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Nintendo Classic Mini (NES) $99 (Restocked) at Big W (Geelong & Southland, VIC)


Hey guys, couldn't see this posted by anyone else but I was just in Big w geelong and the lady at the electronics section was just restocking their Nintendo mini entertainment systems, same price at $99. Not sure how long they will last but she said she isn't expecting them to last very long.

Stock levels at other stores are unknown (check with your local and see comments below).

Previous Big W post

Also available at:

Southland VIC Out of stock.
Blacktown NSW 3 reported available as of 31/1 430pm.
Cumberland Park Out of stock SA wide
Some available at Browns Plains and North Lakes QLD as of 1/2

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        • @4agte:

          I wasn't avoiding your question but rather showing how pointless of a question it was.
          No stores are selling them at 2-3x retail price, you're right. But none are selling them at retail price either.

          But hey, if you wan't to sit there and be sour over a post that is helping out a bunch of people simply because you don't consider it a deal, then by all means continue to do so. Enjoy sitting there with your negative emotions.

        • +1


          Because its not a deal. 95c, 2 sites, limited stock, I don't think this post is really helping many people at all. A negative vote is not being sour. It is not about the op, helpfulness but the actual deal. People can enjoy their 95c saving if they can manage to get one.

        • +1


          Which stores are selling 2-3x higher than RRP? Or just name one.

          Walmart is currently selling them for 2.8 times more than RRP (US$166.72 vs US$59.95)

      • To the best of my knowledge what little pre-orders were available lasted only a few hours.

        • +3

          Preorders may have gone quickly but has this so called extremely limited console been listed on the front page approx 5 times since they first sold out. I suspect it will appear again. On release the PS4 was far harder to source than this and never considered a bargain by the community

  • +4

    Normal price. Re-stocking is not a bargain. Move the the forums.

  • anyone know where I can get one of these for this price in Syd? Called up the local 2 big Ws no stock/no idea of restock

    • Hey Big W Blacktown had 3 left and a few controllers 30mins ago, call them to check if they still have them..

      • +1

        didnt see this soon enough, they closed at 6. I called the auburn store and the rep on the line said all stores will be getting a restock but just dont know when.

        • Hope you get it, I refuse to pay inflated prices on ebay.. Those peeps should get stuck with them :)

        • I've been told the 10th of Feb, first in best dressed. Can't reserve unfortunately.

        • @spc12go: which store was this for?

        • winston Hill

      • +1

        thank you, I called this morning and managed to secure one. Just picked it up with extra controller as well

  • +4

    In stock is not a deal.

  • no need to neg so many times.

    • +1

      Obviously people disagree. That's why this system exists :D

  • -2

    Definitely a bargain seeing as they're being sold on Gumtree for $399!!

    • +1

      sold listed on Gumtree for $399

  • +20

    The RRP is AU$99.95.
    How is this not a deal?

    • Well played…

    • Bought this at EB Games delivered $107.95

      Definitely a bargain!

    • +1

      That's nearly 1% off. This post got 233 votes for a 0.25% discount. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/290061
      So if that's a deal, then this is 4 times better.

      • My neg vote on that post got deleted as people negged my comment saying that the discount was less than this deal.

  • +2

    I'm sure there are some people waiting for one of these who appreciate this post. Personally I don't like the idea of full RRP being posted as a deal on OzBargain.

    But more to the point, I don't like that Nintendo's decision to severely understock this console has given them several months of free advertising.

  • +1

    RRP is not a bargain. This is best placed in the forums. Better luck next time!

  • +1

    Full RRP, no deal available.

  • -2

    Got 10 at watergardens #soldout #broden

  • Judging by the upvotes outnumber the downvotes, I think more ppl think this is a bargain than ppl think it's not, regardless the price is RRP or not.

    • +3

      That is not a realistic comparison. Ozbargainers are always more likely to vote yes or not at all. History supports this

      It's far more realistic to compare the percentage of negative votes against other deals. Given its large negative percentile the mini NES one of the most questionable deals on Ozbargain.

  • Surely this is a bargain if you buy it for $99 and then scalp it for $250

  • -2

    RRP and not as good as a retropie setup anyway

  • Anyone aware of stock being available in NSW big w stores?

    • Just called wetherill park and are unaware they will be getting any at the moment

  • +3

    As others have mentioned, RRP and a restock of an item is not a bargain.

    • +4

      But as muncan mentioned RRP is $99.95 and this is $99.

      • +2

        So you consider 0.95% under RRP a bargain? You are more easily impressed than me

        And has Big W ever priced it at $99.95 or always been $99 when in stock

        • I don't believe I made a statement to that effect.
          No idea how much BigW have been selling it for in the past.

        • +1


          But as muncan mentioned RRP is $99.95 and this is $99.

          What did you mean if you are not suggesting it is a bargain?

        • -1

          Puff Braddy stated "RRP and a restock of an item is not a bargain".
          I merely wanted to highlight the point that $99 ≠ RRP. As RRP is $99.95 as per muncan's link to the Nintendo official website.

  • Just got one at Big W Geelong as well as an extra controller. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP — while it's not strictly a bargain, this is the place I had a notification set, and I got mine today!

  • Why are people saying it's not as good as a retropie or ripoff. The comments have been repeated countless times. Understood. Lets move on. It's a popular product it's rare and there's a genuine interest with collectors. It will go great with my retropie when I get around to assembling it. Also the hacking potential and form factor is part drawcard.
    Obviously it's great to get the community together to alert for products like this. Thanks OP great spot.
    There was a limit of 1 per person and 8 units left at southland when I picked mine up at 3pm

  • I agree with what many say - if it's not a bargain (which is debatable - I for one think it is given that, as @Strahany and others have pointed out, the only other way to get one is at 2.5x RRP on eBay etc. then it is a bargain) - then there should be a separate tab for hard to find/collectables. Working in retail for many years I know that using RRP as an indication of value isn't accurate.

  • I believe 99 is the retail price, not sure if this is a deal for that.

  • Funny how this deal is a bigger % saving then the cashrewards extra 0.25% egift card discount and that doesn't get negged
    Retail price is $99.95 according to this

  • +2

    Nobody knew about the stock coming in to Geelong today, so it's not surprising that other stores wouldn't know either. It was quite unexpected.

  • Well hope someone's posts it when it comes to Sydney as it will sell fast :(

  • +1

    Although it is not a rule. I do not agree with deals for pre orders at the RRP.

    This is not a deal in my eyes or atleast a poor one

  • would be nice is Big W actually picked up the phone, called two stores, transferred to Home Entertainment and both times my call just say there for 2 mins no answer

    • Was standing next to a Home Entertainment staffmember who was on the phone. He had no idea what it was, was looking through the system for 'Classic', scrolling one-by-one with the down arrow on the keyboard for a bit, then said "none in stock".
      After the call, he sat there and continued scrolling down the list…

      • im not surprised

        • I spoke to some older ladies who knew what it was as soon as I called it a Nintendo Mini instead of a NES Classic Mini.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Don't listen to the haters, I'd love to get my hands on one of these for RRP :)

  • +3

    Called my local stores without any luck. All Big W staff were rather friendly. One employee suggested I try Southland so I did. Spoke with a well mannered girl that was able to put one on hold for me. I collected it at the end of the day.

    Thank you OP for letting us know. I've revoked my negative. Apologies, I think I was initially too jaded from the COTD experience. Took a few months but FINALLY got one!

    Only regret is not asking about an extra controller

  • +2

    $99 is a bargain considering the alternative is eBay scalpers selling at double the price. Thanks OP.

    This post is much more useful than a lot of the "bargains" that make it on this site. Oh you found toilet paper @ 31c a roll? Who gives a crap?

    • Oh you found toilet paper @ 31c a roll? Who gives a crap?

      Pun intended?

  • For those who don't know, the NES mini has been cracked, you can now load 600+ games on there now including Japanese famicom games :)

    • -1

      Just to be clear, you won't be able to put 600+ games on the system at one time.

      The maximum for now (including 1 save slot per game) is 65.

      • actually no new software is out and you can put 600 plus games on it

        • Correct - also can enable reset on the controller, turbo buttons, game genie codes & more :)

        • +1

          @dojomojo: Why even bother when you can do all this with a retropie?

        • @JajaMinx: here we go again…

        • Where can I get more info?

        • @neo-X:

          youtube nintendo mini classic hack

        • @lowndes8:

          I know the system has been cracked and that you can add new games and customise the interface.

          But…Care to link me to an article which states the NES Mini can fit 600+ games on its 512mb chip?

        • @j4ck:

          Watch youtube its all there

        • +1
        • +1

          @j4ck: Thanks for the link, it awesome.

    • +1

      LOL. load up an emulator on an Android phone and you can have 600+ NES games on it too.

      • elite laughter? nice controller, 2 player, aesthetics & legitimacy

        • The comment I was replying to is not legitimate either with no licenses for 570 other games on top of the legitimate 30 originals. You can easily get exactly the same or better BT or USB controllers for the phone and it is 2 players too (ebay 8bitdo to get). Most of these can output to bigger TVs and Monitors via HDMI, USB or WI-DI/Cast. Best of all, it is truly portable being on your phone or tablet that you can play anywhere.

        • @bchliu: fair enough, those are some cool features.

  • +2

    RRP is not a deal IMO

    It's also sad that so many people are willing to pay scalpers thereby supporting and promoting the behavior. Nintendo can go jump, I'll pirate their products just for creating an environment where vultures can flourish.

    • Its not RRP is $99.95 so it is a bigger % discount than the extra 0.25% discount that cashrewards is offering on egift cards that got so many + votes

  • I don't understand what the hype is about. If you want some fond memories plenty of emulators and roms. It doesn't even come with the best Japanese games on Nes, I'm talking about techno, captain tsubasa etc most likely not much people here know about them.

    I rather throw this money on something else to be honest. I still have my original nes in red and white.

  • Awesome. I think I'll make the 17 hour round trip from Sydney for this. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, I think it's a deal.
    Good post.

  • $100 for an over glorified gimmick emulator which you can already do on your phone/console/pc/raspberry pi

    • Lol I already have it on my Xbox,pc,ps3 and Wii and still want one :)

    • lol, gimmick?

  • Fountain Gate has stock but won't put stock on hold.

  • Anyone been able to find some outside of Melbourne? Particularly in QLD?

  • +1

    Here is Brand new NES with a 64 in 1 game card for 168 RMB(34 aud) if you are looking for them hard.


  • -1

    There is limited front-page products, not technically a bargain, that needs the attention to secure stock. eg Beta Keys posted and positively voted here. Whilst mostly free anyway, they have some obscure timing/website to secure. The source and timing of the "deal" is more important. Is it a deal at 0% off RRP?

    This is just a single drop in a sea of personally irrelevant posts. Let's face it you aren't buying every service/product posted. This post with over 100+ positive differential it's obviously wanted and popular. People seem to be itching to use that 'neg' deal button, which IMO is waaay under-utilised in it's current format. I'd like to see more deals negged but based on product reviews, quality, 20c discounts or cheap china 3 week $1 toys. This product whilst divisive on technicalities needs front-page attention, how many people here just check the latest front-page and top 5 forums and check again later?! This post in the forum wouldn't get the attention it needs.

  • +1

    Finally got one. Thanks OP. There are about 25 consoles and 25 controllers remaining at Fountain Gate.

    • do they just sit on the shelves in the nintendo section or do they have their own spot?

      • Immediately behind the counter

        • (Y) thanks mate!

    • +1

      Thanks, unity1!
      manage to get during lunch break(controller and Nintendo NES)!

    • Apparently Fountain Gate sole out at 13:30 today. I just called them.

  • Cumberland Park store in SA is SOLD OUT

  • Thanks for posting OP! Finally managed to get my hands on one due to your post here :)

    • whered you get it?

      • I went to the Big W store at Blacktown. Before that I tried calling many Big W stores across Sydney (about 6) and all did not have any stock. So had to make the trip out to Blacktown. At about 10:30am they still had 3 left.

  • Westfield Fountain Gate is still having 4-5. Got 1.

    Nes controller has been sold out.

  • Some stores its 2 NES's per customer and some are 1 per customer

    • I bought two from Fountain Gate and two controllers. But that was around 12:30pm

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