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Big W Gaming Deals - Mario Kart 8 $69, Telltale Guardians of The Galaxy $39, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 $79 Plus More (Starts 27/4)


Some nice gaming deals at Big W in this weeks catalogue
Link to Switch page http://imgur.com/a/bVKAH
Mario Kart 8 $69 (Switch) (Avail 28/04)
Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy $39 (PS4/XBONE) (Avail 03/03)
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 $79 (PS4/XBONE) (Avail 26/04)
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 (Avail 28/04)
Prey $62 (PS4/XBONE) (Avail 05/05)
Little Nightmares $29 (PS4/XBONE) (Avail 28/04)
Switch Pro Controller $79

Console Deals
PS4 Pro + COD Infinite warfare+ Mafia 3 + Ghost Recon + PS4 remote $559
Xbox One S 500Gb + COD Infinite warfare+ Mafia 3 + Forza Horizon 3 $399
Nintendo Switch Console $ 449 (no bundle)

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  • +1

    Got a photo of the switch stuff?

    • +2

      Uploaded now above :)

      • Great! I wonder if ebay can come out with a good sale to align with it now…

  • +5

    MK8D is going to be $62 at Target though…

    • +5

      And here we were all hanging for Big W to come through with the $59 price point on MK8D …

    • Excellent price from target. For someone who didn't buy a wii u, very excited for this. Bigw has been pretty good overall for pricing on new games.

      • While i've seen the photo I checked the online catalogue for Target and couldn't see it in there? Am i blind, in need of another coffee or is it not there?

  • Where are the specials?

  • +1

    bah where are the ~$270 xbox deals :/

  • Is the mario kart switch ported from wiiu?

  • Everyone seems to be offering a discounted launch price for Prey. Is this game going be be below expectations, or do they just have to come in hard because of all the amazing stuff that dropped in Q1?

    • Bethesda tend to be more flexible with pricing than other publishers. I expect it to go under $50 pretty quickly like Dishonored 2, Doom & Fallout 4 did.

  • +1

    I half want Guardians, but I'm kind of sick of Telltale's generic style.

    But mostly, I ain't buying a disc version of a game that has only released one fifth of itself. It pisses me off beyond comprehension how they release the first episode on a disc instead of waiting a couple of months. Look, people who want it will either buy it digitally or wait. If anything, making it digital only would get the first wave and then newcomers and double dippers would swoop in at the disc version too. Oh well.

    I already have a copy of Mario Kart put aside at Target for me, but this is still a respectable price, so good there.

    • I understand why Telltale have started launching the disc-based copies of their games at the same time as the digital version (to maximise sales by getting a fresh product on store shelves), but I agree with you, it's incredibly disingenuous to their customers.

      Buying the disc-based version of a Telltale game when they do this gives you the worst of both worlds - a more expensive price associated with a disc-based release, but you still have to download most of the data anyway and put the disc in the drive to play it.

  • Almost tempted to get the xbox deal anyway but would require bigw to let me swap games, not sure if they allow that. Also, was $100 cheaper last month for similar deal :( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/298643

  • No price for Puyo Puyo Tetris on PS4

  • Prey (will be great), 1 2 Switch, the Lego games, Bomberman and Zelda are great.

    That new Hot Wheels expansion game for Forza Horizon 3 is going to give it some unique stuff. They're releasing it as a stand alone DLC too.

    Telltale games are mostly just bad movie cutscenes deals with very limited gameplay. Alot of the lesser bad ps exclusives have a similar issue unfortunately.
    Horizon not worth it, just a copy paste far cry type game, i mean technically the production to make it probably means they need to make the money back which is understandable, but its just a below average by the numbers game, nothing unique, generic, with some bad A.I., best to avoid.

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