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50% off @ New Balance


50% off New Balance. Redeemable online only. Excludes digital products. Free delivery over $100 otherwise $10 delivery

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  • Bought two pairs. Woo!

  • My foot dimensions: 10.2 inches long, 4.1 inches wide. I usually wear size 10US shoes and they squeeze a tad bit.

    So perhaps for NB i would be 9.5US, 2E wide?

    The size guides across the net are confusing. Some say i should be wearing size 8 which is ridiculous as I'd destroy those shoes with my feet.

  • Bought 3 pairs. Thanks OP. Hopefully they will have favorable return policy if the size doesnt fit.

    • They do. In my experience you can exchange these discounted online purchases at the physical store for diff sizes or colours.

      Doubt they would pay return postage though.

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        Returns are free

        • Oh wow. Now I'm really impressed. Cheers.

        • @ozbjunkie: But only returns… exchanges count as a return then you would have to order again at whatever price it is…. So I ordered my size and the half size up… will return whatever doesnt fit….

        • @pointnlarf: Man, I was thinking about doing that but chickened out because I thought I would be too lazy to go do the returns…but just realised that I would have to if the one size I got didn't fit anyway…sigh. Rookie error.

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    Got 2 pairs of pastel 240s for the same price as one pair at Hype. All in all, good deal. Thanks!

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    In relation to all the comments about price-jacking… In fairness, from the comments I've seen, it sounds like the previous prices were cheaper because of previous sales (e.g. clearance). Just because those sales have ended and pricing has gone back up doesn't mean it's "price-jacking". That's my view anyway.

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      No, the clearance prices were always the same, even up until early this week and the 30% offer just made them cheaper. For the first time in NB history, prices have actually been jacked up for most items to align with the 50% sale. Shoes I bought previously for $35 after 30% discount are still $35 after 50% discount. Another kids pair I got for $28 is now $25. In the earlier threads, there is an example of a pair of 590 shoes being cheaper before the sale.

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        But my point is that I don't see it as particularly egregious for a retailer to end previous promotional discounts, prior to a new sale coming on. We can't really expect retailers to offer discounts on top of already discounted prices right?

        I think this scenario is different to the common eBay price-jacking. There, it's eBay offering the discounts, and retailers increase their normal prices to take advantage of this.

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          I agree, but those who don't know/have the discount code would miss out; but I guess as long as they don't know???

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          Yes its all legit and that's why I did not neg but just trying to remind people who get overhyped the moment they see a 50% discount, and misled into thinking it's better than the previous sales. As a loyal NB customer, it's the first time they have jacked up their regular clearance prices prior to a sale, and people need to be aware of that and decide accordingly.

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    I too see about 60% of stock marked up double. Other than a few pieces here and there, I don't see any genuine lock away deals. Also, barely any sizes left when it comes to cricket bats, sports wear, etc.

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      got em in black and white <3

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    940v2 for $40 and 1260v6 for $80 is actually unbeatable.

    Why do I have a backlog of shoes already? 3 unopened boxes. I actually cannot justify more runners… I might even have to take up running…

    • I bought the 940 v2 for the mrs, they are $16 cheaper then when I bought them end of feb.

      She hasnt even worn them.

      • I feel your feels.

        I have a pair of V2 I bought for 120… Now they are 40. FML.

    • 1260v6 is $250, so it becomes $125 with the discount.
      How did you get $80?

  • Thanks

  • For those with primary school aged kids, these white runners are good for sports.

    Regular price $80, reduced to $40, $20 after coupon

    • What size would a typical 4 year old toddler be?

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        Bit tricky. My 3 1/2 yr old is size 9 at the moment and he is not particularly tall. So I would be leaning toward 11. There is a guide on their website here that may help if you scroll down about halfway http://www.newbalance.com.au/id/sizechart-footwear.html

        • Thanks!

  • I have to say I completely agree that New Balance HAVE increased the prices on many of their clearance items- as I bought the Vazee Prisms when they were $50 and they stayed at $50 for ages (a few weeks) and suddenly as of this sale- they are now $100….seems fishy to me. I bought a pair of 940V2 for my wife two weeks ago and they were only $40 but now the price for the same shoe is $80????

  • What will all the athleisure aficionados do come winter? No-show socks, trackies and minimalist sneakers to pretend to people you're sporty aren't going to keep one's ankles very warm.

  • what is the "drop" they mention, the ball lower then the heel? e.g 12mm drop. 10mm drop etc

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      A quick google results in: Heel drop is essentially a measurement for how fat a running shoe's heel feels. It's short for “heel to toe drop,” often shortened to just “drop.” It's often called "offset," and sometimes called a "ramp angle." Whatever you call it, it just tells you how much taller the heel is than the forefoot.

  • Just checked their site to try and get a pair of stability shoes but most of them are only wide width (2E). Not much left so it wasn't worth wasting my morning to try and get a pair to suit me.

    • Yeah, I refreshed a few times and could see sizes and widths getting greyed out…

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    I got four pairs,thanks poster!

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    Again…One of those who can find a negative among millions of positives!!!

  • Great , applied for clearance item as well

  • Got 2 pairs between my partner and I for $120, thanks!

  • Still a bargain with the code, jacked up or otherwise - lowest price anywhere in Oz for the latest versions ie Hierro V2 is $179 with $5 postage.
    Just bought using coupon from New Balance for $100 and just made the $100 min spend for free postage.
    I need to wear a good neutral shoe due to tendon problems,
    Thanks chumlee for the heads up.

  • Deal confirmed, got a dispatch notice.

  • Thanks OP, deals for days!
    Any mention anywhere of an expiry date?

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      9th April

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    Enter coupon code "CARTOFFER01" to get free delivery under $100 muwahahah

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      Thank you!!!

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      Thanks mate, saved me ordering 2 pairs for free delivery :)

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      damnit lol.
      bought 4 items to reach 100 haha.
      all worth it though.
      sometimes i wonder if ozbargain saves me more money, or encourages me to spend more lol.

  • I have been told by my podiatrist due to having flat feet, to buy NB running shoes and that certain style was $250 or above, after reading this deal I have now 2 pairs for $140, on clearance already and extra %50 helped..just praying size will fit. Thanks👍🏼

    • Just buy multiple sizes and return the ones that don't fit! What I should have done…but I think they ran out of sizes for the shoes I wanted.

      • There is a %30 deal now just put the codeOPTUSSTUFF Iam not sure if there is a 30 at the end of the code, actually I called ttheir customer service on monday to ask if I can change one of the shoes they said after the delivery arrived I can send it back and they send me another code for %50 off on the exchange to use anytime.

    • Which one is that?

      • 1260v6

  • Can't believe they don't have a shoe guide on their site to assist people unfamiliar with their numbered names!

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    FYI sizes sometimes come back. Eg last night there was only US10 size for the one model of infant girl's shoe they have. This morning I saw 7 and 8 and no 10, so snagged an 8.

    Noticed it with a few other shoes also, so perhaps worth checking back every now and then.

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      Thanks for this, got another pair of 940v2 which came back in stock with free shipping too :)

  • Anyone got any sizing recommendations? I wear a US9 for Nike, would I get a US9 for NB?

  • Which model would you suggest thats solid around heel and quite stable as I have over pronation. I have orthotics in my work/business shoes and quite a bit of support in the arch area.

    Im thinking




    • Yeah or 1260s. Filter for stability shoes and then read some reviews perhaps?

  • The pair i want is out of stock. do you think buying another pair at 50% off then returning them and getting a code for a future purchase would work?

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    Tip - cycle through the colours as some colours may be on a clearance! I bought the fresh foam vongo in blue as it was already half price for $70 shipped after coupon. The denim colour would have been $140 after coupon as they retail for a whopping $240!

    Edit - another tip, I first went into an athletes foot store to try a couple of new balance shoes on for sizing - I like that they have wider foot options (2E for me).

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    It hurts to see the 520v3 going for $35 after discount and they cost me $60 in their last sale.

  • Which one is better Stability Shoe?

    Fresh Foam Vongo Moon Phase $140.00 (reg $240.00 )


    New Balance 860v6 $140.00 (reg $210.00 )

    OR from other bargain

    $69.95 was $199.95

  • Thanks OP, bought the Fresh Foam Hierro v2 for $100 delivered.

  • Thanks!
    The last pair of shoes I got was $185 (full black for work) - got 3 pairs for the same price here!

    Note to NB: TMI - I really didn't need to have to research difference between 4, 8 & 10 mm heel drop at 11pm on a sunday —> my final strategy was to ger the in between one (8mm) x 2 of them; so I can't favour one over the other

  • Damn it! I just missed out! I've been pretty much bed-ridden for the past few days and noticed this yesterday, thought to myself 'I'll buy a pair or two tomorrow', and now the code has expired.

  • damn… 1 day too late :(

  • Thanks OP!! Spend waaaaay too much money…

    • +2

      obligatory comment about you only have 1 set of feet/look after them/good investment etc ;)

  • FYI - Picked up my order from the post office today (attempted delivery was yesterday). Casual sneakers are a bit narrow/tight around the toes, but correct length; hopefully they will stretch a bit. Went up half a size for runners; seem pretty good fit; probably could have gone my normal size (which I managed to order two days later), but I think they'll be fine.

    Awaiting second delivery now! Most probably have to return them, but just wanted to make sure.

    Thanks again OP!

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    I bought two pairs last Friday and was charged $135 for it. I checked my bank balance today and was charged 135 again from new balance. Does anyone have similar issues with this?

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      I bought 3 pairs. Two were canceled due to unavailability and one was shipped. My Paypal showing the full amount pending. Has been like this for days

  • How quick was that? Delivered Tuesday. Awesome….thanks OP

  • Strange…. I ordered 2 pairs on the 9th April… still have not received it

    • Give them a call something is not right, usually takes a few days for delivery at most. If they have run out of stock they might offer an alternative, have done so for me in the past.

      • Thanks, the tracking code didnt seem to work either,will call them

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          If they supplied a tracking number then it may have been shipped. You have to enter the tracking number as reference number not tracking number in Startracks system, it will give you both options. Also add DS before order number then I think NB-1 or 1-NB after the order number.

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