This was posted 4 years 7 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Foxtel Play Free for a Month


Well back on again like last time. Make sure you cancel before month end or the start charging.

From the deal:
You are receiving this because you were a Presto customer. To unsubscribe from receiving future marketing emails from Foxtel, please click here. Please do not reply to this email. Replies to this email will not be responded to or read. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

*New residential customers only. Just connect your compatible device to the internet. Shows only available if they/re in your pack, some shows/channels not available. Data charges may apply. Ongoing monthly fees apply after the free trial unless you cancel. During the trial you have access to all packs. Your ongoing fees will be based on whatever packs you select before the end of the free trial. Access on compatible smartphones and tablets via Foxtel Go. Sorry, Australia only.

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    • Yes BEIN sports is included. Not sure about HD as I don't own the Telstra box.

    • Yes those channels work and they are in HD via the Telstra box.

  • +1

    Just signed up and code is still working.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just signed up. Won't be keeping it on past the month, it's unbelievable they don't have sports in HD, and they wonder why they are bleeding customers lol.

  • Promo code doesn't work. This is what i get:

    Hey there, it looks like this promotional code is invalid. You will not be able to sign up with this code.

    And I get this after I enter all my details.

    • Seems like my other email had used a trailer before so I tried a new one and it is all working.


  • As I used the last free trial, it's telling me that the offer is not valid as its been used on this device before.

    I don't have another device to try logging on instead. Any ideas?

    • Same here. Might have to borrow my mum's.laptop
      Not sure how one could change Mac address

  • get the same problem

    Hey there, it looks like this promotional code is invalid. You will not be able to sign up with this code.

  • Was able to sign up even though I've used a trial in the past, thanks OP!

  • signed up but cannot get to work on the PS4 - used a free trial on a different profile

    • Yep same here.

  • my bad "if i am greedy and pick all packs it rejects when i complete my order", its all good when i choose some of them…which i am ok with. good on you mate…

  • Thanks a lot OP. Sign up was a breeze and works nicely with the foxtel play app on my Samsung TV. Waiting for the 3rd test to start now. :-)

  • I signed up with one pack. Deactivated my subscription. Is it too late to get all the other packs? The 'manage your package' button is now grayed out.

  • Working for me.
    After signing up it shows n error, says promo code invalid but I still received the telstra welcome email and it works.
    Deactivated it and have until April 11.

  • Does that mean on sign up, when they ask you to pick what packs you want, you can just pick em all and cancel before the end of the month and not get charged ongoing fees?

    • Yes, but sign up with only one pack selected as it may fail with all selected. After you successfully sign up to the trial, log into your account and select every pack which will now show $104/mth.
      You can then cancel after all the packs have been successful applied without ongoing fees. You'll still have access to every pack until the trial ends.

  • A shame the Foxtel Play app on Xbox One is so buggy. Foxtel know about all the bugs and have no date on when they'll fix it, been like this for months.

  • -1

    Dam I joined 2 weeks ago, made a new account, says this device has had the trial already, any way to by pass this?

    • Not unless you can magically change the MAC address of your device.

      • ahhh damm… spewing..

      • There are tools to change your MAC address with a software spoof. When i was a network admin we had 2 devices same MAC address for months are we looking at why shit wasnt working. So you know what ill be doing…….

  • +2

    Great service Foxtel has, so nice of them to show some programming in with their adds.

    The Sport is okay but normal programs is so frustrating. More adds then show.

  • +1

    Thanks OP - free League for a month will make the Mrs happy.

  • Shame the app is so rubbish cuz promo code works and cancelling is no problem.

    But everytime I tried to open the app on my asus android tablet it crashes. Watching on my small mobile phone screen is really a pain in the arse.

  • Sorry!
    Hey there, it looks like this promotional code is invalid. You will not be able to sign up with this code.

    Not Working anymore

    • Promo code works for me. Just signed up without drama.

  • Got this msg "Your credit card appears to have been issued outside Australia. Try again with a different card, or call our call centre on 131 999 for help.".

    I used a prepaid coles mastercard. Interesting :)

    • Just use a normal one and cancel after signing up. Works

  • Tried using the desktop app but says this device has already been used?

  • Thanks OP. Signed up with an used VISA Only1giftcard and it works! No drama to access all channels on Foxtel Play on my notebook.

  • Picture quality using the PS4 app is okay. But using the mobile app, picture quality is terrible. Super low bitrate and resolution ("best" quality is set). It's like the app developers/Foxtel forgot that phones these days have big, high res screens. If they sorted out the PQ issues and offered Chromecast support they'd probably get some money out of me.

  • Anyone know if I'll be able to use this code twice with different devices? A bit of a tech noobie sorry

    • +1

      You can use the same account on multiple devices, no need to sign up multiple times :)

  • 2017
    standard def

    People actually pay money for this shit?

    • Ha ha, not us. Free for a month then bye bye

  • +2

    What an utter sheit of a website it has. I wonder what they do with all the money they get from subscriptions. Glad I haven't paid them a penny thus far.

  • Thanks for the code. Just signed up and deactivated. I only signed up to watch the 4th test in India.

    • Missed the third hey!!

      • Yeh only managed to listen to it on ABC

  • Does Foxtel Play have the same content as Presto???

  • Thanks OP, just signed up for 30 days. There are 3 different F1 races in the next 30 days, plus plenty of NRL, and I'm loving the NBA! Definitely worth the price I paid so far!

  • 13/04/2017 *Foxtel Management Pty NORTH RYDE AU AUD 0.03

    Got charged 3cents on my credit card.

  • +1

    Well free service is not free afterall.

    I signed up to this trial and then cancelled my service, I was actually interested to see if it was worth the money - it was not. but I was charged for a month anyway! Scum bags


    • Well considering it worked for myself and hundreds of others, my guess is you stuffed it up or there's a glitch in their system. Ring them.

      • I have, and sent them a copy of my screenshoted cancellation email (13th), signed up on 10th.

    • I've just realised they charged me too. On hold now to try and sort it out.

      • Let me know how you go, I've called them and emailed. Both have hit a dead end. Guy on the phone said they will chase it up with the billing department and refund me but yet to hear back.

        • They said they would only refund me pro rata.

        • @whitty:

          Hmm I don't have any other services with them (or ever will tbh). Hope I get my refund, I don't really want to take it further :(

    • Still yet to get any money back from these pricks. Demanding screenshots of the cancellation email (which were sent first!) and calling me a liar…

      Guess I'll help my mother move off Foxtel from her $135 per month plan.

  • We have a Telstra TV and the last month of this free trial has been awesome. Great quality on our 50" tv, really impressed. It expired today so we signed up again using my girlfriend's details and it says "this device has had the trial already". AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH so annoying

  • So has this ended?? Just tried to sign up and it only gives the 2 week option

    • Worked for me 2 days ago

  • At what point is the code entered?
    After the credit card page?
    The next page tab says order confirmation, so it seems there will be no where to enter the code.

    • Same issue, can't see where to put the code. May have been removed.

      • Yep same here just takes you to the 2 week trial page now

  • I cancelled a day before trial ended but credit card was charged anyway ($104.03) not happy.