[Price Error] Soniq 65" Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV Model: S65UV16A-AU $499 + Shipping (or Free Pick up Melb)

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A lot of TV for the money, can't vouch for the picture quality or reliability, but I bought a cheap 40" Soniq for the folks a few years ago and still going OK.
Ultra HD 3840x2160 pixel LED Backlight Panel
ACE-PRO advanced color engine, which makes image more fresh and brighter
Quad core Cortex -A7 1G processor, provides high performance computing to meet more advanced application requirements
USB Host 2.0 & 3.0 for Multimedia Playing, HID device supported
4.4.4 Android operating system
Built In WiFi comply with 802.11b/g/n standard
Efficient energy saving mode
Two 4K2K Ultra HD inputs (2 x HDMI)

Please Note - Allow at least 2-7 business days before collection. Our staff will notify you through phone or email when your TV is ready for collection. Pick up is only available in Melbourne and the address is 178 Boundary Road Braeside VIC 3195.

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        • @hollykryten: So true. Mistakes happen.

        • -2

          Let me explain why.

          First they waisted my time which ive spent over ordering their stuffed stuff.
          Secondly my money would be spent somewhere else which gives me a advance over waisting it here and waiting for a refund.
          Thirdly I believe if I made a mistake and ruined someone's hope they deserve something at least help them.. wait.. what im waisting my time here trying to justify my decision. no way.

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          @Chance: Fourthly, wasted*

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      Yes . They gave me $20 voucher

  • yeah.. will if they honour it or not…

  • I wonder if it was a pricing error. $499 then shortly after shooting up to $1298 is quite a bit of a pricing discrepancy.

  • I went to bed and I wake up and found out I missed out again…..
    Ozbargainers never sleep??

    • Yes well it was probably a pricing error to begin with. But you never know if they might honour, i just wouldn't keep the hopes up. But i would think on the side that you probably didn't miss any thing.

  • I ordered 2 - one for me, one for the old man. I received a receipt from Soniq and a $50 voucher as my Mystery Egg Prize. I will update if and when I receive the tv and my $50 voucher.

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    I'm surprised that peoples didn't use the CELEBRATION10 promo discount code. I think it must be a 10% off code. You could have saved an extra $49.90 so haha.


    · This coupon code is only redeemable online at SONIQ.com and is non-exchangeable for cash.

    · You must login or register in order to activate the code.

    · Coupon code can be used on any products at the SONIQ online store. It cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers and can only be used once.

    · This promotion is only available for a limited time.

    · Coupon code expires 31st December 2017.


    • I tested that code on a few things and it only gave a $10 discount :(

      • Oh well it's a $10 discount code then. Could have shaved $10 off the price then. :)

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    I ordered one but the complementary item was a $5 gift voucher. Better than Rock 7 speaker?? :)

    EASTERPROMO 1 $5 gift voucher code EAGIFT_xxxx

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    If you missed out you are lucky and hopefully they renege on the price error, Soniq are a nightmare to deal with just look at previous Soniq deals (direct, not JB) on OzBargain for nightmare stories

  • So was it a real deal or price error?

    Sad if it was real and I missed it :(

  • These are the worst TV's i have ever bought. Purchased one, it died had loads of dead pixels. After 4 weeks of complaining and being ignored i sent it back. They kept it and refused to refund or repair it. To this day am out of pocket a TV. They now won't take my calls or emails. Terrible experiance

  • My order status has been updated from confirmed to in progress. Anyone else's changed?

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      Yep, same here. Looks promising!

    • My mum bought one of the refurbished ones a couple years ago, it arrived and didnt work, so they sent her a replacement, but it arrived with a cracked screen, so they offered her another replacement or a refund. She opted for the refund and they refunded her the full amount.
      No problems.

      She also has a 42" she bought from JB for a few years and again, no probs.

      Guess its luck of the draw.

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        I bought a Soniq 42 inch 3d LCD (from jb) in 2011 for $399. Not the greatest TV but still going strong. On the other hand paid 3k for a Panasonic 50 inch plasma in 2008 and after 5 years of moderate use it packed it in. Toss of the coin these days with mass produced electronic goods

  • Pricing error and refunded as per email from company.

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    Just got this:

    On behalf of SONIQ Australia, we would like to sincerely apologise for having to refund your purchase for the 65” Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV (S65UV16A-AU). This is due to a pricing error which was incorrectly published on our website for $499 and unfortunately we cannot fulfil your order.

  • Jinxed myself. Just got a cancellation email from Soniq. Doh

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    Just got my cancelation email - PRICING ERROR!!!!

    Heres a $20 voucher for the trouble.

    Just in time, i was about to buy a Rock 7!


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    Game over

    Dear Customer,

    On behalf of SONIQ Australia, we would like to sincerely apologise for having to refund your purchase for the 65” Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV (S65UV16A-AU). This is due to a pricing error which was incorrectly published on our website for $499 and unfortunately we cannot fulfil your order.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused and would like to offer you a $20 gift voucher for being a loyal customer.

  • Bummer… also got the email notifying price error

  • Same guys spewing

  • +1

    its about right, $499 is about the sale price for this big crappy TV.

  • Ha ha, didn't bother to even pay $550 for this joke of a TV this morning! Can't believe they have come up with this price error excuse! Shame on Soniq, my sincere sympathy, and deep condolences goes to Ozbarbainers who missed out on this deal

  • What an honest bunch of people this Soniq team - they know their POS TVs aren't worth $499 and it should be $249.49 they won't accept your money.

  • Haha lol ops

  • Hmm. I didn't really look into this deal but I remember thinking, "hmm that's pretty cheap" but I didn't think it was too good to be true…

  • I think price is back to normal now…..or can we still buy at that price?

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