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All Drinks $5 Every Tuesday for The Whole Month of May @ Boost Juice - Via App


Cheekier than a peanut in a bag of cashews, we bring you Cheeky Tuesdays!

For the month of May all drinks are just $5 in the app on Tuesdays! Carlton happy dance

And guess what? TOMORROW IS TUESDAY. Yep not Monday, not Wednesday, but Tuesday, which means ALL DRINKS ARE $5 IN THE APP TOMORROW!

Valid for app orders on 09/05/17 only, when ordered as a menu item (no additional ingredients or swapsies available - sorry). Excludes Mango Mirage, Pure Eden, Red Royale and Protein Supreme. Not valid with any other offer.

Boost Juice App Links:
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Google Play (Android)

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  • +6

    Don't forget their competition, gives out $5 drinks, BOGOF, $3 off etc.

    • +16

      Lol I thought you were talking about a rival company

  • +11

    Cheekier than a peanut in a bag of cashews

    Excuse me? That expression is more stupid than a golf ball in a laundromat.

    • +2

      Stupider than a football bat.

    • I'm only here to read the comments about the cheeky peanut

  • Have a + vote for 'Carlton Happy dance'. LOL

  • +1

    So it excludes all the good boost juices?

    • Don't forget - Mango Magic :)

  • +2

    Are these any good? I haven't had one for around 7 years.

  • +11

    I was just reading a study about how people wrongly believe that squeezed juices are healthy. From now on it's just beer for me.

    • +2

      I'm glad you found that. If wine/beer/et c. is fermented out it has 0% sugar. Big YES for diabetic prevention. Whereas fructose triggers (OK doesn't "cause")type 11 diabetes.

      Eat 4 apples and your body says NO too much!, drink juice of 4 apples and your body says YES MORE!

      Sorry, but juiced fruit is a health hazard. In strict moderation only.

    • Link to that study?

      • +1

        It was on the back of my box of Honey Joys.

        • Seems legit.

        • @Orpheus: true one of the checkout episode covered this. These smoothies and juices adds too much fat. Try having one a day and see weight gain after one month

        • +1

          @vr4indian: No, it's because of the crazy amounts of sugar (and therefore calories) in each one. Has nothing to do with fat.

        • @miicah:
          Why and when is veggie & fruit juice is beneficial?

          Watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead - Official Film

  • -1

    just downloaded the apps, where in apps shows 5bucks tuesday?

    • +3

      It'll show up tomorrow, the original promotion was stated on Boost Juice's Facebook page.

    • I just downloaded the app too, and am wondering what magic they include for it to be 55MB.

      • Probably some fruit juice

  • Lie. Whole month May? Last Tuesday $5 app offer was for the Tropical Matcha only..

  • where is the juice in boost juice?

    • +5

      At the end of the day, if you don't have $1.90 or the app, they won't sell it to you. $1.90 is still a saving of close to 30%. Are you angry that it's not free?

  • How much are they normally?

    • Around $7-$8

  • Just opened the app. Got an error: App is not available.

  • Anyone having the same problem with adding a credit card to pay. I downloaded the android app on my huawei mobile but it is giving me this error message everytime I try to add my credit card


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