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Xiaomi Mi Box (Int'l) $66.60 USD (~$88.10 AUD) Delivered @ Banggood


Stumbled across this while searching for a cheap device to run Kodi.
Decent price with 20% code + 4.8% cash back with Cash Rewards!

20% off coupon code appears to be for large selection of 'Vision & Sound' items so you may find some other bargains.

Xiaomi Mi Box Amlogic S905X 2GB RAM 8GB ROM TV Box - International Version


CPU: S905X Quad-core Cortex-A53 2.0GHz
GPU: Mali 450 750MHz
OS: Android TV 6.0 Marshmallow
Wifi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Bluetooth: 4.0

Package Includes:

1 x Xiaomi MI Box International Version S905X 2G/8G TV box
1 x Remote Control
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x EU Power Adapter
1 x User Manual
1 x Plug Adapter

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  • nice find, however, there is two reasons why this box isn't a solution for me personally.
    - Doesn't have Auto Refresh Rate switching
    - Doesn't have a gigabit ethernet port

  • +2

    Admittedly dumb question but couldn't find the answer after a quick search - can DNS settings be changed on the device itself or need to be done at the router like the Chromecast?

    • Yes you can specify static IP and DNS on a per network basis. Note that some apps - eg Netflix - overwride the system settings though so specifying smart DNS servers may not have the desired effect unless you also block access to the hardcoded IPs as well (causing a fall back to the system value).

  • +1

    Does this have HDMI-CEC like the raspberry pi 3 does?
    ie, can I use my normal TV remote to navigate the menus? or am I getting a 4th remote on the living room table if I buy this?
    I'm interested for the H265 decoding mentioned in the comments, the PI3 CPU cooks if I try to play SD, and it simply can't play 720p with this codec.

    • Yes it does.

      • Thanks. I bought one regardless (-_-!)

  • Great device this. Bought one last year during Ali birthday sales. Might get another to replace the ol' Nexus player thats served me well

  • Worth to upgrade from a Google Nexus Player?

    • I got a Nexus and a Mi. I just bought another at this price. Can't go wrong

  • Awesome picking up another 2 of these :)

  • Sorry guys but total novice at these things.

    This devices give you access to movies and show via Netflix.

    Does this mean I don't have to pay for Netflix?

    • +2

      No, it has a Netflix app that you log into with your account.

    • +1

      This device is a a Android based TV box which means you plug it into your TV, to which it displays an android OS interface.

      You log into you android account in order to download apps which gives this box different functionality, mainly TV related apps, but not limited too.

      Netflix is a subscription based TV service. You can install the Netflix App onto this device in order to view their(Netflix) library. There are also other apps such as Kodi that you can install and use on this TV Box. You will need a Netflix account to view Netflix content regardless of what device you use.

  • +1

    Can you access local network (Windows) shared folders from within kodi and play hd files over WiFi with this?

    Looking to connect to our media pc in another room, as the current wd tv box doesn't like Windows 😝


    • +1

      Yes it can, but the problem may be with Windows file sharing in which case there may still be issues.

    • I have an Amazon Fire TV Stick (which runs a flavor of Android). I'v got Kodi running on it. If I try to play content on Kodi from network shared on my other PC or through a SMB share, it stutters… buffers and hangs. This happens specially for HD content with file sizes north of 500MB. I read a few forums and it seems Android has some limitations on share reading. I could be wrong.
      Anyone with such experience? or advice?

      • +1

        The Amazon Fire TV stick only has a wireless connection. I'd be looking at your home wifi as I stream HD content to fire tv sticks no problem at my place. I stream HD content from a 12 bay Synology NAS and i'm talking uncompressed BluRay backups without issue, via Kodi over SMB.

  • For the plug and play layman what does this do. Do I instantly get access to hundreds of overseas channels/movies for free?

    • It's basically a digital set top box with an Android Operating system on it, think of all those new generation TV's you see at JB-HIFI with their fancy 'Smart TV' marketing, its basically that but in a small box as opposed to being built-in to the TV.

      All you need to do is go to the app store once you've gone through the initial setup and download the app called Kodi. It requires a bit of configuring but you can find easy step-by-step guides on the net. Once set, you can watch pretty much all TV shows you can think of including movies too.

  • Is this easy to use/setup? My mum was looking at an Apple TV but this is a bit easier on the wallet.

    • +1

      If she wants catchup TV cheap, get a Telstra TV new from Gumtree. (iView, 9now etc)

      What features does she want?

      • Yeah pretty much just catch-up tv haha.cheers might give it a look.

    • It's fairly straight forward, no complex menus (word of advice, use new batteries for the remote).

      • Why?

        • +1

          I found that if you don't use new (or close to new batteries) you get stuck on the second setup page where you need to hold down both the Back + OK buttons on the remote to pair it with the unit. I was pulling my hair out thinking I received a faulty unit, then I went out and bought new AAA batteries and tried again and it worked. The original ones I used were from the TV remote which worked fine, but yeah just thought I'll share and save people the hassle.

  • Dumb question, but besides Netflix and other paid-subscription services what does this do?

    (I just need something to play video files, currently I plug my laptop into the TV via HDMI but I'd rather not have to always do this, plus there's no remote for my laptop!)

    • +1

      If you install Kodi (or possibly Plex?) you play any video file accessible on your network.

      • Dumb answer maybe, but if that's all you want why not chromecast?

        • Dumb answer or dumb question? Chromecast you need something to cast from. You may also need to transcode some videos. Kodi gives you a "ten foot" interface and it will play pretty much anything. So, it depends what you want.

        • @AlbyDuck: "I just need something to play video files, currently I plug my laptop into the TV via HDMI but I'd rather not have to always do this, plus there's no remote for my laptop!"

          What I meant was, is there a reason for not just using Chromecast to cast from the laptop to the TV as a solution to not using a HDMI cable?

          As it seemed that the original question was how else can I play content from my laptop without using a HDMI cable

        • @Tiggrrrrr: Gotcha. My dumb response to your perfectly reasonable answer. My excuse is that I think the orginal question and your answer were on different pages at the time. He did kind of imply that he didn't want to use his laptop at all though (no remote!).

        • @AlbyDuck:

          As I said, I was probably misinterpreting what he was after.

          On another note, this did look like a good deal. I do love my Roku box though.

    • +1

      Ours is predominantly used with Uyanik TV (turkish television) to watch live broadcasts. Secondary used is kodi. It is also good for watching youtube

    • +1

      This will do what you have described above with laptop. Plus has got remote.

  • +2

    I'm using a WDTV Live box, is this thing going to crap rings around it? Always found the WDTV to be a bit sluggish navigating folders and netflix.

    • +4

      Most Android boxes will be an upgrade from that Sloth.

    • +1

      In speed yes, in play back, no and yes. WD wont to H.265, but other than that, actual playback will be better from WD with it's framerate switching. But my god they are slow. I don't mis my WD for a second, but I have a Shield TV instead of this Mi Box.

  • +1

    Can you install Chinese app (like the TV App Garden on Moonbox) to watch Chinese shows and movies?

    • I would like to know this as well :)

    • Would like to know this too

    • No you cannot their servers authenticate your device and Mac address. This Xiaomi box is nothing but a Netflix HD player and Kodi

      I'm good with my Moonbox Pro + Minix + TVpad. You will never get this content on this Xiaomi little crap

    • Theres a myriad of chinese apps. Youve got something called Vego TV another called China Blue etc

    • I believe you can install any apk, but as the server for chinese videos are in china, the experience may not be smooth

    • By chinese do you include Taiwan? I am particularly interested in Taiwan FTV/Pay tv but not sure how to get it.

  • +1

    Is it HDMI 1.4 or 2.0?

    • 2.0a 4K 60

  • +3

    Review of the product for those interested.


  • Can i cast to this device?

    • Yes you can. Annoyingly casting Netflix causes it to just open the Netflix app but everything else I've tried has worked as expected.

  • +3

    Order now should receive it by end of feb 2027

  • +1

    Guess I'll bite… still waiting on something that I purchased from banggood 2 months ago…

    • I ordered quite a bit of stuff from Banggood in December. None of it arrived. I've never had an issue with them before. I think they must have had some problems.

      They have been good and resent replacement items with no issue.

  • +5

    This is a superb box runs rings around WDTV I've bought 3 of them so far, has HDMI 2.0a(HDCP 2.2) port. Confirmed works perfectly over WiFi incl high bit rate MKV's via Windows shares I have it connecting to my HP microserver G8 running Windows Server 2016 with no problems.

    Also works perfectly with Kodi and Plex via locally plugged in USB external hard drive if you have no server to give media.

    Fully Chromecast supported baked into the OS so can cast from any Cast supported App (PC, Android, IOS)

    Wired ethernet adapters work but take up the single USB port on the box and I believe tax the cpu resource a bit (I've not tested though)

    Any APK can be sideloaded onto this box via PC or ES File Explorer (e.g. ABC iView or SBS on demand) obviously not fully support for functionality

    • Thanks for the mini review, sounds like what I'm after 😊

    • Better maybe to install Kodi and then the Andy Botting catchup TV AU repository package via USB for the Australian catchup stuff? Works great for me, sbs, iview, 9now etc… The interface for the different services is clear and includes synopses and even auto ad skipping by and large….

      • actually I'll revise my own comment here, 9now, sometimes flaky through the 3rd-party app, is much more stable just casting from a phone app to the mibox…. never a problem with iview/sbs though. I use kodi —> apptv skin —> catchup TV au respository (kodi add-ons then available from this). I think that is the key though, never forget that the mibox is also a "chromecast", any probs with anything just revert to casting which might then be rock solid.

  • Will this replace my Chromecast then? o.O

    • Mostly. I believe there are problems casting some apps like youtube. But of course the built-in youtube works fine.

  • My tv has 4k Netflix, Youtube, iView, SBS on demand, Plex and a bunch of other stuff built in. If it didn't I'd be onto this straight away. As it is, all I need is Kodi. For that I use a generic s905x box (Beelink in my case) on which I've put LibreElec and it runs really well. Probably a better Kodi experience than you'll get from the Xiaomi, a bit cheaper but less versatile. Note that you can't install LibreElec on this box.

  • How do you get Kodi on Mi? Damn I have it like for 3 years now but never knew I could do that!

    • It was only released last year. You have a different model.

  • Good price OP, any deal for Mi Box 3 Enhanced version?


  • -2

    If you search aliexpress/dhgate/wish/ebay for S905 or S905x you can get something with the same hardware as this for much cheaper. I suppose the main difference is the customised version of Android on there, but most people just put LibreELEC (kodi) on them as it runs a lot better. Then again that'll remove Netflix functionality but using the Android Netflix app on a TV box is a pretty crappy experience anyway.

    • +2

      If you go to the link for the coupon code, there are a bunch of items that qualify for the 20% off. There are one or two s905x boxes in there. I think you missed the point with Netflix. This box gives you the full 4k Netflix and it's running Android TV- not Android. Shouldn't be a crappy experience.

  • Similar price at Aliexpress which have a bigger cashback… Aliexpress Link

  • ok has anyone got this with an external hdd plugged in?

    can you map the drive to another PC so you can download on the PC and copy over?

    i find streaming a bit hit and miss with 60gb 4k dolby atmos movies which have 60+mb bitrate and this causes pauses during playback so rather have the disk plugged straight in but need the mapping ability

    • This does not share out the local drive, no. But may be an android app you can load from the Google Play Store that would do this (such as a feature-rich file manager).

    • A NAS connected directly to a wireless router would be acccessible by all devices in your network including the Mi Box.

  • Goddamn. Right when I wanted to get one, it says "under restocking" :(

    • you can back order with discount now..

  • Is this a good device to play/watch acestream content on?

    • I watch acestream links on it which I source in kodi. They play transparently via the acestream app (although you do need to sideloaded this).

      • awesome thanks for the reply!

  • damn out of stock…

  • what is your provider ?! everybody watching online 4K video, except me

    I could watch European channels 480 only. Sometimes I'm lucky and I could watch 720

    • You're not alone, I'm on Telstra ADSL2+ and only 70meters from the TOPHat and I struggle to stream 4k vids from YouTube (constantly buffering). I'm just waiting for NBN

  • Im currently using the Amazon Fire TV with kodi and Netflix. Im not happy with my remotes losing charge constantly on one of the boxes and the other flickering.

    Im considering either one of these or an Intel nuc. I've noticed that some shows have frame rate issues when played with kodi and that compatibility with Android is the issue.

    What would be the pros and cons or issues between this and a nuc?

  • Hi, I am thinking of getting my Mum a streaming box, mostly just for Netflix, Stan and Google Play Videos.

    Would this be a better buy than an Nvidia Shield?
    Shield seems like overkill but I dont want to her have something that would become laggy and slow

    • +1

      This would be perfect your mum

      • great thanks

        • Android TV has been designed to be used by anyone, it has a really nice interface and feels just like you are using the menu of a high-end smart TV.

    • +1

      Stan is not yet available on the Mi Box / Android TV, although Stan said an app would become available by April.

  • Is there a Plex app for this or can we use plexconnect or the like, through Kodi to get it going??

    • And I just looked at the webpage and it appears to have plex native out of the box with an app. Excellent!

      • Yep Plex is on the play store.

  • My best friend flew over from HK to visit, he bought me the Mi Box and I've been using it for the past week, no complaints, setup was all in English, Kodi installed and working like a charm. comes with Plex, Netflix, RedBull TV etc.

    I also got the gamepad, works fine, but not all games are compatible with the Mi Box unless you side load it. Doesn't come with Chrome and you won't be able to search for it on the play store, so probably a limitation with the HK version (don't know) but I might try side loading a few apps down the track.

    • Yes it is a good box.

      I wouldnt really play games on this thing with the paltry soc; The Mali it has is about a 3+ year chip.

      The android playstore doesnt have chrome as it doesnt translate well to the big screen.

      I have sideloaded it though but it doesnt play nice with the remote.

      But for the price (bought mine at 120$) it really is a decent lil box and serves out purposes

      • When you say sideload, are you installing the .apk files off a USB or HDD? or do you need to connect it to a PC and use adb commands etc?

        • +1

          External, sending apks over wifi, uploading to gdrive etc. you don't need to adb anything. No messy hacking. In its core it's just android tv. Xioami doesn't lock it down in anyway. Android tv limits the apps from showing up in their designated AppStore so they can offer a consistent experience.

  • You can get it from DX.com for $1 less and quicker delivery: http://aud.dx.com/product/original-xiaomi-mi-3s-tv-box-amlog...

    • That doesn't appear to be the International unit.