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MSY IEM Exclusive Budget Gaming Build $699 @ IEM Sydney


For those of us who are going IEM Sydney this weekend and in search of a cheap gaming rig. This has all the basics and then some. Great for those who are low on budget and don't require anything too powerful. Also great for upgrading down the track with a larger SSD and more powerful GPU.

Various different configurations available, with an i7 7700k. According to MSY's pricelists these parts total for around $1400-$1500

Coming to Intel Extreme Masters this weekend ? Make sure you check out our $699 core i7-7700k build !!
Only Available at Intel Extreme Master event only - While Stocks Last

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  • Only 16GB SSD?
    what will that store?

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      That's not just any SSD, it's Intel Optane drive. It's used like cache and after a few reboots your system knows what to cache and it makes your system more responsive… as if you were using an SSD. So if you were just playing that one game, it'll load quicker.

      still, tests show that a pure SSD build is better (although for a gaming build under a 800 it makes sense to go with Optane drive since just 240GB still isn't enough for a gamer to install all his games)

      also, this is an Intel-sponsored event so no doubt Intel is paying money to MSY to market all their good stuff.

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      It's Optane memory, it's like RAM. And not an SSD you put games and applications on.

      • -1

        It's not like RAM.

        • it's not like SYSTEM RAM. It's a RAM drive (cache) for the HDD.

    • The optane 16gb is only for caching purpose, to make traditional mechanical drive perform as fast as ssd with a super fast cache.

      • +1

        It doesn't make hard drives perform like SSD's.

        • "Improved performance is more the term to use.. but, as ever, your mileage may vary"
          That's the better way to look at it.

        • Oh Diji1, why you no drink the marketing kool-aid?

          All you gotta do is believe and that old spindle with Optane will outperform any RAM disk + SSD RAID 1 array! Just don't mention the UnOptanium.

    • A swap file, I guess.

    • The ssd drive is an cache accelerator, only came out a few weeks ago.


      If your using just a harddrive, then these work well. Generally though, it's better just to get an ssd for your o/s.

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    looks like great value. but curious about the point of the 16gb optane. ram is almost as cheap and much faster right? what am i missing?

    • It's for HDD caching purpose. You know the solid hybrid drives? They are mechanical HDD strap with flash memory to improve the speed. This is similar but you can get any HDD you want and just drop the optane it and it will do the fast cache for all your drives and effectively improve the speed overall for a cheaper price than getting a large ssd. That is the purpose anyway it's not groundbreaking ATM.

    • Optane serves as a caching for traditional drives increasing the performance. Pretty interesting tbh.

  • +7

    Incoming: PC masterace elite to tell everyone this $699 build is shit as not as good as their $3000 water-cooled 128GB RAM PC.

    • +2

      This is not bad at all, throw that 750ti away for a 1060 and it's great.

      • only a 1060?
        get a minimum 1070 now, given the 1080 ti is out.

        • 1060 will max out anything at 1080p at the moment, basically no reason to go above unless your planning not to upgrade again for over a year or own a 4k monitor.

        • @nephilim:

          Or own a 1440p monitor. Or own a 144hz monitor. Plenty of reasons to buy above a 1060.

    • +1

      The only person saying that is you.

    • I choose to only use 64 gig thank you.

      And 3000$? What's wrong your wife set your budget? Ask for a bigger allowance. That will only buy the graphics cards.

  • Optane is Windows only. The drive can be used as nvme in Linux though.

  • +2

    I think the 16Gb Optane is the whole point of this promo. Intel is sponsoring this event and they want everyone to buy one. So it doesn't matter if its pointless or slower than SSD or RAM, it has to be included in the build, along with the 7700K of course.

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    Am I understanding this correctly, to buy this computer we have to go to this event called "IEM" and then build the computer ourself on the spot?

    • My plan is to buy the parts and build it LATER. Not fussed about the bonus.

  • +1

    I know this is basic configuration but the price is really tempting. Want to get one for my son who play "Steam" games. Which motherboard (careful) should I choose for gaming PC? Thanks in advance to all gurus.

    • Motherboard doesn't affect performance that much, unless you planing to upgrade the computer yourself after the purchase you don't need to put too much thought into it. Just ask your son to pick one that he think look coolest you good to go.

    • None of the choices would be any different to each other at all for all intents and purposes.

    • You need to visit the actual event to get the parts. The event is not free… You have to buy a ticket.

  • +3

    Coming to Intel Extreme Masters this weekend ? Make sure you check out our $699 core i7-7700k build !!
    Only Available at Intel Extreme Master event only - While Stocks Last

    Proper details and FB link would save people a lot of time. This deal is in limited quantities only available to those attending IEM 2017. Probably less than ten available, since they are marked down so low.

  • +3

    Tickets for IEM start at $59 dollars, also its first in best dressed, so going to the booth doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a chance to build one of the systems. I'm betting parts will be limited, can't see them having more than 200 sets

    • 200?let's say 50

  • I really hope this is available for everyone there and not limited. The cpu and motherboard make up for the build itself already.

  • I think they need to be careful if there are very restricted sets. This is a very good pc that lots of people may want, especially if you sell the 1050ti and buy a 1070/1080. They should disclose how many cpu's are available, as that is the most expensive part.
    I see they have already sold out the "early access" and "express access" tickets so if there are limited pc's available (undoubtably) then it is unlikely buying a $59 ticket now will get you in early enough to get a cheap pc.

    Hope I am wrong. Any news on how this discount pc promotion went overseas?

    Also good luck trying to unbox everything and install it in an hour. If it isn't unboxed I would be out of there with my goodies still in their boxes to set it up properly at home in peace and quiet over a nice beer.

    • Doesn't it say a 750ti not a 1050ti?
      Unless they updated and changed it after the fact.

  • +4

    so another unicorn ''bargain'' like the $9.99 2TB HDDs from Aus. Post? having to attend a limited numbers event, in a specific location with even more limited numbers of items for sale is NOT a bargain. so neg vote from me.

    • -1

      surely if there is atleast 10 available it still counts as a valid deal.

      • They did not bother to say how many are available, so it's impossible to know if there are even more than three.

  • -1

    This is retarded. 7700k & 750ti? Newcomers will buy this and think PC gaming performance per dollar is terrible.

    • Yes the specs are out of whack, but this isn't like an Alienware pre-built marked up to $2000. For the price you're basically getting everything outside of the CPU, MB and RAM for free.

    • Seeing as virtually no one will be able to buy this, I doubt that'll be a problem.

  • +1

    If it was a free event I might go, but seeing you need to pay like $59 entry, and chances are you probably won't even get the parts since it is probably limited stock and a bunch of people lining up to get it. I'm gonna skip it.

    But great price if you can get it.

    • Make sense.

  • Tbh, this is probably just the impending price drop on intel chips


    • $700 price drop on a $460 CPU? Even if you include the MOBO at $180 to $260…..

  • Do we know how many PCs they will have?
    Looks like IEM is only CS:Go, no SC2 or LOL

  • -1

    Bearing in mind msy's appalling service/warranty recognition why do people buy systems from them?

    what is their system aftercare like?

    • I've bought several times from them and I've always found them fairly friendly and helpful through purchasing and rma/returns.

      That being said they're more like a wholesaler then a retailer - you should go in knowing exactly what you want and what you are doing. If you're not so experienced, it might be worth doing your research and going to a retailer who can advise you and help you choose parts instead.

      • what state?

        • +1

          NSW - the Auburn branch

        • thanks

  • -1

    Can i get it from any MSY?

    Or only on-site?

    • At IEM dude.

      • Anyone want to pick one up for me and ship it to Brisbane? :p

        • Pay for a ticket and will gladly do that.

        • @OzBMate629: free delivery? :p

        • +1

          Well, yeah if you give me money for the ticket and the pc.

  • -2

    What the fk… intel should be hosting this event in melbourne instead.

  • +3

    Just found out theres 30 units, 20 for sat 10 for sun, so don't even bother as there will be a swarm of people trying to get to the booth first. Its just a competition.

    • +1

      forget it!!!

    • How did you find this out?

      • +1

        Sent msy a msg on facebook.

    • -2

      Also curious how you found out?

      A few of my friends and I have early entry and we're tempted to buy one each just because it's so cheap. Keep the cpu and mobo and optane sell all the rest!

      • +3

        Sent msy a message on facebook and they said there will only be 30 units.

  • Just curious if anyone managed to purchase this unit from IEM show. The ticket is out of my reach.

    • Yeah same, curious to see if anyone got a unit.

    • Yeah, I had to queue up early outside the venue for it. I was about 6th in queue when I reached their booth and they told us we could build them in hourly time slots with 2 people at a time. I was scheduled for 4PM and I think they started letting people build at 12PM. By the time it was my turn, the only motherboard they had left was the MSI Z270 PC Mate. They offered to ship out the parts with a different motherboard at the cost of forfeiting the under 1 hour build rewards (Gaming Keyboard/Mouse). Motherboard didn't matter too much to me, so I just built it there as it was still a hell of a good deal.

      • How early did you queue up for?

        • I got there at 9AM and was the 2nd person in queue. Just got kinda delayed at the bag check.

        • @Emphasise: Wow, do you know how many people got a pc?

        • @OzBMate629: I only know Saturday had 30 units. Sunday was probably around 20 or 30, can't say for sure though.