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NAD C 556 Turntable (Black\Clear) $331.96 Delivered @ Graysonline eBay


This turntable has excellent reviews at its normal price. For $330 odd dollars you are getting basically the same turntable as the Rega RP1.

Here is a review:

Now I can play some of the records I bought from Amazon.fr recently thanks to ever downward financial spiral of Ozbargain.

Original C20SHOP deal

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  • free delorean included?

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      Go get fluxed.

  • Thanks for posting this. A good buy!

  • I wish I could justify this buy…

    • +1

      No one says you got to connect it up. It's worth this price as a nostalgia conversation starter whilst earning Fi cred as bonus.

  • is this factory second / return stock?

    tempted, but wary about buying from graysonline…

    • says brand new with 12 months warranty

      • According to QualiFi, the turntable should come with 2 years warranty. So is GraysOnline not an authorised retailer? In which case you may have trouble obtaining service and parts after 12 months.

  • How long is this on sale for?

  • Any audiophiles in here suggest this as a good entry level turntable vs say the Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB?

    • No audiophile, but my research suggests the LP60 isn't an ideal starting point. Seems to be a bit TOO low end.

      • what about lp120?

        • LP120 is more fully featured (speed selector, pre-amp, USB, etc), but the NAD will sound better. So just depends if your priority is more features and ease of use or sound quality.

          I think you can hack the LP120 to improve the sound, but that involves removing capacitors to bypass the internal pre-amp (which is not the greatest).

        • @caprimulgus: I'm a starter actually. I'm just wondering if this lp120 would be an overkill. And im after quality sound as well.

        • Speaking just from what I've seen broadly, LP120 seems to be a pretty respectable turntable. I'll probably pick it up at some point.

        • @OfTheOverflow:
          Right. Reviews are great about it.

  • This one is basically a rebadged Rega RP1 turntable, so should perform very well.

  • Bought! Thanks OP.

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