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Macpac Easter Sale HALO Down Jacket $89.99 + $10 Shipping (Free Shipping over $100)


Macpac Easter Sale

Use code explore for a further 10% off prices listed on the website.

Halo down jackets $89.99

Also on sale

Uber light down vest $80.99
Uber light down jacket $89.99
Uber light hooded down jacket $107.99

Free shipping on orders over $100

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    Great deal for a decent jacket

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    Great to protect you against the Covenant.

  • I would buy it if the had a hood.

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    Hmm, can anyone advise on the warmth. It appears to be only rated at 600 down fill.

    • Bought one last year on a sale. Never cold in it. If i walk more than 1km on a 12 degree day, I start sweating.

      • Macpac outlet at Birkenhead has a tag to track where the product was made and the quality if the down fill.

        Those there are rated at 705 down fill from China based down.

  • How would macpac compare to Patagonia or North Face as a brand?

    Also, is there an expiry date on the code?

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      Macpac is a fairly good brand but not on the same level as North Face and definitely not Patagonia. North Face is a more commercial and fashion oriented brand although they still make quality technical outdoor gear, while Patagonia is more focused on ethical production. I own a few items from all of those brands. MacPac is somewhere in between Kathmandu and those two and I am happy to own and use MacPac stuff, although it doesn't have the same quality as Patagonia it is much more affordable.

    • It is good but I'd sat Katman/North Face are another level (could even say North & Panta is a level over Katman too)

  • I think all down jackets have been 50% off in store for the last few weeks?

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    I upvote because … macpac.

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    Macpac has the same sale technique as Kathmandu. Only buy when it's on sale. At other times it has overinflated prices.

  • Been using my halo for the past two weeks throughout Japan, kept me very warm even when we were up at hakone.

    Would definitely recommend it, hooded option would be great though if you want to pay a bit more

  • this is like the default OzB cold weather jacket - such a great price

    • I disagree.
      My down jacket (equal quality) was US$35 on AliExpress so there are much better bargains to be had if you look and are patient and can wait for delivery.

      • $35 for equivalent quality? Show us the link I'm intrigued!

        • Sorry, have had it 2 years now, last I checked they'd taken the product off AliExpress.
          It's a northface rip-off, has lasted well and is equally as warm.

        • @Wolfy:
          Come on Wolfy, in what way do you see your aliexpress jacket as approaching equal quality?
          Hopefully not the fake news marketing spiel from China brands.
          Macpac has traditionally been a great NZ brand with an international reputation for quality and great service.
          Their tents and sleeping bags are what I use exclusively and there has been nights when my tent is one of only very few left standing during rough weather.
          They actually have a team who test their gear top tier gear under expedition conditions.
          Not suggesting these budget end down jackets are their top tier gear but you I bet if there was going to be a warranty issue I'd be much more confident of a "put right" outcome than any Aliexpress item from China.
          Look for reviews on their tents like Olympus and Minaret which are regarded as bombproof whilst at the heavier end of hiking gear.
          I'm not knocking your down jacket but I'm extremely dubious that a claim of "equal quality" stacks up.
          I admit I'm biased, but its due to many years of using their gear and enjoying a level of service you don't find in many products here in WA.

        • @Rifraf:
          You're reading too much into this and you are being too brand biased, my comment was in reply to inasero claim (which was likely a joke) when they said:
          "this is like the default OzB cold weather jacket - such a great price"
          Nothing more, not a comparison of brands, not a claim of equal quality, not a suggestion about Macpac camping gear or other.

          When there are alternate jackets equally as warm, that last well, BUT 1/3 the price, I don't see why a $100 branded Macpac jacket would be the "Default OzB cold weather jacket"
          While it might be "such a great price" for a branded Macpac jacket, that does not mean there are not cheaper equivalent alternates that could or should be considered a 'default' by OzB users (there are many more bargain posts for Uniqlo than Macpac as just one example).

  • And now I own two Halo jackets. Thanks.

  • Used in South Korea and Japan, great jacket.

  • Can I use this 10% code and pick up in store?

    • Yep, I went into the Smith Street store and they were going to match with 10% discount. Out of my size though, so have to buy online anyway.

      • Went to Melbourne cbd store today, didn't allow me to apply the discount weird.

        • Didn't haggle hard enough. What kind of Ozbargainer are you :P

    • Got the 10% in store too!

  • thanks Op…ordered one for the missus…

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