Can you please recommend Samsung Galaxy S7 edge tempered glass screen protector that works with Otterbox symmetry case?

Can you please recommend Samsung Galaxy S7 edge tempered glass screen protector that works with Otterbox symmetry case?

Bought 1 from Ebay (no brand) but it doesn't work with the case. If fact, it doesn't even stick properly to the phone.

I've read many review about the same situation, but still hoping that there is 1 that will work out perfectly.

Thank you!


  • Don't buy the cheapest ones from eBay, you get what you pay for.

    • Can you please point a good brand? I've read that even good brand doesn't work with the case. That's why I'm asking for a specific one. Thank you.

      • quick note: I don't have a S7 edge - stumbled on your thread looking for screen protector recommendations (still on a note 4 and about to use an s7 (non-edge) but looking for an s7 tempered glass screen protector at the moment)

        Brand/price is worth zilch with tempered glass screen protectors (these are consumables and fragile if mishandled), been using bangood / aliexpress ones for my note 4

        Does the case have a lip? is it forcing the screen protector off?

        Are you using a screen protector with opaque top and bottom & edges with an adhesive?

        You can rinse the screen protector's adhesive to rid it of dust if it's not sticky

        I use a Speck Candyshell Grip for my note 4 and it forces the screen protector off since it's a snug fit

        When I put the case on, I make sure that the screen protector remains evenly on so that each side of it has the same amount of length for the case's lip to sit over, I then pull up on the lip with a fingernail get the lip over the screen protector.

  • did you manage to find a good case and screen protector?

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      Yes, I managed to find a perfect one to go with my Otterbox Symmetry Case. I bought this one:

      The seller was really good in replying my questions. Although sent from Ireland, I received it in less than 10 days (prob around 7-8 days, weekend counted). I live in Sydney metro, btw.

      It will also fit Incipio dual layer case as well (I have this case too).

      My only neg probably the glue on edges which is visible, but it's not a big deal as long as my phone is covered by the protector. Just wish it's invisible to make it a perfect look. lol.

      • Thanks!

        How do the otterbox symmetry cases compare to the spigen ones?

        • +1

          I've never tried Spigen case. Been using Otterbox Symmetry for the last 2 years for my Samsung Galaxy S5 and I really love it.

          Btw, Spigen has the tempered glass for S7 Edge as well. Just saw it today on Ebay. You might want to give it a go too. :)

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