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Swisse Vitamins Sale from $4.98 Most below Cost + Delivery @ Vitaminco eBay Store + More


Hello Ozbargain

We are back with more greats deals to keep you nice and healthy
We have unbelievable deals on Swisse VITAMINS at never seen before prices from $4.98

These bargains and many more available now! We cant list them all but below are some of the great deals…make sure to look for more on our ebay store

Swisse High Strength Organic Vitex 1,500mg 60 tablets now $9.99 VS Chemist warehouse $18.99

Swisse Kids Calcium + D3 Capsules 50 capsules $4.98 VS Chemist warehouse $11.99

Swisse Men's Teenage Ultivite 60 tablets $11.98 vs chemist warehouse $22.39

Swisse Ultiboost Bones 90 Tablets $18.98 vs chemist warehouse $28.39

Swisse Ultiboost Children's Smart Fish Oil 90 caps $4.98 vs chemist warehouse $12.69

Swisse Ultiboost Grape Seed 14,250mg 180 tablets $9.98 vs chemist warehouse $17.99

Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails 60 Tablets $9.48 vs chemist warehouse $17.99

Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Celery 50 capsules $6.48 vs chemist warehouse $12.99

Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Cranberry 30 capsules $6.48 vs chemist warehouse $11.99

Swisse Ultiboost Immune 60 tablets $7.99 vs chemist warehouse $14.69

Swisse Ultiboost Joint Pain Relief 90 tablets $8.98 vs chemist warehouse $17.99

Swisse Ultiboost Relax & Sleep 60 tablets $8.48 vs Chemist warehouse $16.99

Swisse Women's Teenage Ultivite 60 tablets $11.98 vs chemist warehouse $22.39

ALL STOCK 100% GENUINE AND LONG DATED typically between 12-18months expiry date(we don’t sell short dated stock)

Strict limit of 1 item each per person. Orders with more cancelled.( please be fair and save us both the hassle of cancelling orders).You can add of 1 each item per person.

Delivery is $7.89 + $1 for each additional item added to same transaction
Eg: 3 items in 1 transaction delivery will be $7.89 + $1 + $1 = $9.89

PLUS! GET $5 OFF WHEN YOU SPEND $60 on our eBay store

Who so cheap? We are promoting our new eBay store so grab a bargain

Thanks..if there is any product you want us to offer at a great price let us know..

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  • +1

    Do you have Centrum on sale?

    • +1

      Unfortunately no but if you would consider Swisse pm me and ill see what I can do Thanks

  • +1

    How about Vitamin D for adults?

    • +2

      As requested Swisse Ultiboost Vitamin D 250 tablets $9.48 vs chemist warehouse $18.99 limit 1 per person


      • Just a heads up people.
        These Vitamin D capsules are 1000IU's. Personally to keep my Vitamin D3 in the range I'm after, I need 10000IU's a day, or 10 of these capsules a day (although most people would be aiming closer to 5000IU).

        360x 5000IU caps here for $12


        • you would be in the minority

        • @teehee: because I'm healthy?

        • @KLoNe:

          10,000 IU per day as a supplement isn't required for the average person as maintenance once they're back within normal range

        • @teehee: 'Average'? as in the 'Average' Ozbargainer?

  • +2

    If you think it has to actually work to count as a bargain, steer clear of 90% of the things Swisse sells. For every real vitamin, there's several varieties of snake oil.

    • -2

      You'd think people would stop buying stuff if they felt it wasn't beneficial to them in some way?

      • +1

        Well, SUV sales are historically high despite the fact that, in terms of the needs of the majority of people who buy them, they are inferior in almost every way to wagons. The 'rational' consumer is a fiction.

        • -2

          But who are you to decide who 'needs' what again? If I want an SUV because I feel it is right car for me and suits my needs better than an alternative then it has nothing to do with anybody else. Likewise, if I feel a particular vitamin or supplement is helping me in some way then it also is none of anyone's business. Funny how those who (like the people in the video) carry on about supplements never seem to use the same level of criticism against mainstream allopathic drugs? Because apart from anti-biotics I'm not sure I'm aware of ANY mainstream drug that's actually cured anything? Maybe someone can let me know differently, I mean there has to be at least a few out there?

          So I find all of this derision against vitamins, supplements and anything that goes outside of groupthink quite myopic and very inconsistent. If something works for you then go for it.

  • Whats the exp date for those stock?

    • between 12-18months expiry

  • +1

    Plus-voting for good usage of the description area.

  • Hi Op, if you could do free shipping you would get more up votes, way more!

    • thank you for the suggestion ..will try that offer next time

    • -1

      Yeah, shipping kills it for me.

      I just wait till supermarkets do 50% off, which is like every other week.

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