expired WD Promo - Cashbacks & Freebies! [Capitol Square - Sydney]


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Terms and Conditions:

1.Promotion: Eligible participants are entitled to one (1) redemption item per purchase ("1 Purchase") of a Western Digital Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black hard disk drive from a participating retailer in Capitol Square.

2.Each Purchase of an eligible Hard Drive entitles the participant to 1 (quantity) Assassin's Creed II game Activation code'.

3.Valid only while stocks last.

4.Promotion Period: Purchases of a Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black hard disk drive redemptions only during the WD Capitol Square Promotions.

5.Eligibility: In order to be eligible to participate in the Promotion, each of the following requirements must be satisfied:

1.Participants must purchase Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black hard drive

2.Valid receipt, proof of purchase on same day as redemption from Capitol Square

6.Limitations: Eligible participants are only entitled to one (1) redemption item per hard drive purchased per >>1 Activation code' and a maximum of 1 redemption per customer. Eligible participants may only redeem items during the Promotion Period and no redemptions shall be permitted after the Promotion Penod expires

Western Digital reserves the right to terminate or modify the terms of this Promotion at any time without notice to anyone and Western Digital shall not be liable to anyone as a result of any such termination or modification.

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  • -1 vote

    put must purchase from 'Capital Square' in your title or this will get a neg


    The title and description make this very unclear. As suggested above, it would be a good move to clear this up or I could foresee this getting neg'd


    Title is unclear!
    No price listed in description!

    Don't think this is really a bargain!

    So negtive.


    It does appear to be a deal with limited local appeal. Shipping negates cashback savings and gifts to be collected in person. Difficult to gauge prices with so many shops listed, some of which don't even stock Western Digital products.


    actually their prices are competitive with current hdd prices
    i just checked
    but u only get 10$ off for 2tb green and the assassins creed sounds like a cd key only for EA online activation digital download. not sure tho
    and its only for the black.

    other than that its nothing crazy bargain like the pricesengine deals….speaking of which theyre still sorting issues, prob cause impatient ppl kept putting in paypal claims and i bet paypal froze their account. way to ruin it for everyone


    no freebie here….


      Yes there is. i forgot to list sorry.
      If you go to the city when they are handing out the flyer. You get a free keyring XD

  • +2 votes

    Got a headache by just looking at the post


    so how much is the 2TB caviar black in the cheapest shop there?

    IT Estate price is $205 for at least 1-2 weeks now from memory, though $219 on Orange IT website who have two shops there, not sure if they stock this drive though


    I have only one thing to say…. WOW THAT'S A LOT OF COMPUTER SHOPS IN ONE PLACE!!!

  • +1 vote

    The free Assassins Creed 2 promotion applies to participating WD Retail outlets:

    That being said anyone in WA can probably purchase the drives from Netplus or Austin and be eligible for the free game:


    This may or may not be a bargain. As there are no prices its kinda hard to tell. $10 cashback might be a good deal if the 1.5TB drive is under $100 but it's kind of a PITA to have to go all the way there to find out how much the items are.

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