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2009 Red Bike Barossa Valley Shiraz Grenache Mataro (94 Points) $99/Dozen @ WineDirect


According to Cracka this is a relabel of Murray Street Vineyards 'The Barossa' previous offer here

This is James Halliday's Wine Companion review of 'The Barossa':

94 points
"A ripe and hedonistic example of this classic Rhône blend (Grenache/Shiraz/Mataro), with red and black fruits in abundance, offset by savoury herbaceous notes; the palate is generous, but not ponderous, with a spicy, savoury finish."

The blend is apparently: 57% Shiraz, 29% Grenache, 11% Mataro, 3% Cinsaut and RRP $35 which means almost nothing but Murray Street sell mainly premium reds $25-$50+/bottle

Halliday pojnts are generous compared to other reviewers but $8.25/bottle is a good price. Better if you are a new customer and can take $25 off using my referral or a random one below - bringing it down to $6.16/bottle.

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  • Good writeup and pitch for the deal

  • Haven't tried this particular one but really love the style of blend. For the price it's worth rolling the dice. Purchased!

  • Shipping should be free on 12 bottles. To be honest, the previous deal was better since the bonus bottle was worth the $20 difference. I've had this wine - it's easy to drink. Non offensive.

    • THanks I've the edited the post (yes the Heirloom on the previous deal should have been very nice)

  • Looks like a Tooheys long neck to me.

  • Purchased with ref link. Cheers.

    • Much appreciated - reducing my spending on red wine will improve domestic harmony here.

  • Got this wine from the last deal and it has been very enjoyable to drink.
    Still have around six bottles left but considering buying another batch since it's a great price for decent tasting wine

  • -3

    Stop living the "cancelled order from China" "wine hack" "I used forensic google analysis to determine it's REALLY xyz wine" fantasy.

    These wines are relabelled/no label/mystery deal because they are outside of spec. They are not xyz wine and they are not xx Halliday points. It's as simple as that.

    • 2009 the barossa is 15%.

      Red bike on this site says 14.5%

      If accurate would mean they aren't the same.

    • This couldnt be further from the truth. The majority of the time mystery wine deals are simply due to a glut in stock. This is the MSV 2009 SGM 'the barossa' that is relabelled for export. It's extremely frustrating that you would post such garbage when you clearly have no knowledge or experience with how mystery wine deals work. These deals are sold without the label showing on the website because the Winery does not want their wine seen selling at such a low price.

  • When Cracka was selling it, they said it was exactly the same wine

    "This is Murray Street Vineyards 'The Barossa' 2009 wine, with their export label on the front of the bottle."

    I wouldn't stake my life on Cracka being accurate of course.

    If you saying good wines don't get sold as "hidden label" at much cheaper prices you are definitely wrong - I've bought a pile courtesy ozbargain - tonester posts heaps.

  • The promo code FREERICHARD from the linked previous offer still works…so you can get 13 bottle (12 x The Barossa plus 1x Richard Hamilton's 2015 Centurion Shiraz) for the above price.

    • Very nice - I've updated the post.

  • Thanks. Love OZBargain. PIcked up the 12 bottles PLUS the RH Shiraz PLUS teh $25 discount so all 13 bottles for $74 delivered!!

  • Value to be had. I used referall code as well. Cant wait to try them out. Cheers OP! Enjoy your wine!

  • Thanks OP - $74 for 13 bottles can't go wrong :)
    Also I happen to like GSM blend - cheers.

  • Thanks, bought 2 dozen using your referral code OP. Cheers.

  • Hi All,

    We have unfortunately sold out of this wine, went bonkers!


  • We will announce if we get more in

  • -2

    In addition, the FREERICHARD code was to be used for a specific promotion with another pack and has since been turned off

    • But because you're such a great business who values their customers so much you will be honoring existing orders who used the code and paid already right?

      • Absolutely. Those that used the code while active will get the free bottle as long as the used the code. Orders placed before the code was incorrectly posted to this dozen or subsequent will not

  • Good news all! We have more stock incoming on Monday. OP if you can change the start date of the deal to reflect this, others can also enjoy the "Mystery Dozen" (not the free bottle unfortunately though)

    • Post updated. Apologies for posting the code - thought it was general promotion - nice of you to hoonour it.

      • it was accidentally marked as live but is not and was not live on the website. A happy accident for those able to sneak it in. Can't penalize people for being clever, but couldn't allow it to continue.

    • care to confirm or deny this wine's provenance vis a vie being a relabel of 'the barossa' or some other concoction (presumably using bulk of same grapes as the barossa)?

      • I don't know why everyone is getting so worked up about it. The Barossa retailed for $25, Red Bike retails for $35 a bottle. Cracka wines is selling Red Bike in a 12 pack for $220 a case and calling it half price.

        Murray Valley is a couple of vineyards located in the Barossa so if you're buying their GSM you're getting a Barossa GSM, regardless of what it is called.

        This is ridiculously cheap and, having drunk 4 bottles of it myself so far, a great midweek wine for $8.30 a bottle.

        • Here's "The Barossa" 2009 tasting notes with pic: http://latelierwines.com/assets/tasting_notes/2009-MSV-The-B... … seems to match up. Just surprised winedirect aren't advertising the 94 JH - probably not allowed to for relabels.

        • Are your Red Bike's 14.5% alcohol?
          If they are then they are not the same blend as the Barossa and should not be described that way (perhaps it contains the same grapes but at a different ratio, perhaps grenache which less popular than shiraz and could be used to make up the numbers) - which is why I assume the seller is not describing them that way.

          Everyone else has taken leaps of logic.

        • @mathiex:
          I'm drinking a bottle right now. It does say 14.5% on the bottle. It also has the same address as MSV and it also is a very good wine. You could go through 80% of the red wines in Dan Murphys under 30 bucks and not find a wine as good as this one.

  • Got a dozen for a wedding reception next year, hopefully it's a quality drop