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As of June 2018, Youtube Red and Google Play music has been discontinued and has been replaced with two new products, YouTube Premium and Youtube Music.

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See YouTube Music for more information

Hey Guys, I know a similar thread exists for Spotify but didn't find one for Google Play Music so starting one. I'm interested in Youtube Red and YT Music more than Google Play Music but you get that with Play Music Family. Please let me know if anyone is interested. I'm thinking of renewing it yearly so the upfront cost would be $36 and I'll talk to everybody on the 11th month to figure out whether we are going to renew or not. Hopefully, everyone would, otherwise we can try and find new members. Any takers?

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      • Yep. You are the lucky last I believe :) Check your PM.

  • i am keen to join. please let me know if there is any spot for me. Cheers

  • i'm interested, looking for a slot to fill!

  • I'm interested in a spot please PM me!

  • I am also looking for a spot

  • +1

    Anyone got a spot free?

  • +1

    Keen for a spot also.

  • Interested in 2 spots if anyone is starting a new group.

    • All done, thanks.

  • I've formed group with etherwood, zyrex, soluble, arthrospira. Thanks all.

  • Any more spots available? I am interested

  • +1

    Anyone got a free spot? I am interested

    • lets team up

    • I`m also interested and will take two slots. Anyone else interested?

      • 2 more and we have a team

        • +1

          I'm interested too!

        • Happy to jump in as well

        • @awaddell: great we are six now
          Happy to set up a family for us
          Please DM me

          Ryanta, saffers x2 , griffy , awaddell and me edreamer46

        • @edreamer46: ryanta needs to enable "accept new conversations"

  • +2

    I'm looking for 1 spot as well

    • +1

      Please enable Private messages
      My Account > Settings > messaging > 'Tick' Allow Private messages

    • +1

      Done. Thank you Edreamer46

  • +1

    I am interested to get 1 spot

  • +1

    If looking for a spot please DM me. I am starting a new GOOGLE FAMILY

    • Please check your inbox.

    • Just pm’ed

    • sorry all spots taken now

  • +1

    Starting a family with umerme , saffers x2 , griffy , awaddell and myself.

  • Hi,
    I am also interested in taking a spot in a family. May I ask anyone starting or looking for a new member to PM me please?

    • Im interested, there'll be more coming

    • I'm interested in a spot too please. :)

    • Hi I’m also interested as well. Please PM me the details.

      • regis, terriyaki, goldberg, portugueseman comment here if u want to join us

        • Is there still a spot going?
          Sorry if I didn't reply in time as I was away traveling, but i'm back now :).

  • I am interested too.
    Just need one more to start a family.

    • hi im interested have you filled out the spot already? pm me if anyone has a slot

  • I'm keen as if anyone has a slot 🤘

  • Still looking for a family to join

    PM please :)

    • All done now!
      Best of luck to those still looking :)

  • Anyone have a spot free? Also interested :)

  • I missed the last spot with the other family. Are there any others starting up a group? I am still interested.

  • Hi, I am interested to be a part of a group as well. Please include me if anyone is interested to start a group.

    • Please enable Private messages
      My Account > Settings > messaging > 'Tick' Allow Private messages

  • I'm interested in a spot. Please message me if you have one available

  • Would love a spot if someone is creating a family group. PM me

    • Please enable Private messages
      My Account > Settings > messaging > 'Tick' Allow Private messages

  • Im in please. Let me know details

    • Please enable Private messages
      My Account > Settings > messaging > 'Tick' Allow Private messages

  • Just found this thread would be interested in joining as well

  • I'm gonna create new family now. I'm looking for my family member who wanna join :) please PM. Thanks.

    • Im in for 1 or 2 if your keen

  • Any one else interested in setting up a similar thing?

    • Hi Rogerd,

      I am interested in this deal. Count me in.

  • I’m setting up my own family account. Please PM if you wanna join.

    • Sorry just found out I can't sign up with YouTube Red.

      • What do you mean you can't sign up with YouTube red?

        • I'm using G Suite account so sadly can't have YouTube Red Family plan (can sign up as an individual only).

    • Hi huythanhv2,
      I am interested in this deal. Count me in.

  • Anyone have one with 2 spots for me and my partner? Can transfer a cool $72

    • I am keen on a spot if anyone's setting one up.

  • Any spot for 1 person, please?

    • are you still looking?

  • I'm also interested in a spot.

    • are you still looking?

      • Yes. Have just PM'd you to see if you still have a spot left.

  • I'm interested in one spot. When available let me know.

    • are you still looking?

  • Interested in one spot too

    • are you still looking?

  • interested in a spot if anyone has one.

    • are you still looking?

  • I've set one up, if you're interested let me know via PM. $36/year. I'll remind you a few weeks before renewal if you're still interested in staying or not .

  • If anyone wants, I have a nearly empty family (2 people already). PM me to join. $36 a year.

    • 2x nikrox29 and 1x regis . Anyone else?

    • Now Nikrox29 x 3, Regis x 1, and Robboblah x1

    • All full.

  • I'm keen for a spot if anyone has one free. Happy to pay upfront. :)

  • I am considering starting a new family, need 4 people any takers? Once we have the full family, will ask for bank transfer of $36. PM me, thanks.

    • PM sent

    • PM sent

    • All filled, waiting for payment.

  • Interested in a spot, pm me if you need someone to fill one (mostly after ad-free youtube, anything extra is a bonus)

  • Interested in a spot too if anyone has one spare.

  • Hello friends, willing to host a family. $36 upfront pp bank transfer or PayPal (12 months membership) 4 spots available! Please PM me

  • Looking for a spot and happy to pay upfront! Just shoot me a PM

    • I am the post above - our 6th spot did not reply, so if you are interested, happy for you to join (first in best dressed)!

      • Hi iamapineapple

        Can you please let me know if the 6th spot is still available? I am interested.


        • Sorry for late reply - yes! I would have PM'd you, but I am not sure how? :P PM me your email address please.

  • Warning to everyone, since youtube red is no longer thing, to have ad-free youtube (youtube premium) included in the family plan the spit works out to $46 each (between 6) for a year

  • Count me in please

  • Any spots available? Or anybody keen to join a group?

    • Yup - interested in joining youtube premium + youtube music … lemme know what you have.

      • Cool. That’s 2, anybody else keen to join a family / Group. Comment or PM me.

        We have 4 more spaces as of today. Comment here and when we have a full group, I’ll organise it on behalf of everybody.

        To recap, I believe it’s now $46 per person ( correct me if I’m wrong, or there is a better deal to be had. )

        Hopefully we can do this by the end of this week, or next.

  • Merged from Seeking YouTube Premium Family Members


    I'm looking to either join a YouTube Premium family mob or start one myself with 5 others.

    You can find the details of YouTube Premium here:

    It's $22.99/mth, this works out to be $42.15 for the year (assuming first mth free), or $45.98 (if first mth isn't free).

    Please let me know if you're interested.


    • +1

      To join a family group sharing a YouTube family plan, you must:
      * Be 13+ years of age or the applicable age in your country
      * Have a Google account that is not a G Suite account
      * Live in the same household (residential address) as the family manager
      * Not be part of another family group

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