This was posted 4 years 9 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50 Stem Roses for $50 @ ALDI


50 Stem Red Roses


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While stocks last – please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities.


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  • Besides the occasion (which is overrated imo), Aldi used to sell half a dozen roses for $4.95. I think they have recently increased it to $5.95. But even then, its still $1 a stem.

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    Apparently my local Aldi opens at 8:30am. Was in disbelief for a second, most of the country is at work by then.

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      most of the country is at work by then

      Yep, including the Aldi workers,

      And your point was…. ???

  • Good luck trying to get this in stock. Probably one lot per store.

  • 'I love you darling, here are some supermarket flowers'

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      Is there a difference in supermarket flowers over florist flowers, except for the price?

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        Yes. Yes, there is. Flower selection, composition, thorn removal, floral tape, wiring (so they don't go saggy before they dry out), clear + gift wrapping that has no barcode on it, sachet of flower prolonger, stick and card for hand written greeting, customisation, how many days old the flowers are upon buying them and a smile (well, not on Feb 14, they are busy as).

  • Gonna see these al over eBay and gumtree oh well.

  • If you are in qld, expect a good 1/3 of the roses to he dead / burnt. That's what I found. The smaller bunches seemed fine.

  • Woohoo…and a free bottle of champagn!!!

    • The free champagne is not advertised anywhere. Where did you get this?

  • Might your partner/ girlfriend wonder what you have been up to if you gave them 50 roses?

  • Went out of my way to buy some before work this am but they hadn't arrived yet. Disappointing but probably got much better ones in a flower shop.

  • Thanks OP! X)

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