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FREE Grab Rides in Major Malaysian Cities (Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu)


Only free for fares displayed as RM7 (~$2.30 AUD) or below

So I had a feeling that Grab might fight back and they have indeed chosen to fight back. Unlike the Uber promo, this applies to several major Malaysian cities and is not restricted to KL. It is also valid for an extra two days (until 6 Mar 2017).

With that being said, this promo is comprehensively better than Uber's promo. Grab decided to have a dig at Uber's promotion by offering free fares and saying:

Think RM1 rides are good? Been there, done that.

For those who are not familiar, Grab is Uber's rival in South East Asia. They have a strong presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. Uber doesn't completely dominate these markets like they do in Australia (not many people use GoCatch).

The key difference between Grab and Uber in Malaysia, from memory, is that Grab is usually slightly cheaper. Unlike Uber, Grab drivers can see your destination, so they have the opportunity to be a little bit more selective with their passengers. Having said this, my experience with both Grab and Uber in Malaysia have been positive.

Fine print

  • Applicable for all Grab rides within Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang, Melaka & Kota Kinabalu only.
  • This promo is valid for all Grab services, except for GrabCar Premium, GrabCar (6-seater), GrabHitch or any special icon.
  • If your fare is above RM7, the promo code WILL NOT be valid.
  • Available for Cash or Cashless (Credit/Debit Card) payment method.
  • Limited to 10,000 promo redemption per day.
  • Limited to 30 ZERO Fare rides per passenger
  • Not applicable with any other promos.
  • Discounted price does not include toll charges.
  • NOT VALID for rides to/from KLIA/KLIA2.
  • Promo is only valid from 14 February 2017 – 6 March 2017.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

There is also a competition as part of this promotion, but it is likely not relevant to many of us on Ozbargain, so I have removed the competition part of the T&Cs as I do not think it will be relevant. Click the link of the deal if you wish to see the details of the competition.


Am I allowed to post a referral code for Grab? I think this is only useable when you register for Grab using a Malaysian phone number.
If I'm allowed, here it is. This allows you to get an extra RM10 off, I assume, a future ride. Not sure what I get, but some amount of credit, I would assume.

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  • +1

    best to post it here instead…

    • Limited to 10,000 promo redemption per day.

    i.e. don't even think about getting a free ride after 2pm

  • +1

    Confirm you need a local SIM to use Grab effectively.

    • alternatively (in Singapore) you could book using "grab car kiosk/tablet" in front of most hotels, i've used them many times this way

  • Grab is more honest than uber in its transparent display of fares. uber has time and peak loading which suddenly shoot your fare up. they also treat their drives less well it seems. the big factor is the slight cheapness is cancelled by the unknown final fares.

  • The MYR has been sliding for quite a while and at MYR 3.40 = 1 AUD, you'll save ~$2.06…. banyak wang!

  • A tip on Grab: they don't include tolls in the fare estimate, so you can end up paying more than you expected. Totally reasonable, just good to know beforehand.

  • +1

    i'm going in april for my 5th or 6th time but I've never used uber/grab…mostly for the hassle of having to get a local sim which I've also never done before. Much hassle?

    • +1

      not much hassle. ensure your mobile phone is unlocked before you leave australia. find a prepaid or tourist simcard booth in the airport and work out how long that you need the package to be. a quick google search should yield some result in the available telco booth within the airport.

    • +2

      This is a great resource for buying a sim.


      It's also no hassle. I used both uber and grab last time I was over in Malaysia and singapore and found them both to be excellent. Grab is good because if there aren't any cars you can use it to just get a taxi and know that they won't rip you off as it's tracked.

  • Try using NEWTOGRAB. I used this code two weeks ago and got my first three rides free upto RM10 each

  • Damn: going there in April. Only for Feb so it seems!

  • I've used grab dozens of times in Malaysia, Grab offers fixed fares unlike uber, and you can choose to pay in cash if you want.

    Each time I have checked uber and grab, the grab fare was always cheaper than the low range estimate for uber.

    Some of the drivers are both uber and Grab so no difference.

    I am really happy grab is successful. It was always a hassle to get taxis to use the meter.

  • Just used this today to get myself a free fare. Was sweeeeeeeet

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