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  • Richlands QLD
  • ULP
  • 111.9/litre

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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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      • The information you seek, is within the 94 odd pages of this thread.

        I will get you started.

        IOS = Need to be jailbroken
        Andriod = Scroll all the way up, to the top of the page. This should get you started.
        PC = Nox / Bluestacks is your friend.

        Good luck

    • I get an error when installing the file, app not installed…

      • Uninstall you current 7/11 instances.

        • Done. Restarted. Still the same. Even tried installing in Samsung's secure folder and still the same

          • @kehuehue: Can you screenshot each significant step and upload them please?

            Hard to assist you without knowing the exact steps.

            If you re-install Master131's v 1.8 apk, what happens?

              • @kehuehue:

                If you re-install Master131's v 1.8 apk, what happens?

                Master131's v1.8 APK installs without issue?

                • @cwongtech: I had similar issue but I ended up installing previous version of masters apk then deleted all app data then uninstalled for all users. I also had previous apk installed on my second space of MIUI which I had to uninstall.

                • @cwongtech:

                  Master131's v1.8 APK installs without issue?

                  Nah it doesnt. The imgur clip is for the apk I downloaded from the links above

    • I think we gonna need your help again @master131

    • -3

      Now the existing app is asking to update, would you have the latest version spoofed yet? 😁

      Thank you so much for your hard work!

      • dude, look at the latest comments in this thread.

      • +2

        Considering you have only been an OZB member for 4 days……….you might want to do some research first before asking silly questions.

  • Thanks master131! And not to forget Freighter as well!

  • Thanks Master. Legend.

  • Any recommendations for mock location app?

    I've been using Fake GPS location by Alexa which works but cant type in suburb and have to manually zoom into the spot.

    Edit: Previous page at the bottom has the latest modded android apk to download after I found the previous one doesnt work anymore

    • I use mocklation and it's great for me. Just type in suburb

    • I use gps joystick.

    • I use fakegps free. Works by typing suburb. Actually paid for the proper version and it didn't work, so just put up with the ads.

      • you'll find you don't even need to watch the ads. It says 'fake location engaged' down the bottom as soon as you hit the orange play button.

        • -1

          Yeah I know, Id just prefer to pay them for something I use all the time, and not have the ad blaring if I forgot to turn my sound down before I can close the ad.

          • @brendanm: You can instantly close the ad by pressing your phones back button

  • Thanks for the great work Master131!

  • +27

    Damn all this comment activity and I was hoping for a cheap U98. Oh well. Soon it will come I’m sure. C’mon Glen Waverley!

  • -1

    Has anyone experienced any issues running iFakeLocation v1.2 when updating their iPhone to iOS 12.4? I stupidly did this and now iFakeLocation isn't working.

    • +1

      if you already have locked in successfully with iOS 12.3, simply renaming the folder named "12.3" inside Developer Images to "12.4" will solve the issue.

      • Thanks for that - forgot to mention that it's a Windows PC running iFakeLocation and can't find that folder though unfortunately :(

  • Hey guys, not sure if anyone has this problem or not. I scrolled the chat for a while and couldn't find anything. I use bluestacks on my MacBook since I have an iPhone and cant figure out fake gps. Sometimes when I try to log in through the Apk (Thanks Master131 btw). After pressing lock in and choosing the amount of litres, it just takes me back to the home page whilst showing that I haven't locked in any price. Was just wondering if this is a common problem or is it just me? The problem gets fixed after maybe a day of not locking in, but sometimes need to lock in fast and it just doesn't work. Any help is appreciated.

    • +2

      Have you tried this yet? https://github.com/master131/iFakeLocation

      Also, you can only lock in twice per 24 hours per device.

    • Which iOS are you on? You might be able to jaillbreak and then fake your location.

      • Im on the latest 12.4. But dont want to jail break it. going to give iFakeLocation a go and see what happens. Appreciate the help @shiznit

    • +1

      If you have a Mac and use an iPhone, I suggest trying to use Xcode to 'simulate' the location. Been using it for the past years and I haven't had any issues. No need to jailbreak or modify the fuel lock App.

      Only limitation is the phone needs to be connected to the Mac.

      PM me and I'll send you some youtube links with walkthroughs, Or try searching on youtube "play pokemon go xcode"

  • Legend! Works great!
    Thanks, Master131!

  • +1

    Seems like we're in a bit of a fuel drought! If you're a real Ozbargainer you would have filled up your cans with reserve.

    Sadly Australia only has 3 weeks of fuel reserves too.

  • +14

    P95 129.9 Werribee

    • Thanks, locked in!

  • So, front page of this thread says I can lock in a price and pay cash in the store. This is something I've been wanting to do but I can't for the life of me find out how to do it.

    Am I really this clueless or has the app been updated since then?

    • +1

      You still need to load funds into the app when you lock in - but once you scan the first barcode at the counter, instead of bringing up the second one to pay, you just pay with cash/card

  • Merged from [ACT] EXTRA Premium 95 for $1.369 via Fuel App @7-Eleven Casey
    Go to Deal

    Only available in Casey pump in ACT. FOR THE OzB warriors, I know this is not the cheapest in Australia, but it's the cheapest in ACT. They price match with Wollongong as no other pump in ACT has 95.

  • +13

    Here is a step by step guide for Android users (I'm on a S9)

    -Download mocklation from play store
    -Delete your current 7-eleven app and

    -Then go to settings- about phone- software information- click 7 times quickly on build number (this will turn on developer settings) 
    -Then go back to settings and click into deleloper settings
    -Find GPS Mock and select mocklation
    -Then go to mocklation and type in suburb of your new current location
    -Press save then play
    -Go to 7/11 and lock in

    • Don't forget to turn it off after by going back on these steps
    • +2

      And there I am having to drive to different states to lock in each time :(

      • +2

        Oh I do that too… Well I bring out my invisible jet that I park in my backyard and fly past it 🙂

    • +2

      Thanks for the updated version of the app. Was panicking when the old app asked me to update to a newer version.

    • I'm receiving a parse error when trying to install. "there is a problem parsing the package"
      I'm assuming that its my android version 5.0?

      can install the old apk but can't get pass the update from playstore =/

      • +1

        You need to delete the old app and re-download from the link above. Clicking on the update link in the app that takes you through the playstore won't work

        • Yes I have done exactly that. Uninstall the old apk. Double click on the new one but it goes straight to the parse error.
          Now I'm sitting with no 7/11 app on my phone at all…

          • @omgilia: I just checked and I'm running version 9

            • +2

              @princess_nik_nak: Thank you for letting me know I've now since moved to Nox player on the computer and that works with the new apk

              For those with an old phone (samsung s5 running android 5.0) might not be able to get the new apk installed and the old apk has the update app prompt when loaded

              I'll have a review on freighter's python script

  • +20

    P98 127.7 @ Mulgrave (Waverley Gardens)

    • Counting down how long until someone posts it as a deal

    • +1

      Excellent thanks locked it in, glad I am awake right now ;)

    • +2

      Thanks locked in. awake for a pee and saw this :-)

    • Dagnamit - tried Nox (as I can't get freighter's script running atm) and lowest price I can get is in Sandown for 1.44 :(

    • Shittt what a great deal missed

  • +2

    I'm suddenly getting a 500 Internal Server Error when I am trying to Login using @Freighter's script. Anyone else seeing the same?

    • +2

      I'm getting "Oops, error:
      We’ve updated the app to make it better and more reliable for you. Please update now to ensure you have all the new features, latest security and best experience available.

      While trying to run it on termux Android.

      I've followed the exact same instructions as the wiki and got it working on Saturday… Any ideas @freighter

    • That is because the script can't access the projectzerothree API. I think he's having a problem on his side.

    • It's a problem with the projectzerothree api. I have edited the two fuelcheck functions to give dummy info for the prices (instead of erroring out when the api call returns nothing). If anyone wants the edited functions.py file then I can send it to them. Keep in mind that the prices returned by the auto and manual will not be correct since the api is down (so no way to double-check before locking in), and you will have to hardcode in the postcode, latitude and longitude for the station you wish to manually lock in for. My edited one was hardcoded for the U98 127.7 deal late last night.

  • +11

    U95 Mulgrave East VIC 3145 128.9/L

    • which store? I can't see to see it

      • +2

        CNR Malvern & Darling Roads,Mulgrave East VIC 3145

    • +1

      Sorry Malvern East

    • I can't find it anymore at that price

      • I just checked for you,the price went up to 140.9/L for 95

        • Thank you. Hopefully I can get on the next one.

    • -1

      140.9 now ?

      • +1

        it has obviously gone up dude

        • +1

          Wait. You're telling me that the fuel prices can go up and down? What is this world coming to?

          • @Ten: I blame Boris, Brexit and Ronald McTrumpet

  • I am having issue adding location with mocklation. Is this happening to all of you as well?
    Any other GPS mock that we can use?

    Error: can't load search results

    • I could not do a location search this morning. I just used the map to scroll and zoom into the location manually. Hit save and it worked fine.

      • Thanks for the work around.
        Tried to clear data from google when I search online but still unsuccessful.

    • Yeah mocklation doesn't seem to find it when you do a search. I just looked to see where it was on store locator search within the 7/11 app and then manually went to the location through mocklation to save it.

  • master131 's

    the projectzerothree sheet is not updating.

    can anyone send a msg to the master ?