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Xiaomi Mijia Pen - White (Black Ink) - US $2.90 (~AU $3.91) (59% off) from Gearbest.com. Free Shipping


59% off according to the site. From what I've seen they're usually $7/pen.

Shipping is free via unregistered mail from china.

I ordered 2 last month and they're really smooth, don't cause huge blobs like most cheap ballpoints and they don't smudge after a few seconds. They apparently use japanese imported ink and the cartridge is swiss-made or swiss technology. The flow is really smooth and consistent and you won't be unimpressed.

I really like these pens.

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  • +14

    Xiaomi should just make everything.

    Where is my Microwave that comes with an Android app.

  • +4

    Does it come with bluetooth and wifi?

  • +2

    Iv'e bought several of these.

    Such amazing pens, hand em out as small gifts.

    Thanks just got another 4.

  • +1

    Bought one, thanks! never tried it but it has pretty awesome reviews. Can never have too many pens~

  • Are there Xiaomi branded refills for when the ink runs out?

    • +1

      not on gearbest, but tinydeal has it. Other sites claim to sell the mijia refills but they aren't coloured white like they should be.
      7.86AU$ for 1 pen + 3 refills

      • +1

        Are they available in blue ink?

        I don't like black. Blue provides contrast on a printed sheet with black text.

  • +36

    No band 28 guys beware… /Js

    • +1

      Deal breaker

    • -13

      this isn't a phone. i dont know why would you bring up band 28

    • -10

      Trolled the troll and got nothing but negs :(

  • +2

    Ordered two. Unsure how good they'll be, but they're Xiaomi. Happy with all my other Xiaomi products (of which I've got quite the collection now, lol) so my hopes are high.

    For anyone wondering…

    Mi Note Pro (phone)
    Mi Band 2 (fitness tracker)
    Mi Powerbank 2
    Mi backpack
    Mi WiFi
    Xiaomi Youth Edition (earphones)
    Xiaomi Piston IV/Hybrids (earphones)
    RoidMi Bluetooth FM transmitter

    All are flawless products beyond minor software issues (ie synced heart rate data from Mi Band 2 is off by an hour due to issues with daylight savings).

    • +29

      Sorry I wasn't wondering anything..

    • +1

      You haven't got the Mi Towel and Mi Pillow in that list.

      • If I was aiming for a complete list there's even vacuum robots, air purifier, etc lol

        • +1

          And remote controlled tanks ;)

        • @Clear: oh god, it's actually a thing.

  • +3

    how do they compare to uniball jetstreams? because those are really good cheap pens readily available

    • +1

      My thoughts exactly. If you are getting blobs and smudges these days then maybe you should stop thinking Bic Pens are at the higher end of the market for pens. But I will no doubt buy one anyway, just so that I won't be unimpressed.

    • Great pens. Just remembered I have unopened pack from 8 for $12.50 deal 18 months back - better use those first😯

  • +9

    $4 for a ball point pen.

    Wow you'd have to be a fanboi to pay those ridiculous prices for a pen.

    The only time I have to dig around for a oen is to sign documents.

    Now I'd have to be writing a long love letter to someone to take advantage of the

    The flow is really smooth and consistent

    Champagne anyone - Moet of course 😀

    • If you're left handed like me. Having a pen which doesn't smudge your hand and shirt sleeve is worth the price.

      • +5

        Right handed here. Statistically I will live longer than you, plus no smudging on shirt sleeves is a bonus.

        • That's a myth. Us lefties are fine! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23988352

        • The left-handed mafia is strong in this forum.

          "There is some evidence that left-handers are more likely to have minor accidents," says Chris McManus.
          "But it's pretty insubstantial and I doubt if it's affecting the mortality rate very much at all."

          Not very much at all = maybe some.

    • These days you can write love letters in Notepad or MS Word.

    • I have a few of those 3 and 4 colour ballpoints and they are fine. I'm not going to be an ass and say I can't the tell the difference; I have used "wow really nice to write with" pens and crummy basement BIC ones or whatever, but I would never pay for the privilege either.
      It's like the odd signature, maybe an odd diagram or two to explain something or odd Post-It note or something. Hardly enough to justify it.

      But the Xiao Mi bit certainly got my attention lol. I'd be keen on one if it was a freebie or cheapie or sample something just to try the fuss lol

  • +1

    Bought 4 on a whim even though I'm inundated with good pens already.

    There's definitely something very pleasurable about writing with a high quality pen.

  • +1

    Nice! I used to buy those Pilot G2 0.38 which costs 4-5 bucks. I'll give these a try since you guys complimenting it a lot!

  • +9

    Being a real TA, I refuse to pay for any pen.

    • +1

      NAB branches, free pens at the counter.

  • +1

    Wait for xiaomi car deal, wonder it will be free shipping..

    • +1

      Wish it'd be ADR compliant and free shipping…

    • +3

      xiaomi townhouse deal is on the way which comes with build in all xiaomi wife devices, and of course band28.

      • +2

        I want a Xiaomi wife. Can I preorder?

        • Tinder at the Xiaomi office ;)

  • -2

    The refill is Swiss Made, the ink is Japanese.

    So its just the pen, not the guts then.

    Nothing new here, fanboi fodder.

  • +2

    Can someone tell me why the big fuss over a pen? Why is this pen so special, apart from the price which compared to a BIC looks expensive.

    • +4


      • +3

        This goes against as everything OzBargain stands for.

        • -1


        • +1

          Just wait until Eneloop release a pen

      • So basically no practical reason, it's ok I get it.

    • they are really good pens. I got one to try and it's in my opinion the best pen I've had. It's personal preference like anything you see here.

  • +1

    Is this deal not better? about $8AUD with 3 refills


    • +2

      I always lose pens before they run out of ink anyway. So might just grab a pen for now and let the person who finds it worry about the refills.

    • I posted this further up. It's been that price for a month
      it's arguably better. I just need a few pens for different work spaces so having 1 pen and 3 refills wouldn't do me any good

  • Anyone know if these refills are legit for the pen?


    • They aren't. Tinydeal.com has them. The cartridges are a solid white colour

    • 50 pcs for $3.43. You tell me.

  • Can't beat a decent pen. Will check it out OP.

  • +1

    Peter's of Kensington usually have 80% of Parker sales every couple of months. Much better pens for about $7 each…

  • Thanks OP bought two to see if they're any good.

  • How is GearBest for reputation and for deliveries?

    • For future reference in a still-active GearBest deal, noble YellowKnight.

      The handful of <$20 items I have purchased from GearBest (and sister-site Everbuying) have arrived without issue. Others have had a very different experience - enough to indicate fundamental issues somewhere along the line.
      Some/most of those maybe not of GearBest's making, but also enough to lead to some musing on at least the slight possibility that a given percentage of orders going 'astray' was a fundamental part of GB's business model.

      Lovely GB rep, 'Sunny', on OzBargain, very reassuring that things have changed in various ways, but YMMV, as things go.
      Maybe, particularly, if purchasing something more substantial than a Xiaomi (or a 'Xiaomi') pen..

      +ensuing saga, they did send a counterfeit phone to one of their product reviewers - not years ago, but just months ago: http://goughlui.com/2016/06/19/gearbest-counterfeit-item-unc... For the love of crap.

    • I have personally never had a problem with gearbest.

      Everbuying never sent out a dashcam I bought off them.

    • I have purchased from GearBest multiple times and all of the packages have taken over a month to arrive. I now tend to avoid any bargains posted with GearBest as the postage time is far from optimal.

  • In this day of age of internet and smartphones, what's a pen? :)

  • If you are interested in high quality pens, get onto Rakuten and buy high quality all-Japanese pens, many for less than what these cost

  • Not shipping to Aus anymore.

  • Can't complete order

  • Showing as in stock for me, why is this marked as expired?

  • I'm an Ozbargainer, I dont pay $4 for a pen!

    • +1

      True - so paid au$2.74 after CashRewards.
      Better be worth it - my dearest pen since joining OzBargain😯

    • -1

      Me 2 ☺

  • +3

    If you're like me and have some left over eb points, then you can get it cheaper from everbuying. It's 3.13USD with a max discount of 46 eb points/0.92USD, total comes to 2.21USD/2.96AUD.

    • +1

      Thanks - bought with pounts at us$2.21 = $2.88 paying with 28degrees MC.
      Just set up new account for free points.

      • Nice, I don't have a good CC for international purchases, the sites themselves have better rates than Paypal.

        • You could have saved 8 cents!!! 8c!!!
          Off to OzBargain rehab clinic😀

          Plus 4.8% Standard Cashback at Everbuying from CashRewards = 14c back. au$2.74 is even better!

          💰 PayPal wanted $3 💰
          Tell 'im 'e's dreamin'😀

          OzBargainer for years without free foreign exchange & fee free CC?
          Was travelling with a free 28Degrees MC long before I even knew about OzBargain - I hate unnecessary fees😯

          Now to decide what to do with the huge savings…

    • Thanks. Got one in white to match my Xiaomi desk lamp.

      • Received on 13 March 2017. So 36 days in total from Everbuying.

  • +1

    The Gearbest listing now says it can't be shipped to Australia. It lets you add it to cart still but craps out saying there are no suitable shipping methods when you try to complete the purchase. Mark as expired I guess?

    • +3

      Can buy from Everbuying - in white or black au$2.74

      To get that price, need to shop via CashRewards for 14c cashback, apply free points (just set up new account first), buy in us$ if have free foreign exchange CC like 28Degrees (only saves 8c off everbuying conversion).

      Thanks to baldy

      • That's some considerable hacks to save 22c per pen.

        Is Everbuying banned from OZB? Because I haven't seen any deals from them in a long time.

        • It's up to individuals if they want to save $1.14 (not your 22c) off Everbuying price & much cheaper than this deal.

          Major saving is 92c for using 46 eb points. I already had set up unused account ages ago, 220pts are about to expire, so only extra effort was seconds clicking through CashRewards.

          Same hacks have been posted as part of many Everybuying deals before.

          Everbuying deals - last deal 21/12/16, no issues.

          In my experience - faster & more reliable than GB - which no longer can supply anyway.

        • @Infidel: I never count EB points as a discount due to opportunity cost. i.e. those points aren't available for another purchase, so for comparison purposes, it's like using a unique voucher.

          Yes, I know you can set up 100 new accounts for 100 different orders and get free EB points for every one of them, but I consider morally exploitative. I don't look down on people who do that, but it's something I personally don't do. I have one EB account only, and I've made over 10 purchases on it. I'm working to upgrade my VIP tier to something worth keeping.

  • Gah. Saw Xiaomi and thought it would be a JotPro/Wacom alternative. Would have ordered in a heart beat.

    Is the pen available in blue ink?

  • Has anyone received theirs yet? I'm still waiting on mine.

    • Hey I'm OP. received mine yesterday :) shouldn't be too long for you I hope

      • +1

        I received mine yesterday as well! Haha!

    • Unfortunately in the same boat. Ordered two and still waiting, 38 days now?

  • Received this pen for au$2.74 from Everbuying last week. (Ordered 4/2)

  • +1

    Mine was delivered today!

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