to bring your next exchange down to around $10 anyway. Many businesses like Uber and HeyYou run similar promotions, where both parties will be rewarded (even if it's just a free coffee!) if someone uses your code. We do sincerely appreciate your feedback, as we will be running further promotions and competitions for members.

        • @NigelTufnel: The gas bottles are standardised as are the contents, but some may be happier to pay a higher price for pure CO2.

        • +1

          @Nparcel: Makes it sound as though yours aren't pure CO2.

          Maybe part CO2 with a touch of N2O for giggles.

        • @jollster101: No giggles but plenty of bubbles, both SodaStream and SodaKING canisters are made of pure CO2, one brand is just cheaper ;)

        • +4


          and by cheaper you mean 5 cents cheaper! Lets forget all the referral stuff you are offering because it isn't long term sustainable. I only know of 3 people with a SodaStream machine. At the end of the day you are only going to save 5 cents when switching to SodaKing cannisters

        • +1

          @Nparcel: it's $0.05 cheaper for your stock. I get that it's the same thing, but let's not kid ourselves. Your exchanges are only $18.95 so it looks like it's $18, when in fact it's not. I don't consider 0.25% off a discount, it's five cents, for crying out loud.

        • +1

          @MaKa: woah. Hold on! You'll end up getting a free canister after buying 379 refills. Those five cent savings really add up!

        • @MaKa:

          Lets forget all the referral stuff you are offering because it isn't long term sustainable. I only know of 3 people with a SodaStream machine.

          This, so much.

          I know of a grand total of 0 people with a SodaStream (or SodaKing, for that matter)…PLUS the Newsagent 'model' is very outdated. I see the SK footprint diminishing as more Newsagencies close down around the nation (and most of the western world). That leaves you with Big W as the rest of your footprint… a business which everyone on this forum knows is ready to go down the gurgler (especially when the parent company, Woolies, has ceased Big W participating in their rewards system… I smell another Tricky Dicky [Smith, that is!])

          Why would I actually go out of my way when the places that I shop at due to convenience have the refills. Places like: Coles, Woolworths, Target, Kmart, even flamin' servos have them now. "Yes please, I'll have a 3 bags of ice and swap me SodaStream with that fuel"

          I'm not going to down vote this company, but rethink the referral program. What about a flavour loyalty program? Every 10 refills you get 2 bottles of flavour free or something like that?

          Edit: Looks like Big W don't participate in your exchange program, they just sell the new stuff.

        • +1

          @sqeeksqeek @no not me @MaKa: we understand that for some the referral discount might not be enough incentive to make the switch, but you are guaranteed to walk away with a free canister, which is an identical product and will work perfectly in your SodaStream machine.

          It's worth noting this deal is in conjunction with the launch of the referral program, with free canisters for the first 500 who register - we will be running future promotions and competitions for members.

          For most Australians, a newsagent is much more conveniently located than say Coles (776 stores), Target (308 stores), Kmart (200~ stores) or even Woolies (961 stores), given that there are over 3500 newsagents in total distributed across the country. It typically means you won't have to pay for parking or wait in queue - simply walk in, exchange, walk out.

        • @Nparcel:
          I don't agree with the value proposition you're offering (for the referral program), but you've really handled the criticism well, and, free is free. Have an upvote.

  • Anyone have a referral code I can use?

    • To redeem your free canister you won't need a referral code when you sign up in-store. Simply enter your details on the iPad in-store, hand over your empty canister and walk away with a full one for free!

  • How much does a swap over cost?

    • A canister swap-over will be free for the first 500 customers who sign up in-store. After the first 500 customers, your first exchange will be $10. Standard exchange price in-store is $18.95, however if you refer a friend you'll earn $3 credit… keep referring friends and keep earning credit!

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    For those investigating, Coles Express are now running an exchange program @$19 for Soda Stream (genuine):


    • +3

      My local gasplace charged me $8?

      • Epic. I was aware that this could be done, but have never bothered. Much better deal!

      • Always wondered about this as I seem to be exchanging a canister every couple of weeks. What was the store if you don't mind my asking Slippery Fish?

    • It's great that Coles Express now offer gas canister exchanges, however the rewards and discounts associated with the SodaKING referral program do make swapping out your canisters a much cheaper option.

      • But that is only assuming you have heaps of friends that have a soda stream.

        Maybe in order to reap the rewards that you mention from the referrals on an ongoing basis I would need to set up some sort of scheme whereby I can get people to buy soda stream units just so I can get the $3 credit.

        • At worst if you don't know anyone with a SodaStream or SodaKING machine (which would be unlikely, given at home soda makers have been around for a couple of decades in Australia), you'll still score a free exchange and be notified when we run competitions and promotions for members in the future.

        • +2

          Sounds like a pyramid scheme.
          "You can get free refills for life, (provided you sign up 6 extra people to the service before every refill), and they can also get free refills for life (provided you sign up 6 extra people to the service before every refill)."

        • -2

          @NigelTufnel: If you consider Uber and HeyYou pyramid schemes also - even Uber (an extremely established business in Australia) still runs referral programs. You don't expect to keep earning free rides from referral credit once all your friends have already signed up, but you can make the most of it until then. Uber, like SodaKING, do also run promotions to continue to reward their members.

    • bloody cheap for a new cylinder $35

  • +1

    Unrelated question. I recently bought SS machine however I feel the drinks I made were not carbonated as much as I would like (does not feel like softdrink from the supermarkets). Is this normal?

    • you need to press until you hear loud noise and repeat 3 times if you want very fizzy

    • Yep, it can take a little getting used to.

    • Fill the bottle q bit below the line, about a cm or two and it will be fizzier than any soda you've had. More than that and it's undrinkably fizzy.

      • so the nozzle should be in the water or on top of the water line?

  • I do lots of very short fast shots until the ovefill valve make the Buzz sound, if I want it very fizzy.
    Actually, now that I think about it, I pretty much do this every time.

  • how many of the 500 free are still up for the taking?
    And do all store have an ipad to get the freebie?

    • So long as you are able to get to a store in the next day or so you should still be able to claim a free swap-out!

      All participating stores have an iPad for registration - to find your closest stockist, simply head to sodaking.com.au and click "Exchange Canisters".

      • +1

        Went to a store in my area. Was told that my first swap would be $10, then the iPad went flat as I was entering my details. Told to come back when the iPad would be charged again.

        Guess I'll be sticking with soda stream :)

        • We're so sorry to hear that. Upon registration on the iPad you would instantly be credited with a free canister exchange. Could you please let us know where this occurred so we can get in touch with the store?

        • @Nparcel:
          I'd rather not, thanks :)

        • @jdgreen75: we have found an unverified account which has now been credited, please check your private messages.

  • Wife went in today and was told that it wasn't free and they had no idea about the promo.

    • We're very sorry to hear this! If you could please let us know where this occurred so we can ensure the staff are fully aware of the promo - have sent you a code in a private message.

  • Not going to knock the offer, however unless you have a large number of friends and register them, it's not really saving you more than $30 over a year.
    So I'll get a free exchange now - $19 saved
    Sign up all 3 of my friends with stream machines - $9 saved on 2nd exchange
    8 More exchanges for the year - $0.40 saved
    Total - $28.40
    In the "spirit" of Oz bargain, I guess money saved counts.

    One thing I WILL say however, the SodaKING syrup is nice, enjoying the Lemon Lime Bitters right now.

    • Score your free exchange, sign up your three friends, and take part in future promotions and competitions - just by becoming a member. Plus, there's more than 1000 convenient locations to swap out your canisters, so you can keep enjoying that fizzy lemon lime bitters.

      • +1

        If it was a free first canister, then I think people would be more interested in moving across.
        Swapping an official sodastream canister for a sodaking one and then being locked into that (for a 5c saving) is where the deal breaks down…

  • Went yesterday to the local newsagent listed on the website and was told that this deal does not exist. It has already cost me $10 in petrol.i might stick to sodastream

    • $10 in fuel? You're nearest newsagents was ~50km away?

    • We're sorry to hear that happened, @bushmen! Could you please let us know where this happened so we can reach out to the store and get you a code?

  • Never understood the resurfacing of sodastream.

    Cant make and flavored drinks as good as commercial ones and that was even when schwepps made home flavors.

    I was around when it first came in the 80s and died and when it came back in the 90s and died. Even with it now its boomed and dying i dont know a single person who has it and at xmas time kmart ttp were selling these knockoff ones on clearence.

    Maybe the rest of the country needs to join in on bottle and can refunds.

    10c a bottle or can here. I gather enough a month from the family for a tank of fuel each month or 6 cases of Pepsi max when its on special so sorry sk…

    With soda stream dying here and tap king dead you guys might need new concepts.

    • Consumers are generally becoming more aware of their impact on the environment - you may have noticed SodaStream's recent "Shame or Glory" marketing campaign, and if you haven't, you should!

      A single CO2 canister replaces almost 200 cans, only costs you $18.95 (or less… or free… depending on the promotion running), and saves you having to store and cart around empty plastic bottles and cans for 10c a piece - why do this when you could reduce their production? There is a reason at home soda makers are still around - it's simple, affordable, and eco-friendly.

    • @typhoonadventure - I know about seven people that have it plus myself, but we all mainly use it for soda water, not flavored drinks.
      Was carting 4-5 bottle of Coles soda water home each week which was heavy and bulky and when it ran out that was it will next shop. Plus I am not contributing to disposable plastic bottles.

      With soda stream I just keep cold water in the fridge and can make as much as needed. Also nice and refreshing with apple juice.

      The kids sometimes have flavored drinks, and the lemon and orange particularly aren't any worse than what you can buy. The accolades is not much chop though.

      • yeah to someone like me, and especially many of us in SA/NT who have recycling rebates it comes down to :

        Flavor, we have drinks we like, that systems like this just can't come close to, pepsi max drinker, gf is a coke drinker, no brand can seem to come even close them, closest we've ever seen one of these brands come was a schwepps lemon squash flavor back in the 90s that tasted similar to solo.

        So on a product and use side of it, theres just nothing there for us or people like us, it's more for the types that would have bought soda water as a mixer.

        As for the recycling part, in SA it's pretty rare to see containers in landfil, people take the gear to depots, if they are too lazy the council do it for you, and if its put into hard refuse there are people who filter it out and it provides vital funding to many charities and non for profits who do recycling drives.

        If you guys could offer me a way to either make my own post mix pepsi max at home, or make 4-5L of it in one go for less than 90c a litre, then you've got my attention, but again, sodasteam had been promising that since it's inception.

        Again not having a go I have tried to the products…. just providing some honest feedback as everyone else as some contrast to those who just think the deal is really average.

  • Went to store.
    They had no idea about promo.
    Told them details and asked if they had ipad.
    They let me do that and saw credit applied on transaction.
    They were good about it but did share their disappointment at lack of info from sodaking to them.

    Question. What's my referral code?

    • Thanks for letting us know, we'll get in touch with the store just to run them through the current promotion again. Your referral code is the same code that was texted to you when you were prompted to verify your number in-store. I've just sent you a private message!

  • @StevieRay - it looks like the comment was removed as it contained a referral code. We've sent you a private message, if you would like to confirm the code is correct please feel free to shoot us a reply!

  • hi i went to exchange my empty canister for a new one today and like other people posting here: *the newsagent was not aware of the promotion *i paid full retail price *i tried more than one phone number email address etc but nothing worked i kept getting the same errors even though i got the email and text message from sodaking * i got a receipt so is sodaking going to fix this issue or am i out of luck?

    • Hi crankdat, please check your private messages.