Online Decision Tree / Flow Chart

Could anybody recommend good interactive online decision tree/flow charting software.

I have looked at: - poor pre sales support (4 days without an answer to my question), and quite expensive. - needs to be on their website, new product, not very customisable.

Ideally something I can purchase outright (not $x per month) and adapt the output to my website design.

It doesn't need to be pretty - just functional.

The goal is to simplify this page:

Do you have a Certificate IV in WHS or OHS?
If NO then you need Diploma + 5 Certificate Core Units. (END)
IF YES then what do you have? Certificate IV WHS or Certificate IV OHS?
If OHS then you need Diploma + 3 core units from Certificate IV (END)
If WHS then You can enrol directly into the Diploma (END)

and then similar for online vs Workbooks, which ultimately will be incorporated into the above, but I have kept it simple to assist with understanding of what I want.

Thanks in advance.


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    Silver Decisions is Open source and free

    Gambit is open source and free

    Simple Decision Tree is an Excel Add-in

    DIA is a simple diagram editor that you can make flowcharts with.

    list of commercial options

    You can draw your decision tree, and Zingtree creates embeddable Javascript code you can include into your web site. Customers just click buttons to answer questions, and they either self-solve their problem, or your Support receives all the Q&A from their Zingtree session - which saves you time and money.
    ZingTree also offers hosting options if you don't want the hassle of embedding.

    Also similar to Zingtree, lucidchart offers a browser based, zero-install method of creating diagrams and hosting it online. Cloud based.

  • Thanks for that.

    The commercial options are all pay per month - which I am trying to avoid.

    The freeware stuff doesn't allow you to create an online interactive decision tree which is my goal.

    • online interactive decision tree

      Pay someone to do it for you as a one-time job. Go to Fiverr or some freelancing website that you can offer programming jobs on.

  • If I can't find something commercial, that is affordable, I might end up writing it myself with my very basic PHP knowledge.

    It won't be pretty or have moving bits, but it will work based on a page perameter - for example ….com/au/page.php?node=1

    Thanks for taking the time to assist.

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