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1st Time AU Users Get AU $40 off Airbnb Booking (Minimum AU $80 Booking)


This was previously posted back in October 2016, and it's back. Details here

The offer is valid for a $40 discount for first time Airbnb users in Australia who pay for their first Eligible Booking with PayPal during the Offer Period, while supplies last.

  • An "Eligible Booking" is a booking on Airbnb for $80 or more, exclusive of security deposits, cleaning fees, taxes and other fees.
  • The "Offer Period" begins on 21 March 2017 at 08:00am AEST and ends on 31 May 2017 at 11:59pm AEST.

  • To receive the discount, you must
    (i) be a Australian resident and have a valid Airbnb account,
    (ii) have never previously made a booking on Airbnb,
    (iii) request an Eligible Booking on Airbnb and have the reservation confirmed by the host during the Offer Period,
    (iv) enter the coupon code PAYPAL40 on the check-out page before entering your payment details,
    (v) have a Australian PayPal account in good standing (if your PayPal account is locked or restricted you will not be able to use the coupon), and
    (vi) pay for the entire balance of the booking using PayPal.

  • Limit one discount per user.

  • The coupon is not exchangeable or redeemable for cash or credit, and if your booking later qualifies for a refund, the maximum refund you may receive is the amount you actually paid.
  • The coupon is for one-time use only and does not carry over.
  • The coupon may not be combined with another Airbnb offer or discount code.
  • Host payouts will not be affected by permissible guest use of the coupon.
  • Determinations of eligibility will be made in Airbnb's sole discretion.
  • Airbnb reserves the right to any remedy, including denial of the discount or cancellation of your account or reservations, if Airbnb, in its sole discretion, suspects fraud, tampering, violations of Airbnb’s Terms of Service or Payments Terms of Service, or technical errors.
  • PayPal and Airbnb reserve the right to withdraw or amend promotional code or terminate this promotion at any time.

    [UPDATED 27/10/2016] Full Airbnb Payment Terms:

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Referrers get $994 AUD. Referees get $55 AUD.

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  • +2

    Isn't it better for first time users to use a referral and get $50 off?

    • I believe that is $100+ requirement from the last time I checked.

    • +3

      Referral credit is for first-timer:
      * $50 off, for min. $100 spend

      Paypal AU voucher is for first-timer:
      * $40 off, for min. $80 spend

      However, this Paypal voucher seems to be for AU residents or AU Paypal account, whereas the referral credit could mean that you're outside of AU

  • AirBnB are another monopolist company like eBay that charge exorbitant fees. Okay it's a good concept and well implemented but they are going the "charging what people are prepared to pay" route.
    They want photo ID to let you use the service after the first time as well.

    • they are going the "charging what people are prepared to pay" route.

      It's called supply and demand.

      • -1

        AirBnB is a middleman who is ripping off the parties he's dealing with to the maximum extent.

        If that's the kind of world you like to live in, then fair enough.

  • +3

    Try Stayz or VRBO. Similar concept, but fees seem lower. Some properties are on a number of platforms, and are cheaper on one than another (AirBnB usually most expensive).

    • +1

      Definitely agree that AirBnB have gotten a lot more expensive over the past few years. Has also lost its original appeal - most places are permanent rentals/quasi-hotels now, not a 'real' persons house where they're happy to teach you about the local area.

      Have used Stayz once and it was a cheaper and painless process.

  • -2

    $80 to stay at my place
    Pay $40, receive $80 - fees?

  • Just want to stay a night at an $87 studio in Sydney, but I noticed there is a "cleaning fee" of $80?? Is this only required to be paid if a large mess is made?

    If it's a mandatory fee, I'll stick with hotels.

    • Its mandatory

      • +3

        Eek. No deal. For an $80 cleaning fee I would feel obliged to make as much mess as possible or something. As an Ozbargainer, I like to get my moneys worth hehe.

        I noticed there were others with a much more reasonable cleaning fee of $20, but they didn't really appeal to me for the price, even with the $40 discount.

        Thanks for replying Op.

        • No worries…
          Also most include a "security deposit"(Approximately $200?)
          So you cant mess up the place.
          Unless you mess it up for more than its worth?

  • -1

    My parents own a place promoted on Air BnB (and other places).
    Apparently this 'cleaning'/'service fee' goes directly to Air BnB as income rather than the accommodation provider.

    • I remember that fee well in Thailand. A final whammy on leaving 🙁

    • Are you sure? Some places don't charge it, so I assumed it's a choice of the owner to either pay for cleaning (and airBnB can organise it and get paid for it) or do it themselves.

    • +1

      Typically this is what you see:

      $100 x 1 night $100
      Cleaning fee $65
      Service fee $20
      Total $185 AUD

      Airbnb get's that $20 service fee, everything else goes to the host.

      Cleaning fee is set by the owners, a lot of time you will see some charge very small fee such as $12, please go through the reviews and you may see the unit been dirty, toilet paper is not stocked etc. What you pay is what you get.

      There are hosts that charge something like $150 on cleaning fees for 1 bedroom unit for 1 night stay. I suspect these host are managing these units for people, so they need to pay for key exchange, check-in & check-out, arranging cleaning etc, that's why the fees are so high. Simply avoid those when you book.

      I see reasonable is like this one above, it's a 2 bedrooom 2 bath, ususally takes 1 hour for 2 cleaners to clean. Cleaner rates are at least $20 an hour per cleaner if you hire professionals, plus washing 2 sets of linen and sheets, $65 sounds fair to me

  • Not bad at all.

  • +1

    anyone had luck combining referral credit with this voucher?
    book a place for $130
    apply referral credit(-$50) comes down to $80 and then put in this voucher code for $40 discount.

    $130 place for $40 ?

    • update:
      only one can be applied. cant be combined.

  • is it for bookings worldwide?

    • +1

      according to the terms:
      ○ (i) be a Australian resident and have a valid Airbnb account,
      ○ (ii) have never previously made a booking on Airbnb,

      so, you may as well find a place that you like, and go to the payment page, but BEFORE you make the payment, enter the coupon to see if it gives you the discount.
      you don't have to pay, to see if the coupon works.

  • Have entered the coupon on a UK booking and discount is applied. Tried to pay with AU Paypal account but payment currency is coming up as USD for some reason and the coupon is not applicable.
    "Almost done! Coupon PAYPAL40 cannot be used with this payment method"

    • The payment method I chose was Amex QANTAS Discovery CC. When I changed to a NAB CC I was able to make the payment.

  • If booking US accomodation via AU Airbnb site and quoted AUD, is it safe to assume payment is in AUD and there won't be any international transaction fee?

    • +1

      My transaction in AUD via PayPal to a NAB CC was charged as an international transaction and resulted in the associated fee.

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