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PS4 Slim 500GB + Bonus PS4 Dualshock Controller $299 Delivered @ Sony Online


Click Frenzy Special
PS4 Slim 500GB + Bonus PS4 Dualshock Controller $299 @ Sony.
Free Shipping.
Limited to 500 units. On back order.

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2017

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      The original deal is a list of multiple items and the item is not contained in the title of the original deal.

      • just trying to be a JV dupe but i haven't reported for dupe because it is not a very good dupe

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    Tempting, but too bad I already have a big pile of unplayed games to play through.

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      Yes I seem to BUY more games than Play.

      • Could you give some recommendations?

        I've heard the saying "when you're young you have all the time in the world but not that much money." and "When you get older you have money but no time." for games.

        I have time and money and was wondering what other games are there? So far the only game I haven't played is Persona 5 and playing Nier right now.

        Prey soon and that's about it.

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          Nioh, Bloodborne, DS2, KingdomHearts, Uncharteds, Last of Us, FFXV, Firewatch, Life is Strange, Rocket League. PS4 has an awesome game lineup, you'll find something!

        • @Caulfield: I have played Uncharted 1-4 waiting for Lost Legacy HYPPEE! The Last Of Us Remastered as well. LiS and inFamous SS and FL. What is DS2? I've still yet to play Kingdom Hearts will soon.

          Will get FFXV soon as well. I've heard mixed things though.

  • Cheers bought

  • able to price match at target or jb hifi?

    • +3

      What for?

    • I would doubt they would match an online price, free delivery anyway.

    • Save the trip there

  • I bought one with 2.2% cash back.
    I might sell off the extra controller to bring down the cost.

    • cashrewards didn't track mine. It linked to a sony maintenance website.
      Ah well.

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      I might sell off the extra controller to bring down the cost.

      Why don't you get a girlfriend instead mate? =p

      • +1

        To play games together with the second controller or play with her instead. That's an important question =)

      • GF can pay my Switch, WiiU, PS3 or Xbox 360 with me, plenty of controllers for all those.

    • How much would a controller go for?

      • $50 as the RRP is $89. (from my own experience)

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    Does this come with a game?

  • On back-order and the JB deal from a couple of weeks ago was better.

  • Would rather fork out an extra $20 and purchase from target with an additional controller.

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      Says plus extra controller

      • No it says bonus controller, not additional/extra controller

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          either way, you get 2 controllers

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          @PR0r: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ my work here is done

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          You do, I bought it, u get 2 controllers.

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          What did you make out of the term 'bonus controller'
          To difficult to figure out?

        • What's the difference?

        • Yes its two controllers! PS4 comes standard with one controller, a bonus controller means an additional/extra. Hence Bonus!

        • -1

          Guys, I'm not contesting the 2nd controller. There is no mention of "extra" or "additional" on the page. It says "bonus".
          muncan away! 🛫

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    Man they really pushing out the ps4 deals lately!

  • They're clearing out the 500gb model now that they've released the 1TB slim. I don't expect prices to remain this low.

  • Does anybody know how long sony usualy takes to deliver to vic metro

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    Is the PS4 Pro worth the extra money?

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      I was going to ask the same thing, current I think it's an extra whole hundred bucks with horizon Zero dawn

      Edit:actually 200 more without the extra controller, is can't be that much better surely?

      • -1

        If you don't have a 4K UltraHD tv it's hard to justify the extra spend over this value.

        I purchased a slim in the JB sale so did well and will consider a Pro in future when they do a slimmer version - assuming they can get the extra power into a neater package.

        I've also got an XB1 so next stop will be Scorpio for me :)

        • +1

          I am a bit like the user above, still have 50 x360 games I haven't really played so hard to make the leap. I do actually have a 4k TV but it's not my primary, I use it as a monitor/tv in the spare room and rarely gets used, mainly because my main TV is the VT55 Panasonic plasma and it's just amazing to look at, and the 4k is a cheapy JVC that Big W had on sale.

          I actually might be more inclined if there was a sale on the One S ad it would play 4k and I have a small library from xbox Live gold to play on it, otherwise might be a God time to skip a generation for the Scorpio

        • @Jackson: still living my Japanese made panny plasma too - ridiculously good picture. Shame they don't make them anymore.

        • +1

          @fookos: That explains why you are happy to stick it out with FHD then I guess. People really don't know what they are missing using LCDs.

    • From what I've seen some games have an option to run at a higher framerate at 1080p.

      I'd say yes.

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    I've just realised there is no optical audio out on the slim model.
    My setup uses a toslink optical audio cable. Might need to look into something that splits audio from the HDMI. Anyone dealt with this issue?

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      The Pro has optical. Might be a better option for you

      • I've just ordered the slim though :/

        • Well now you have to sell the Slim… simple

    • +1

      Wouldn't the tv have a toslink connector? Use that to do the audio passthrough or alternatively something like this http://m.ebay.com/itm/311857235859 .. given youre not really spitting the signal you shouldn't need a powered one but if they are cheap i get one over a non powered version.

    • What is your setup?
      TV only? Does the TV have sound output? AV receiver? What's going to play the audio, TV/AV receiver/Amplifier?
      Are you going to try and use playstation as a media player? as a blu-ray player? How important is sound output quality for you?

      I had to deal with this. My solution:
      PS -> HDMI -> TV -> TOSlink -> receiver (no hdmi in)
      I dont place that much importance on sound fidelity of games

  • Do we get any games with this?

    • no, games are like 10-20 on ebay, gumtree or cash converters

    • Read the description.

  • Great deal

  • Tempting!

    Still haven't got far enough in BOTW, plus only just got my Xbox back for Forza Horizon 3. Must resist. :(

  • I ordered it this morning, but it says they are on back order and the payment process is still pending. I am not sure if they are out of stocks now.

  • BTW Slim doesn't have Audio out, AKA No Headphones … Imagine your kids Blasting the Tv … or not being able to use your awesome 5.1 Wired headphones…

    • The newer DS4 controllers allow you plug in headphones with 2 channel audio, right?

      • Yes indeed they do. You can used any wired headphones of your choosing.

  • any difference between PS4 500gb and 1tb slim beside the storage?

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