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Tix to See Kinky Boots Melbourne $50 Plus Booking Fee, A Reserve Avail


Great price for tix to see this fab show!

*Offer is valid for the following performances (26 Jan 7:30pm, 27 Jan 7:30pm, 31 Jan7:30pm, 1 Feb 7:30pm, 2 Feb 7:30pm and 3 Feb7:30pm) in the A, B and C Reserve price category unless sold out. Offer does not apply to previously purchased tickets. Transaction fee from $5.55 applies.

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  • +1

    Thanks! Tickets booked.

  • Picked up some tickets for the parents. Thanks!

  • Thanks OP, got 2 tix for Friday night!

  • Awesome, thanks, two front row tickets to Thursday night!

    • i think i just lost my tickets to you :( put the card details in and still had time to go but transaction was unsuccessful

      • Sorry :(

        • All good - went with another night second row :)

  • Ugh, it keeps saying my card is blocked… All five of them. Literally just created my account =/ Anyone else have issues?

  • Can you tell SBS to stop putting ads to kinky boots on repeat for SBS on demand? I legit had to endure the ad like 25 times in a row and now will never consider seeing this show.

    • +1

      After flying return to LA from Brisbane last year, I never want to hear about it again. It was at the start of every single thing you watched.

      • Literally tearing my hair out at about the 20th time in a row seeing it. Bad marketing! It's the sort of thing that would rival water boarding. I hope the CIA were paying attention as it might be something they could use on ISIS.

  • Thanks OP. Was waiting for such a deal! Tickets booked; very happy! :-)

  • Thanks. Just booked 5 for Friday ""Ozbargain"" night ;)

  • For other performances try the booking code BROADWAY Just got tickets for a discount of $25 each. It did not work on all sessions but worth a shot. :)

  • +1

    Thanks! Saw it this week, wonderful performance! :D

  • +1

    Thanks so much for the deal. Great seats in first row.

    Have the good fortune of watching Euan Doidge (understudy) play the role of Lola. Wow! He was mesmerising and amazing in the role …

    He played Marius in Les Mis Oz, was trying to spot a familiar face from the beginning, but just could not find him, until he was out of drag costume. What a pleasant surprise! :-)

    I am sure the regular actor is great as well, but so glad I got to catch Euan playing Lola :-)

    • +1

      Good to hear. Glad you enjoyed.

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