New Nintendo 2DS XL Annouced, 15 June, RRP $199.95/More Nintendo Selects 3DS games 11 May

Upgrade to the 2DS with the features from the "New" 3DS (extra buttons/stick, better CPU, NFC etc), also now in clamshell form like the 3DS.

Also the Selects range on 11 May will get Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D/Luigiā€™s Mansion 2/Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros./Paper Mario: Sticker Star for $29.95 RRP

Anyone getting one?

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  • +1

    Wow wow! Oh my gosh. I have &he 3ds butbalwaydbwsntedbabclam bigger 2ds

    • +1

      Can this guy get banned for posting complete gibberish everywhere?

      • +2

        1 2 switch to no angryS =D

      • +1

        I enjoy reading his insightful and often satirical comments.

      • +1

        Argle bargle?

  • +3

    Lol wow. It's really a 3DS XL downgrade (lack of 3D support) but they market it as a 2DS upgrade.

    • +3

      I agree it's an odd system release, however I've got a New 3DS XL and apart from the first day of using it I've never turned the 3D on. I just don't feel it adds anything except making my eyes feel funny.

      If I could've chosen a New 3DS XL without the 3D switch for $50 cheaper, I would've.

      • Yea, I don't use the 3D feature either. It feels like Nintendo doesn't wanna support it anymore.

  • Better of getting a n3ds

  • Why cant they put an antennae up the side and let it be a phone. Does it require that much additional hardware? I would snapbuy a nintendoDS smart phone.

    • +5

      So you're telling them to make the Ngage?

      • Slightly different game system.

  • +1

    Xmas presents sorted.

  • What advantage does it have over the previous revision?
    Seems like the most pointless Nintendo portable revision ever.

    • +1

      Over the New 3DS? Nothing apart from a lower RRP and seems to include a charger.

      Over the 2DS, built in NFC, can play new 3DS exclusives (Xenoblade, SNES VC etc) or offer better performance in games like Hyrule Warriors, has a c-stick and 2 extra shoulder buttons.

  • My 3DS XL (not new) is falling apart. The hinge has come apart, so it's all held together with sticky tape now. I have about 8 more games to play through so I hope it lasts. If not, maybe this, or something second hand. When do you think they'll stop making new games? 2018?

  • +2

    The only improvement I want from all the current 3DS system is a better screen. My New 3DS and New 3DS XL screen colours look washed out compare to my old DS lite and PSP E1000. Even though my New 3DS XL has IPS screen the colours on it are still not as vivid in my opinion. New 2DS XL being a budget system doesn't give me hope either…

  • It will still sell like crazy..

  • I'm thinking of getting one. Never owned a DS/3ds but there's so many good games I want to play and this looks like the best one yet (as I don't care for 3d).

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