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Google Play Music Subscription 4 Months Free (New Users Only)


Noticed this on the Music homepage

4 Months Google Play Music Free

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  • Definitely new users only, but good pickup

    • I just ended a paid subscription 3 months ago.Tried the link OP has listed, worked totally fine using the same gmail address/ccard previously used. CHEERS OP!

      • I had trial & paid one month I think -cancelled 6 months or so ago
        I was also able to claim the trial
        Don't forget that a paid sub also gets you Youtube Red = exclusive content and no ads

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    I can confirm it is for new users only.

    • Thanks I will add to title :)

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    I think it's new users only, it popped up a rejection notice when I tried it.

  • Same as what was posted here. Seems to be targeted but I'm able to get it.

  • Time to make another gmail account!

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      is that all you need? Do you need another credit card?

    • How many email accounts can one person have? These days, they ask for your mobile number. Do they restrict the number of accounts registered to a mobile number?

      • www.10minutemail.com wont ask for a number

        • Typo. I meant Gmail. I've registered a few now (personal, family, non-work-related work activities), and I've had to use my mobile number to create each one. I know they keep track of accounts registered to that one mobile number… but what's the limit?

        • @flaminglemon: Phone numbers aren't a 1 to 1 thing though, the numbers do get recycled.

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        How many email accounts can one person have?

        Infinite. Just register your own domain.

        Credit cards are not so hard, but debit cards work and are dead easy.
        Phone numbers are $2.

        • Typo. I meant Gmail. Sorry!

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          @flaminglemon: I don't think Gmail restricts the number of email addresses one person can have. They ask you for your phone number for 2 factor authentification etc

          Personally I have 5 Gmail accounts.

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          @John Kimble: No, not true. My phone number got banned. I have 50 maybe (estimate)

        • @hogwarts: oh, well that seems fair…why do you need 50???

        • @John Kimble: Random stuff over the years.

        • @hogwarts: Yup. I can believe that. I've got about 10 so far… all of which are active and in use.

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    I successfully signed up for the free 4 months and have used the free trial before. However I did have a paid account in the interim, possibly that or the length of time between free trials is important?

    • It seems random to me. I used the free trial, probably more than a year ago now, and then paid for a few months and the free trials still won't work :'(

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      Suggestion was it reset after 12 months of no subscription at all.

      Personally I wish they did something like "1 day sub = 70c", because I wouldn't mind it for when I wanted it, but not for all the time and at that cost.

  • Can confirm that, Previous free subscriber, more than a year ago, successfully signed up to this trial. Thanks.

  • Cool, just as the Xmas 90 days was about to expire. Just signup with new account and switch Youtube Red/Google Play over.

  • -1

    I liked Google Play music but ended up not subscribing, it was a massive data hog, even streaming with quality set to low I'd smash out a 3GB data plan.

    Pandora and Spotify use about 1/4 of the bandwidth with better sound.

    • +3

      FYI, this won't be an issue for those on Optus.

      They permit unmetered streaming for GPM

    • Why not just preload the music you want to hear?? Pretty easy solution…

      • -1

        I do… I don't need a subscription for that.

        You get the subscription for radio or random listening.

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    Can anyone compare this service against the others?
    Is Google Play Music the 'better' option out there?

    I'm not sure if it's just me but I think the audio quality on Google Play Music is better than Spotify (with the Premium High quality streaming option enabled).

    • +7

      I personally feels it's the best value out there.

      They don't have the best curated playlists but seeing as they throw in YouTube Red (something I use heaps) it really is a no brainer.

      I found Tidal to be excellent but as much as I want lossless audio, it isn't worth the extra atop of getting YouTube Red.

      My one hope is that Google comes out with a FLAC option.

      I tried adding FLAC to my library and whilst it works fine the files are.converted down to 320kbps.

      GPM also has a family plan allowing for 6 family members (or friends) access meaning you could distribute the cost.

      • GPM FLAC. That'd be fantastic!
        I don't understand YouTube Red. I've got it for the moment as part of the trial but what is the appeal?
        @IPYF just answered that question.

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      Its competitive advantage is that it now has Youtube Red built into the music subscription for the same price. So you can save videos and stream Youtube ad free on devices that don't have AdBlock. If this appeals to you, then it might be the right choice. Otherwise it's effectively the same as Spotify.

      • Totally forgot that I had ad blocking!
        If I spotted an ad on my computer / phone I'd think it was broken.

        • If your mobile device isn't rooted, you also get no ads on mobile which is awesome.

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      one thing I want add is that GPM runs like ass on some android devices. My iPhone 6 and Xperia Z1C runs it perfectly. But for some reason there is always lag on my V20. You might want to use GPM for a extend period then decide you want to continue using it after this free 4 months

      • Running on a Galaxy Note 5. Seems to be OK so far but I'll keep an eye on it.
        Is it consistently ass like or intermittently ass like on your V20?

        • +1

          If it is fresh start, it is fine, but once the music starts, every time I switch back to it, UI lags like hardcore. As I said, only some devices has it (some redditer have same problem), no idea why.

      • I've got it on a Nexus 6P and it could be better. Nothing to be too concerned about though.

    • Yeah its worth the money with youtube red.

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    Don't forget RedTube

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      Lol you mean YouTube red…..Not the same thing. So a friend told me….

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        He said what he meant.

        • +1

          ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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      Great. Googled that at work. I should have known better.

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    If you don't need YouTube Red simply use Fildo.

  • can you use sonos app to control and play google play music?

    the answer is yes.

    • You can also use GPM App to play directly to Sonos speakers. No need for the Sonos App.

  • Worked for me as an existing user and previously subscribed.

  • just signed up to 4 months (122 days) successfully .odd thing is. the previous promo wouldn't work for me (2 months). also almost sure I had a paid account within last 12 months at some point….cant confirm….

  • +1

    Much prefer Spotify

    • Spotify has the advantage of working with Google, Amazon and Apple, so avoids lockin

      • Google Play works fine on iOS just sayin.

        • Yeah, but not with Alexa, which makes it much less use to me.

  • Signed up on this, thinking it would work natively over Amazon Echo Dot. But it doesn't :(

  • It worked for me on my main account, have used a trial and paid for it before…

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    Thanks OP worked for me a second time, also,
    redtube has always been free

  • Thanks OP.
    Anyway to download the streamed music without paying a cent?

  • Worked for me thanks

  • How do you cancel the subscription? FYI, help instruction is incorrect. not possible on ipad or iPhone, Need to get a call back support and solved.

    • I had to cancel mine on a full browser. used a laptop

  • Only 2 months now

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