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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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  • For those using iOS/iPadOS, has anyone managed to get the 7-11 login details saved? Trying to help a friend out with their device but can only get it saved in passwords, but while it will auto-fill the form for OAuth, it won't login. Only way currently seems to be manually typing it in each time.

    Did anyone get it to work?

  • Pretty unsure if this has been discussed here.. But did anyone face any difficulty signing in using the python web interface? Tried resetting the password but didn't help.

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    I have no doubt the developers of the 7-11 App are watching this thread and having a jolly chuckle.. If they dramatically reduce the number of people who can circumvent the location lock for a particular area only, they've succeeded..

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      You can virtually guarantee they read this thread.
      Hi developers! Do you reckon we could get a few free Krispy Cremes to go with the free coffees?
      Love your work 👌

      • No more free coffees in the app though?

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      There are already a lot of guides/instructions for spoofing gps on android because of pokemon go.

      Those who want to spoof will always be able to do it.

    • Nothing new. Has happened in some previous app updates.

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      Eh. I just won't fill up at 7/11 stations anymore since they price gouge through the roof in my area. So in the end they're really just losing business.
      I doubt I'm the only one that will stop too.

      Regardless, I highly doubt the small amount of people faking their location was effecting them negatively in any meaningful way. If anything it was giving them business they otherwise wouldn't be getting. Prior to using the app, I don't think I ever filled up at 7/11 in my life.

    • Meh, found out Costco is cheaper for me but extra 5 minutes travel. Costco it is.

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    Any Android users managed to get things working on Android 10? I was only successful when I moved back to Android 9 but the success was really due to being able to permanently lock in a location with the fake GPS app.

    I had problems with the fake GPS app on Android 10 not working/crashing or locked location only lasting several seconds. The problems occurred whether the fake GPS app was installed as sys app or priv-sys app. It was worst when installed as priv-sys app, as the app simply crashes at launch.

    The devices I tried were: OnePlus 5 (tried on both crDroid and Paranoid Android Quartz 3 ROMs) and Nexus 6 (tried on both crDroid and LineageOS 17.1 ROMs). These were the Android 10 based ROMs which did not work.

    I was successful when I installed Lineage OS 16 (Android 9 based ROM) on the Nexus 6.

    Root was via Magisk and faked GPS apps I tried were Mockation and GPS JoyStick.

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      Its working on my OP5, Android 10. I have GPS Joystick. If app systemizer doesn't work (was the case for me, it crashed) use [Smali patcher] (https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/module-smali-pa...) make sure you click hide joystick and also don't enable it in developers mode.

      • Great to know using [Smali patcher] fixes the problem.

        Thank you for your help, Dubagoor.

        • No worries. It took me a bit of googling to fix it. Hopefully others would find it useful too.

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        finally got it to work on my nexus 6p using the smalli patch on pixe1dust rom. app systemize just wasn't working for me.

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    Has anyone received their physical gift cards yet from 7-11? I've updated my details but haven't received any communications since…

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      Following - I have not either.

    • give or take maybe around 10 business days

    • havent heard nuffin

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      Guys just received my gift card today in my mail box. They must be shipping them out now :)

    • Nope

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    Scanned 2 vouchers from interstate lock in Victoria. No issues at all

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      Scanned a voucher in Vic from interstate lock fine also.

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    Finally got it working on my Redmi 4 Prime. Good thing I didnt throw it out.
    Running Lineage 17.1 - Android 10 using this method.

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      finally got it to work on my nexus 6p using the smalli patch on pixe1dust rom.

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      Worked for me also on a Galaxy S6 Lineage OS 17.1 - Android 10

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        can you please send me a link for the rom or the process you followed? I have a galaxy s6 but my phone gives error while installing custom rom.

        • Updated to Android 9 But cant access the app from app store. It doesnt show and when i try app store from browser, it says not compatible with my phone.

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            @andrewsaws: I'll pm you

            • @zeto87: Hi mate, is it possible for you to pm me as well? I have been following Kossac's guide on page 117 but cant find a suitable ROM for rooted samsung s6

          • @andrewsaws: Sideload the app apk from apkpure

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          deleting post due to incorrect link

    • Thanks for posting those instructions. I've managed to get everything working but when i try to lock in I get an E01 error. Anyone have any ideas what that could be caused by?

  • Can a program like NordonVPN be used without rooting Android?
    I have a Xiaomi 9t Pro, i have no idea how to root it.. seems very difficult.

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      With VPN, you hide behind an IP address, not GPS Coordinates.

      Before you ask this question, ask this from yourself, does VPN allow to set a GPS Coordinates?

    • How is NordonVPN related to 7-eleven fuel app?

    • Maybe person just asking if NordVPN can be used without rooting Android.

      Yes it can.


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    No need to have root by the way, if you have Lineage installed. In developer options there's an option to use 'ADB Root Shell'. Just turn that on, use adb root, adb shell. Then adb push your fake gps apk to /system/priv-app and then move the permissions as well and you're done. For instructions on permissions you can see: http://gpsjoystick.theappninjas.com/faq/
    No need for Magisk or anything like that.

    • Hi xsacha, is this on Android 9 or 10?

    • -1

      Link to the Lineage app?

      • Lineage is a custom ROM build, not an app.

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          No need to have root by the way

          Does it mean I need to root my phone to install Lineage ROM?

          • @Joe888: Blimey. It's a fair bit more complicated than that. To start with you need a phone with an unlocked bootloader. Treat yourself to a Google search if you really want to find out how it all works.

  • Locking works on my rooted Pixel 1 running Android 9. Using magisk, mockation and systemizer

  • -3

    iPhone 7 with iOS 13.5.1.

    Can anybody please send me app list and steps how to lock (lost freighter’s post)

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      Read the prev page.

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      Don't have to jailbreak. Go to www.3u.com and download tool to PC,run it, connect iphone to PC with usb cable, find function Virtual Location, enter latitude and longitude. Doesn't get any easier.

    • r/jailbreak if you want to go down that route

      • Relocate tweak
      • Liberty Lite Beta tweak
      • I’m jailbroken ios 12.4 using unc0ver (and have liberty lite enabled) and never had a problem locking via old 7/11 app. But now, the app hangs after searching for price, and then I click Lock In My Best Local Price.

        And workaround?

        I’ve helicoptered here. And it hangs on this screen. Green circles at the bottom remains animated. But it doesn’t lock in the price. https://imgur.com/a/yLRUfBO

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          Could be server error with 7-Eleven. I had no issues locking in a price today. iOS 13.5, checkra1n.

          Make sure your time is set to automatic update.

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            @sween64: Thanks for the tip. I think my jailbreak is just not compatible with My 7-eleven v2 app

            My time was already set to automatic, but still having trouble locking in the price. I had the same problem last week (with exactly the same setup) and then it suddenly worked one day and then hasn’t worked since.

            Edit: I updated to latest unc0ver jailbreak via ReProvision and now locking in price works fine. Hope this helps someone

        • After JB iOS 13.3 on iphone 7+, app can find the price but won't lock it in.

          Decided to uninstall JB and app now won't lock in a local price, so frustrating. Using the 3u tool now.

  • Any luck for Huawei users?

  • anyone unable to even open the app with a rooted android phone? i get a message saying "Hey, it looks like you're using a rooted device. Please restore your device to factory settings"

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      Enable Magisk hide ( Magisk manager - Settings )

      • thanks for this by the way, 1 of many mistakes i made but eventually got there.


    It's important to change your root password!!! https://cydia.saurik.com/password.html

    Download NewTerm from Chaiz repo - https://repo.chariz.com/

    • This is neither iOS nor jailbreak forum.

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    👀 Will write something up when I have time, please don't haggle me :)

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      here comes the Master!!!!!!!!!

    • Good stuff, what app is that on right?

      • looks like Android Studio Emulator

    • +11

      I'd also like to add that this is not an APK patch, but more or less a replacement for the Bluestacks/NOX emulators.

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      please don't haggle me :)

      Not haggling you, but please check your messages for a small gift I sent to you a while ago, for all your hard work!

        • +49

          I've enjoyed 3 years+ of cheap fuel thanks to Master131 and Freighter (and also our unsung heroes, Chef-Johnson who shared the original method, Nuggets who created 8-twelve, the first price crawler).

          If you must know, I sent a WW eGift card to Master131 around three months ago as a token of thanks, and didn't get a response, and the eGift card was showing up as unused (full balance). As it's a sizeable amount, the intention is not to let it go to waste.

          Master131 privately responded shortly my comment, and I found out the link was not working on Master131's side, and now they will be able to do so.

          I provided that WW eGift card three months ago, whether there are working methods now or in the future doesn't affect my gift sent to Master131 in the past.

          If we have no cheap fuel from 7/11, then we will switch to backup methods (Woolies 4c voucher + 6% off Woolies eGift) at Woolies Caltex..

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        well you've been very helpful, imma deactivate my account now.

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          thoughts and prayers

        • Good. Don't come back

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          miss u joe

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    My gift card with $3 arrived in the mail today.

    • +11

      Nice. Slurpees on this guy!

    • How long did it take for you?

      I assume all you need to do is log in and update the address details, and then it's all automatic from there?

      • Email they sent me said as much, basically "you have available balance on your account, please click this link and update your address and you will get the card in the mail" — kind of weird since I had spent all of my remaining balance the day prior. The gift card website had a few transactions listed where i'd purchased things with my balance but didn't list the day prior one. I'm guessing I won't receive a card though.

        • You probably will. They probably took the values of the balances at a particular time (to move to the new system) and then kept it running until the shutdown. Gift card values are probably based off that. Anything spent after might not get updated, and they probably couldn't be bothered doing more work to figure out the difference (if any) for the odd few people who spent money in the last 24 hours or however long they had.

          • @dealz4all: Hmnm. I spent my entire card balance about a week before the deadline date. Got the email saying fill in details to receive gift card (didn't mention the balance amount), thought I'd fill it in on the off chance, but you give me hope that maybe the $55 gift card is on its way :D

      • Yeah that's all I did. Added address not long after they shut down the old app.

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    Guide to get a working Android 10 emulator with 11-Seven is documented here:

    It's a bit of a PITA to setup initially but once its up and running it should be breezy. Happy locking.

    • claps thank you master!

    • +2

      Nice job AND great detail, well done! Interesting to see if someone else has gone to similar lengths for Pokemon Go… seems to be where most of the mock location hacks stem from, they probably don't have to work about the Android version issue. If you can't beat oath2, just mock the loc.

    • Magisk is not showing for me. I'm sure I've followed the steps correctly :(

      • +4

        I think I may have missed a step, let me double-check.

        • Hai sensei!

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            @Abrez: Yep, my bad, please check step 13 and continue onwards and see if that works. Make sure the emulator is already running in the background.

            • @master131: No worries at all mate. Kudos to you. Will report back.

            • +1

              @master131: Got Magisk!. Going to proceed further now!