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Virgin Mobile SIM Only (12mth Plan) $50/M (Velocity Members $45/M), 17GB, Unlimited Calls/Txt, $300 International


$50/month on a 12 month contract (min. cost $600)

Available for new and upgrading customers.

Velocity members get:
10% off plan fee every month ($45 * 12 = $540)
Plus 1,000 bonus Velocity Points (worthless?)

Free music streaming for Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and iHeartRadio.

Data rolls over. Not sure how much exactly.

Deal starts and ends tomorrow (4/5/17). It gives extra 2GB and this bonus data remains indefinitely.

Don't forget Cashrewards.
$45.84pm or $40.84 for Velocity.

Source: https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/05/dealhacker-get-17gb-of...

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      • I noticed about extra 2gb when I already have done checked out .

  • +2

    For those interested, live chat told me as far as cancellation fees are concerned: If you leave early, you pay 25% of the pro-rated plan fee for the days remaining in your contract.

  • do these plans have data sharing like Voda?

    • you can 'gift' data from one virgin number to another. not sure if that answers your question.

  • That's a lot of data for a cheap price. My SMSs are often flayed though with Optus ,,, thinking about Telstra $50 10gb plan.

  • Just signed up. Thanks OP.

  • Can someone confirm if we change plan online (not via chat/phonecall) even it's showing $50 for 15GB we will get the 2GB bonus if we change the plan online today?

    • Unlikely. U can try or talk to them thru chat and they will fix it.

  • Would virgin's coverage and speeds being optus be the same as optus direct sims or my current amaysim sim?

    Just concerned as over on the woolies website they make reference to woolies (using telstra network) having differing coverage /speeds to being on telstra direct?

    I thought MVNOs would give the same coverage and speeed as directly going with the underlying network? Or not true??

    • Indeed, some MVNOs do have limited access. Virgin mobile however, is owned by optus, and have access to their full network.

      • Thank you. How about amaysim in that case?

        • @SaberX: sorry, don't know about amaysim. Maybe look on whirlpool.net.au forums?

  • Did people that signed up using cash rewards see it in their account straight away? I signed up and then activated it today but CR is now showing anything :(

    • It showed up in my CR account the by the next morning of signing up online.

  • Has anyone activated their account and found that they have the extra 2Gb? I used the DATADASH code, have activated the SIM and created an account, but my account is only showing 15Gb per month available, not 17Gb.

    • Yeah same here. I'm sure will pop up eventually.

    • +1

      Mine shows 15gb.. however if you go to gift data it shows 17gb available to share.

    • It never showed up for me, so today went online chat and he confirmed it wasn't there; however they added it pretty quickly.

  • I had very bad experience with Virgin mob. They over charged for data usage. I am moving to other provider with better service. Customer service is not helpful.

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