JBL Xtreme

Hey guys, currently in the market for a large sized yet portable Bluetooth speaker and all the reviews are suggesting jbl xtreme as an excellent device. My budget is around $250 and I can get it from dwi.

Before I pull the trigger on it, any other recommendations or better products comes in mind?

Thanks in advance.



    I believe its possible to bluetooth to multiple Xtremes - so if you friends have one too you can get them pumping in unison.


      Thanks for the suggestion. How's it compared to other speakers?

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        I only every compared it in store at JB HiFi - not the best test scenario.
        I also have a Bose mini which I like more for the portability (size). But JBL sounds better.


    I would wait, Jbl xtreme has been out for over 2 years now, expect a jbl xtreme 2 to come out soon.

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