This was posted 5 years 2 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Mavic Pro Drone - $1359.20 Delivered @ Dick Smith / Kogan eBay


DJI mavic pro standalone pack for $1359.20 aud after cyber discount.
Says ships from melb. not sure how legit that actually is, but pretty much cheaper than the other options at the moment.

Original 20% off Selected Tech Stores at eBay Deal Post

Note it is marked to ship in April. Ive contacted them twice in almost 3 hours and have had no reply about this to confirm.

Extra cashrewards available. As usual ymmv with cashrewards.
Info here:

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    It says on Dick Smith page

    "Dick Smith is an authorised distributor of this product. We guarantee that this product is authorised Australian stock and comes with a manufacturer warranty in addition to the Dick Smith warranty.
    1 Year DJI Warranty (included)"

    Looks legit to me.

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      Does it come with a tax invoice?

      • A tax invoice will be the clincher for me…..

      • +2

        its kogan, one would assume you would get one? curious as to why is this a big deal?

        • +3

          Without one you can't claim TRS

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          Very interesting choice of carry on luggage.

        • +1

          It's handy when the person sitting next to you starts droning on

        • @dan76n: Well fortunately the Mavic is small enough to carry on.

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          Hopefully your not going to the US or the only thing you'll be wanting "small enough" is the camera on the end of the probe at customs. :-)

        • @dan76n: Why's that? Plenty of people travel with drones without issue.

      • +2

        Dick Smith are registered for GST. It is a sale of Australian goods. They should issue you with a tax invoice on request.

        • Cheers.

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    thanks op been waiting for mavic on sale, just bought one

  • Anyone reckon this is a deal

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      It's a great deal.

  • According to the listing apparently delivery is estimated between 5-12 April? That's like 2 weeks away

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      yeah i didnt see it as i thought it was a horrible mistake on dse's part to list it as a cyber deal and just jumped on it.

      My bad, leaving Australia for a while as of next Sat. So looks like ill have a drone for sale as I wanted it for the trip :(

      • +1

        I'll give you $800 for it ;)

      • My bad, leaving Australia for a while as of next Sat.

        Just request a cancellation and refund. Most larger sellers won't have a problem given that they don't even have stick yet.

        • Already did but no reply yet. I suppose even if they do send it i should be able to resell it for what i paid for.

        • @Jimothy:

          You'd need to sell it for ~1500 to allow for seller/paypal fees of ~$150.

        • @ash2000:

          If sell it locally on a fb camera sell group.

        • @Jimothy:

          I'll gladly take it off your hands, I live in Gold Coast and travel to Brisbane almost daily.

          I was about to purchase one while they had stock this morning, decided to go to the toilet first and then minutes later they were gone.

          Needless to say I felt really shitty afterwards.

        • @Jimothy:

          Sweet. You may even decide to keep it!

        • @Songsong: i ended up cancelling and buying a fly more package :)

        • @Songsong:

          If y'all don't need a tax invoice this is a pretty good deal with the current blanket 5% code for fly more bundle

          I can't post to front page because its not top rated ebay seller. I ordered this deal on monday at full price fml.

  • +4

    Huge thanks OP - Combined with the 2.6% Cashrewards ($35) and TRS refund ($123), just couldn't resist jumping on this deal. Having owned a Phantom 3, I'm loving the idea of an ultra portable version. Now just have to try and justify the purchase … early Christmas present … late birthday … I'll think of something :-)

    • +1

      TRS will be $154 as it will be based from $1699

      • Great stuff, makes it even cheaper!

    • Won't it still be worth more than $900 (used) when bringing it back in to AU (if you are bringing it back to AU of course)?

      • +1

        Travel with a partner? Though honestly they don't check

        • True.

        • +1

          Friend of a friend claims a new chanel bag every year through trs and has yet to be caught

    • The cashrewards will be paid based on the full purchase price, so $44. Combine that with GST refund of $154 that leaves you with a purchase price of just $1157.

      • Even more amazing - got a bit addicted to these with the Phantom 3. Can't wait to see what the Mavic Pro is like.

        Now to find an equally good deal on extra batteries!

  • -1

    Thanks OP. Didn't need one.

  • +1

    I don't need one. I only want one.

  • -2

    that video is some sell.. still rather keep my $1359

  • Grey price for the RTF. Had my Combo since October and love it.

  • Mine is totally awesome. No buyers remorse. Need to get the combo pack for max fun though.

    • -1

      Why's that?

      • +2

        IMO its pretty sweet to fly around, and when battery dies, you need to charge it again, which would be a downer if you are planing to make an afternoon out of it.

        If you get the combo pack you get 3 batteries and a smart charger which can juice them up pretty quick. You'll get about 50 minutes of flight time with the 3 and if you hot swap the dead ones straight onto the charger, you can maybe almost fly uninterrupted.

        Although I got a hard case in mine and have never opened the soft shoulder bag, it's really good to have a dedicated thing to lug it all around in.

    • If you want all the gear in the combo pack it is a good buy. Otherwise just buy batteries separately. Lots of other bag options available and IMO better.

  • Bugger. I've run out of "CYBER" uses. :(

    • You only have one account?

      • +1

        Well you're only allowed one personal PayPal. Made a business one with my ABN, all good. :)

        • I have one for me and the Mrs.

  • Would oz gov buy ch-3 or ch-4 like people buying dji products here?

  • Still thinking if i am buying

  • Thanks OP bought one

  • Now thats what I call an Ozbargain!

  • +2

    I still have my venerable P3 Advanced, so I can hold off on this deal until DJI release Mavic 2 :)

    • Yeah that's my plan, I've got the P3 Pro which is still going strong.

  • +6

    Still cheaper for me to go to the Apple Store or DJI store in Hong Kong (where I live now) and buy it as RRP…. I suppose because DJI is just across the border! It's $1291aud RRP here

    Annoying how companies increase the RRP for Australians…

    • +2

      Just wish I can get a $68 return flight ticket to Hong Kong…

    • FYI about buying overseas…

      I was going to do that when I was in HK recently, but then they didnt have stock and there was uncertainty about how warranty would work. From what the DJI shop sales people told me in HK, if you brought it back to Australia and it had a fault that's covered under warranty, you'd have to send it back to HK to get it fixed under warranty. You CAN get it fixed in Australia, but it would be a paid repair.

  • I have been waiting for this. Got one!

  • Only thing stopping me from buying one of these is the lack of FPV.

  • Just ordered one. I was originally holding out for the Fly More pack, but figure at this price should be able to buy extra bits.
    What do people recommend getting? Just extra batteries or other items in pack as well?

    • +2

      -Batteries wise; definitely get one if not two more if you are planning to be a pretty avid flyer for scenic stuff. 20min gets real short, real fast…
      -You can get any 3rd party small camera sling bag and it should be able to easily hold it all.
      -The multi charger isnt really necessary as long as you dont mind switching batteries out when they are full. It is a nice addition if you plan to use a lot of batteries in a row.
      -Car charger I found could be useful if you're on a big road trip (Just went down Great Ocean Rd on the weekend, 15hr day. The car charger definitely came in handy!)

      Source: Mavic Fly More bundle owner

  • +3

    No B28. Keep that in mind, folks.

    • Is that a firmware or something else?

      • +3

        Just an OzBargain in-joke. B28 [700mhz] is an Australian 4G frequency that isn't accessible on grey import mobile phones. It's incessantly pointed out when they're listed.

        The drone is grey and it's imported. Hilarious, I'm sure you agree.

      • +1

        That means you need a mobile phone with B28 to control the drone, otherwise the fly speed might be too slow.

  • Thanks for the comments above re accessories.

    Best place to get batteries?
    Recommendation for bag?

    • When eneloops are on sale, obviously

  • Eh. At this point I'm contemplating just holding out for mavic 2 later in the year particularly due to sensor binning and FPV

    • Magic pro 2 at the end of the year already?

  • Have had two Mavics on order with multiple retailers since early November. Will cancel the others. Hopefully these will arrive soonish. This is definitely the cheapest I've seen, thanks OP.

  • I've got one, the portability is just unreal, definitely get the fly more combo if possible as the battery life is only ~25 mins

  • Good price, grrrrr but i want a shield tv also :D

  • +2

    (profanity) it, I don't need car rego anyway!

  • A simple prediction: When the DJI Mavic Pro 2 comes out, hopefully this year, this will go bellow $1100.

    • A simple prediction: When the DJI Mavic Pro 2 comes out, hopefully this year, this will go bellow $1100.

      Anything other words of wisdom you want to share Nostradamus.

    • +1

      Another prediction: You'll be a year older.

      • +1

        Man, that's too simple. At least, mine has some sort of wisdom.

  • Out of stock

  • Aaand it's out of stock…

  • yeah should have bought it. darn missed out.keep me in the loop if anyone sells theirs

  • +1

    kicking myself to have missed this deal…. will keep looking then..

  • Dammit, I decided to buy one of these this morning and no stock :(

  • I cancelled my order citing shipping time would take too long. I ended up buying a fly more bundle :) hope this means a fellow ozbargainer will now be moved up in the queue to get one of these bad boys

    • Any decent deal on the fly more bundle that you care to share?

      • +1

        1770 via quasi grey ebay seller, for aus stock and stacked it with a 4% topcashback offer. I can link when i get home if anyone is interested.

        • -1

          Get on this lol stack with cau5 coupon. I cant post to deals because its not a top rated store.

        • @Jimothy: Needs to be Aussie stock, otherwise you pay GST.

        • @thorton82: Doesn't necessarily have to be 'Australian Stock' but GST needs to have been paid. ie purchases from come from China but GST has been paid. If other dealers in Australia are registered for and charge GST you will be fine. You may have to show proof of purchase to help expedite through customs.

  • so a 139 were sold…… i feel most of these wont be fulfilled? thats a hell of alot of drones =/

    • In the grand scheme of things, not really. It will probably just be a very long delivery process.

      • I sure hope you are right =) I was thinking of buying batteries to go with it but nervous that the drone will be cancelled leaving me with useless batteries haha

  • If y'all don't need a tax invoice this is a pretty good deal with the current blanket 5% code for fly more bundle

    I can't post to front page because its not top rated ebay seller. I ordered this deal on monday at full price fml.

    • Any downside to getting a grey version of this? Ie. Warranty with DJI etc?

      • Apparently this is aus stock according to the chatter on whirlpool. It just doesnt get tax invoice and if u want warranty you will need to talk to the ebay seller who will arrange with dji.

        Mine is in transit already, shipping from vic it looks like according to aus post. So i will come back to confirm as soon as it gets here, like a good OP does.

        • I wouldn't believe it is Aussie stock if it says on the ebay add expedited from HK

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