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PlayStation 3 120GB $349 @ Sony Center World Square + Others


"thank you for your inquiry. yes, we are running a promotion
on PS3 120GB for $349 and they are currently in stock.

kind regards

sales team"

was reading whirlpool postings and some people said they got 120gb's ps3's from sony centers for 349 , emailed my local one and this was their response - Sony center world square going to get mine now

first post , be kind = )

Edit - just came back from buying mine , lady said all sony stores are having that sale , and its untill sold out

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  • great price!!

  • Awesome Price!

  • wow crazy price

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    There's new 160gb and 320gb models coming out soon

    • Apart from capacity is there any other difference? It appears there isnt from doing a bit of searching.

      • Yeah, its just the HDD difference. Honestly, anyone can change it to a bigger one lol

      • i actually thought it was a cpu or gpu memory design that's changed, to increase something available to games that the on sale console doesn't have. i can't be bothered looking up the new features but i definitely read about it a month or 2 back.

        • No internal hardware differences from the CECH-2102A apart from HDD afaik.

  • +1, well done Settero! ;)

    Thumbs up to the Sony Centre sales team for a concise, informative reply too…quite a few retailers could learn a lesson or three from them it seems! ;)

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    Except more of these sales as they shift the old models.

  • I dont have access to a sony store , would any retailer price match these?

  • All Sony centers??
    Eb will match usually

    • prolly need official advert
      flyer / web

    • I've heard EB stopped price matching hardware recently (can't confirm though).

      • only hardware bundles, they price match the console only, not extra games/controllers/playtv packages

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    yea if there was going to be a new version of ps3 america/japan would get it long time befor us = ) , i personaly think these are probably excess stock from there bravia tv + ps3 deal

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      the 160gb/320gb with Playstation MOVE pacakges are being released on Sept 19th the the 120gb/250gb model are now being phased out (stopped in japan, slowly stopping in the US, probably wont be until after chrissy until we fully stop). sony center is the first retailer to sell at a low price, to clear out old stock

      the only differences that have been confirmed are that the new ones have more GB's for storage and use very slightly less power the the old ones.

      • yip that's what i thought when i replied to a post above, 2mins before you. the newer ones coming out have the new RSX chip design, at 45nm, more efficient and probably better, although sony would never admit. also i believe they have 2 faster sticks of 128mb xdr ram instead of 4 64mb sticks, not sure if this is a benefit or not but i imagine the newer ram is clocked faster and run in full parallel

        • ok good to know !!! , so we might see these ps3 systems drop below this price , ty for clearing that up

          • @Settero: guys i just went to world square sony centre and the ps3 i got was a cech-2102a. i think this one already has the 40-45nm RSX,
            so all your missing out compared to the newer ones is hdd space which is easily remedied.

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    PS3 are now going to sell fast, Just in time for console modding.

  • that sounds about right, now they are making money on consoles, they probably just made the hardware run that little bit more smoother for MOVE and 3d games

  • How the hell do you get these. I can't see them for sale on the website or at the Perth store?

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      Did you ask a salesperson instore?!?

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    Okay, I tried to price match EBgames in Vic.
    And don't even bother attempting to price match because:

    1.) price for $349 is only available in Sydney sony centre only. In VIC sony centre, they sell 369 bux.
    2.) both prahran and melbourne sony centre run out of stock of the 120 GB ver. already.
    3.) eb games - no stock no price match.

    so there you go….the next cheapest one is in Harvey Norman finishing today for around $430 something…

    I'm just gonna get one from overseas in January.

    • I'm thinking of getting the gt5 bundle through play Asia, upgrade the hdd, get a new ac cord from eBay for $10 and you got a blubray player for import Bly rays with a ps3

    • +1

      I wouldn't get one from overseas (speaking from experience). Blu-ray and DVD regions can become a problem. So can power supply.

      • Feel free to tell your story, Id like to hear a horror story if it doesn't bring up too many bad memories lol

  • lol, i have one ps3 already from singapore. It's going okay. (the 40 GB ver.) but all this YLOD is worrying me. That's why i wanted to get another one.

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    So they aren't available online. I live 800kms from the nearest store so I guess I just wait until someone offers online.

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      omg, where do u live? and which ISP offers you service?

    • Red my post at the bottom

  • That's a great price!

  • can someone who got it for this price post a receipt so can try to get it matched at JB?

    • goodluck to you on that, even with a receipt….

  • WOW. This is the second cheapest ive ever seen a brand new 120gb ps3

  • It's in todays newspaper too :)

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    Glad I sold mine on Ebay for $400 not long ago ;)

  • users on WHIRLPOOL have bought the PS3 from the Chatswood store and they are shipping it to them in Adelaide/VIC,

    Evorobin Writes:

    I just bought one from Chatswood Sony for $349. Complete Legends made the deal easy and are shipping it to me in Adelaide for a small courier fee :)

    UnDeRtOe writes…

    Any sony stores sell online? I dont have access to one in my town but would like a PS3 slim for $349 :P

    Evorobin Writes:

    Aslong as your town has a post office where you can pay for it you're in Business. Can't recommend the guys at Chatswood enough as George st, Sydney wouldn't send it!

    Evorobin Writes:

    You don't need to price match that's how much they are. Also it's COD so I haven't got the receipt yet.


  • To be kind or not to be. That is the question.

  • +1

    would be nice if I do not have to google the rrp~

    btw, Game price is 449, Eb price 499~

    so for people like me who do not know the price of a 120gb ps3~ you save approx 100 bux.

    Nice found, and really tempting ><

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    great price
    but im surprised so many ppl dont have a ps3 already by now

  • the new models already appear on UK retail sites such as www.game.co.uk. The order price is the same as their equivalent 120gb and 250gb pre-decessors. So a good indication of launch price here, and highly likely a mass dumping of old stock will occur nationwide as no-one will buy an old one if it's the same price as the new one.

    • I was in at the local Good Guy's and they already have the new 320gb on there system and its listing as the same price as the current 250gb.

  • +1

    +1 for me. bought 1 last year for $599 sigh… (big chunky old model) but i still prefer the old looking one. shiny and expensive looking ;)

    • I paid $660 for my 80gb, but i won't sell my phat ps3 until I have too, even though if I sell, I'll get a lot less than what I paid

  • so i don't get it, are these available in all sony stores or online? cos i can't find it online at all?

  • I just gave the Brisbane City Sony Centre a call. The 120gb PS3s are $399.

    • Went in earlier to buy one. They'd sold out. Said they'd sold about half a dozen, and that they'd had a fair few phone calls about them. However, they said they were getting more in tomorrow, so I paid for mine and I'll pick it up tomorrow :D
      If anyone wants a copy of the receipt -> http://s220.photobucket.com/albums/dd31/89djm/?action=view&c...

      • why didn't they sell at $349? its also a sony centre? or is it videopro on the receipt?

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          399 is getting not so cheap. For 450 you can get the 250gb http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/29669. 399 is still good but not as wOwsers as 333 or thereabouts

          • @Pizza The Hut: I got mine from Brisbane Sony Centre for $349. The guy said he had 25+ calls, and I was the first.

        • Didn't ask. I looked at other deals on the console as well as the bundles and figured $399 was still a good enough deal for me.

          I know it says Videopro on the receipt, but it's the Sony Centre that's linked to on the website in the OP.

          • @redvaldez: From reading posts here and other forums it seems like the brisbane store upped the price as the stock depleted. ??

            yea, I think videopro and sony centre are the same store. The videopro catalogue always looks sony oriented with pages dedicated solely to sony products

        • Called up this morning and was told they were going for $379 instead of $349, quoting shipping costs from Sydney.


    As a part of our Grand Opening at Videopro Southport, we have a very limited quantity of PS3120GB’s on sale at the very low price of $333. Please call Adrian on 0755914224. We can organise delivery nationwide if needed (shipping quote available over the phone). Don’t miss out!


  • just popped into world square, and sold out…also, tomorrow's shipment sold out too. not due any more in, but she said to get back in touch in a couple of days in case any had arrived. worth keeping an eye on the k-marts and eb's of oz as there's no way they'll want to be stuck with dead stock when the new ones come out.

  • Thanks OP - picked up one of the last ones from Chatswood.

  • yeeeaaa!!! got the last one at the drummoyne store sydney, called the guy this morning and he held it for an hour. so no lunch for me….
    waiting on a great play tv deal now.anyone?

  • JB Hi Fi are no longer price matching. Went to both world square and victoria mall sydney, they had a memo sent round from head office at lunchtime forbidding them from matching, so obviously we've been rumbled…ggrrrr.

    • thats pretty funny , i wonder how many they sold at that price

    • About an hour ago, JB Hi-Fi Chatswood just matched it for me. Although I did buy a PlayTV and preorder GT5 at the same time :) ($549 all up)

  • +1

    I called JB Hifi and got them to match the price at $369.

    Then called WOW and they gave me less 10%.

    Only paid $330.00

    • Oh wow nice. How'd you get JB Hi-fi to match in the first place? It seemed as if JB were told not to pricematch (according to magpiejay).. was that a huge hassle?

    • Receipt??

  • Chattswood yesterday wanted 349 and 50 for shipping to melb a little too much I think

    • obviously the whole $50 wasnt for shipping, it would be $10-$15 using capital, the couriers they use to move stock between stores. how do i know? because i ordered a new xbox for my mate in Melbourne from the same store 2 months ago cost $14.50 to postcode 3000

      • an xbox from sony central??
        yeah I thought they just wanted to profiteer as I rejected extended warranty hdmi cable and extra controller before they quoted me wanted to make some extra profit somewhere else got one for 333 in any case

  • receipt of the $330 PS3 @ JB Please.

    Would love to pick one up tomorrow.

  • Gareth at Sony Centre Chatswood said he would courier me one prepaid, but never got back to me with the details. :(

  • +1

    Just matched sony centres $349 at Belconnen JBHIFI… last one there… they were looking for memos, but couldnt see any.. so they matched it wthout even ringing a sony store.

  • If someone could please advise me, I want to buy gran turismo 5 for my bday in January. Should I buy a ps3 now or wait until then, maybe price will drop further?

    • i dont think waiting that long would be a good idea , either pick one up now , or right when the new models are release , because after they clear stock price will rise again i think

  • Picked up a PS3 Slim for $349 at JB Hi-Fi at South Wharf yesterday afternoon. No questions asked. They didn't even check with Sony. Plenty of stock left! Probably because the store is so hard to get to.. =P

    Receipt: http://www.ashtralmedia.com/JBHiFiPS3_pricematch.jpg

  • MELBOURNE* I just picked up a PS3 120gb from JB Bourke St Melbourne for $349. I aked the guy if they price match the Sony deal and he knew all about it. He didn't even ring the Sony store to see if they had any stock left.

    I didn't get his name but he was working in the PS3 area.

    Also was chucking in games for about $10 off.

  • anyone know where i can grab one in brisbane? called jb indooroopilly, carindale, good guys mt gravatt, oxley, all out of stock!

    Really need one :(

  • Just got one at EB Games Dianella (Perth) for $350, using a receipt from EB Games Firle Plaza (Adelaide). The guy called up the other store to confirm, then called his manager. Tried to sell me some games & extended warranty but I just bought the console by itself. Stoked!

    I don't have a scanner at home but I can scan it at work if anyone needs the receipt.

  • Got two at HN at GEppes Cross Adelaide, easy just told them i wanted them for this price, no argument. Thanks OP

  • If I ask a store to price match will they still do it?