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Buy 2 Get 1 Free Xbox One & PS4 Digital Games @ Target.com (US) Starting March 5th - Limited Titles (3 Games for ~ $156AU)


I saw this upcoming deal being discussed on Reddit so thought I would share it here. Apparently the first time they have offered digital games as part of the deal.

It does not go live until March 5 US time

They don't have a lot of digital games available (especially for PS4) but you may be able to pick up 3 of the newer releases for around $120US (approx $156AU) which is a decent saving. I have never purchased from Target.com before but I did ask them over chat if an Australian could purchase a digital xbox one game and they confirmed this would work fine, with an Aus cc too. Codes are emailed within 4 hours. I guess you could purchase the physical games and have the shipped too

They may have some more available by the time this goes live, but some of the games available at the moment are:

Xbox one

Final Fantasy XV - $59.99US
Ghost Recon Wildlands Deluxe Edition - 69.99US
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - $59.99US
Halo Wars 2 - $59.99US
For Honor - $59.99US
Battlefield 1 - $59.99US
Titanfall 2 - $59.99US
Gears of War 4 - $59.99US
Forza Horiza 3 - $59.99US


For Honor - $59.99US
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - $59.99US
Titanfall 2 - $59.99US

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  • +8

    $156 for 3 games is a bargain?

    • New releases, yeah

    • Yep. Digital new releases go for about $100 each, so nearly 50% off. At least that's for Xbox, I assume PS4 is the same

      • -4

        You think paying $100 for a digital game on a $250 console is reasonable? I think you're on the wrong site mate.

        • +9

          You replying to the right person? Not sure I ever indicated $100 is reasonable, just that that is the standard price and that this is a way to get games cheaper. What site are we on again?

  • US$60 for FH3?! Tell him he's dreaming!

  • +1

    Good find. Hopefully the catalogue of games will expand by the time the sale goes live.

  • If digital Horizon Zero Dawn or Nioh gets added I'd be very excited.

    As it stands eyeing off For Honor and Wildlands. They'll both probably drop rapidly in price for physical but the convenience of digital and rare digital sales makes this quite enticing.

  • +1

    I hope expensive digital only games through bricks and mortar isn't the future..

    • +3

      The more outlets that sell digital games the better in my opinion. From an xbox point of view we pretty much wait for the official store to have a sale or pay full price, so any competition is good

  • I want 4 games, anyone want to split that needs 2 :) I'm sure stock may be an issue though.

    • I'm after one game. For honor on Xbox one. Pm me if you want to team up.

  • It's also worth noting that for anyone wanting just 1 game, there is nothing preventing you from purchasing it now.

    $59.99US ~ $78AU

    However there are a couple of other places like Amazon, where you could get the same prices

  • +2

    Shop around, Halo Wars 2 is AU$49 on Cdkeys.com (with 5% off FB like) or $52 without. I'm downloading it now.

  • +3

    Unless you're planning on playing all 3 of the games you purchase at the same time, you're more than likely going to be saving the same amount of money (or more) if you pay for them at later dates. Prices of games drop at a ridiculous pace nowadays.

  • +2

    Personal experience: I used to purchase something as a gift for a friend resides in the CA from Target.com and ended up having my order automatically cancelled due to ANZ cc protection. Anyone who's interested in this deal may want to inform your bank just in case.

  • Thre games for almost $50 each is good. Got mine picked.

  • Of course they want it to go digital to kill off the trade in and 2nd hand market.
    And once it goes that way, they can then jack up the price of digital to more than what a physical copy would sell for.

    I prefer having the physical copy and the case. Looks good on the shelf and reminds me what I still need to finish.

  • Our own Target will have Titanfall 2 for $39 in this weeks catalogue.

    • Not digital though obviously

  • Anyone know if the XB1 games are play anywhere?

  • Regular edition of Ghost Recon has now been added for Xbox One for $59.99


  • Many of these titles seem to have disappeared already…. :(

  • Could u fix the title that this deal is not for digital game?

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