Nitro Athletics Cheating Scandal Debacle Imbroglio

Did anyone else watch the Usain Bolt Nitro athletics meeting tonight? The final event relay was a disgrace with even Bruce McAvaney lost for words trying to explain the most blatant cheating seen in athletics to prevent a dead rubber next Saturday. They might be able to say it's athletics entertainment rather than competition, but it's embarrassing to have possibly the most match fixed event in athletics history held in Australia. I'm still shaking my head.

The last event only required Australia to come last legally to win but they choked and clearly disqualified themselves by not passing the baton anywhere near correctly and the judges fixed the result to allow Australia a win. If that was sport it was a disgrace. It made professional wrestling look real and Henri Leconte tennis legends matches look legit.

Earlier in the evening a competitor tried to sit out one lap of the 1500 and rejoin the leaders. It felt like an episode of It's a Knockout.


  • new reports is that they lost, and got points deducted

    as its a meet with a number of events, they though that is you get disqualified, you just get the last placed points, meaning aussie win, but they read the rules and we actually lose points, so we came second

    aussies still have a chance of winning overall, just need to win everything (bit hard with bolt)

    dont think we care with aussies win, we just care about the number of races that bolt runs lol

    • I agree about Usain. Highlight of the night was Bolt's acceleration warmup in his tracksuit. He's a machine :)