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25%OFF SA&Co Salt Armour Faceshields $14.21 | 35%OFF SKILHUNT H02R Hi-Power LED Headlamp $43.10 = FREE SHIPPING @ Tomtekoutdoors


25% Off SA&Co(USA) Face Shields, exclusive for OzBargain patrons

Apply Coupon code above during checkout

We are authorized importers/retailers of SA Co. Salt Armour Face Shields™ (USA). All stocks are guaranteed originals. Beware of fakes and imitations.
Face Shields™ are tubular bandanas/face sock, that provide sun protection with style.It can be worn in different ways—from a beanie to a headband to a hair tie. Our Face Shields™ are comfortable and light, wick moisture away, quick-dry and breathable.

Face Shield Coupon Code: "FACESHIELDOZB"
SA&Co MULTI-PURPOSE FACE SHIELDS - From $18.95 down to $14.21 -

SA&Co FROST TECH FACE SHIELDS - From $24.95 down to $18.75 -


SKILHUNT H02R Hi-Power LED Headlamp 1000 Lumens Clearance SALE 35% OFF - $43.10 (MSRP $66.30) LIMITED STOCKS (22 units only)

Coupon Code: "SKILHUNTOZB"

This small and compact headlamp, powered by lithium batteries, has a max output of 1000 Lumens(860 ANSI). Weighing less than 100g, it is ideal for camping, biking, fishing, or any outdoor activity.

Price comes with FREE SHIPPING within Australia

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    These are always my top picks when choosing heists outfits in gta v.

    • Thanks. I wish they could add this on Watchdogs as well.

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    recvd this error when applying discount code FACSHIELDOZB : "This code did not match any active gift card or discount. Was it entered correctly?" need correction thx.

    Edit: correct code is FACESHIELDOZB

    • Glad you had it sorted. Cheers

  • Any prices? We like to see prices.

    • @PJC Kindly check the price on the website.
      They are already on sale with about 10% OFF (originally from $18.95). With the OzBargain Coupon code, it would drop the price down further by another 20%. Thanks

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        We come here for bargains. Your description area needs a few example bargains (each with a direct link) showing a price. Your 'edit' button is between 'view' and 'revisions'. It only takes about 3 minutes. Nobody minds if you add 20 or 30 example bargains.

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          Thanks for the tip! I'm always open for a crash course, being this is the first time I posted here. I will edit the description. Let me know what you think after. Cheers

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          @Tomtek-Outdoors: Thank you. Effective use of the description area maximises a post's results and gives Members more reason to get interested.

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          Links and Prices already added.
          I'm trying to add spaces between the lines to make it look uncluttered a bit but it's not letting me. Oh well, that will work I think.

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          @Tomtek-Outdoors: That's more like it. Add more if you wish. Generally, a post's first few hours determine whether it succeeds.

        • @Tomtek-Outdoors: It works quite well. Add another 2 or more.

          Consider this for your title:-
          20% off Salt Armour/SA&Co Faceshields - free shipping - @

          Free shipping is a sweetener for most deals - adding it to the title should garner more favourable attention.

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          Cheers. Unfortunately, that is all for the Face Shields. However, I will be posting another coupon tomorrow for my other items (just have to double-check inventory). I will sure add the info here as well. Thanks for the help.

  • I get ads for these face sock things on IG. Buy 1 for about $20 get 4 free, including delivery. Same designs as these. This isn't a bargain.

    • Thanks for your interest flyerone,
      Those ads are from the manufacturer based in the US. They really are a good deal however I'd like to correct some info.
      1. The price in the US website is USD, not AUD.
      2. The $20 DOES NOT include shipping to Australia.

      Similar to purchasing goods in US sites like amazon, it tends to be cheaper than here in Australia. However, shipping can sometimes be expensive, not to mention the wait time.

      By all means, you can place an order at their website. I can not say that I will be cheaper, but I can guarantee that we can get it to you faster.


  • Cheer OP! Been waiting for these to come to an aussie seller. Liked the FB page but couldnt send a message for some reason

    • Thanks Matthmbg,
      Unfortunately, our FB coupon can't be applied together with the Ozbargain yet (our website checkout only allows one coupon, but the devs are trying to sort it out). However, you can also leave a comment on the order that you did, so we can process the free shipping upgrade for you manually.

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