Restaurants Who Treat Their Customers Badly and Then Post a Fake Review to Counter Yours


Thank you everyone for the interesting discussion, from both sides. I think that this topic has run it's course now and there is nothing left to achieve.

For anyone who made a fake review, please remove it, you're just as bad as the other side who did it.

I have asked the mods to Close it off and remove any personally identifiable information of myself, the restaurant or others.

Thanks to everyone who participated and especially the mods who no doubt have a close eye on it!

PS: All proceeds from the refund has gone to Foodbank Victoria

Mod: Please do not add fake reviews to any establishment unless you are a genuine customer, with a genuine review to add. Two wrongs don't make a right, nor has the OP asked anyone to do this.

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      Guys please do not post fake negative reviews if you have not been there.

      We are not that kind of community!!


        Too late now :(

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        For people who are Google Guides, please consider reporting both the shill 5-star review by "Jessie" (via 'Flag as inappropriate' —> 'This post contains conflicts of interest') and the likely retaliatory 1-star reviews added since.

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    A hair should be the least of your concerns.


      It's not the hair, it's their attitude. If they do this for something relatively minor like a hair who knows what else they are doing.


      This pirate family business wrecker doesn't like bacon.

      "Ordered a burger which is not supposed to have bacon on it, came with bacon, so I kindly asked to remake with no bacon. He told me it's supposed to have bacon so I showed him the menu, and he threw the menu and stormed off in a huff, would not let me have the fries while I wait for it to be remade. Reconfirmed with waitress that I wanted a fresh one because the man was very insistent on just peeling it off and I said I have allergies. Waited approx 20 minutes for new one, no fries in the mean time. Checked thoroughly and find the edges of the bacon carefully pulled off and concealed under the cheese at the very bottom. A deliberate act to spite me for his mistake (not even just not remaking it fresh, but actually putting some back in there on purpose to trick me into eating it! Bacon skin edges just doesn't come off by itself). Really dishonest, disrespectful and disgusting way to treat customers. Even if you like bacon, think twice who you trust with your food and what kind of a character you are dealing with."

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    Thats absolutely despicable. The review reeks of an insider job - your hunch was right. I tried reporting the comment, but said it was already reported. The dineline of "Jessie Tran" is so fake it hurts - 30 visits to restaurants all over the city in one day?!

    Another example of a fake review for the same place -

    The behaviour from the restaurant sounds warning bells and you should send the photo of the dish with the hair (if you have one) to the health/sanitation dept - more info from here:

    Food Safety Unit

    Telephone Number:1300 364 352

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    No shit you eat there a lot with your family Jessie Tran! Your family probably own it! haha

    I reckon it happens a lot. One always has to be wary of any of those review sites (zomato, trip advisor, product review, etc) in general. Heck, people create fake accounts just on these boards for a variety of reasons!

    A professional or non family run restaurant would most likely ignore or reply as an official rep to something like your post (in fact would have probably handled the initial incident a lot better in the first place).

    Not talking about your review, but I know 2nd hand? (my wife was a restaurant manager) that it is tough on restaurants too. Customers (even rival restaurants) will make up, exaggerate, write negative reviews and there is nothing they can do about it (in terms of taking it down). If it is their livelihood, more often than not they will take it personally and react poorly like they did to you (x2).

    Hopefully people can identify fake accounts (1 review accounts, etc) and take your review as it is.

    I read there was a website that school kids could rate teachers…that escalated quickly and I think got taken down?

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      It's amazing how such a small issue can escalate when you decide to fight against a customer instead of just doing the right thing as far as customer service goes and copping the small loss on the chin.

      I was with a group of friends and we bought 4 main dishes + a side from them and only returned one of the dishes. Their restaurant was fairly busy both times as well. $15.90 would have been an insignificant amount to them but they are too tight to let any money go, even when their food had a major problem with it. I wonder how they deal with leftovers and food going out of date since they are trying to pinch every penny.

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        Your case is pretty straightforward bad customer service. The only things I can think of is:
        - they could be struggling financially and feel like they need to keep your money?
        - they have had a few similar complaints and think people are scamming them (placing hairs in the food)?

        I saw a similar (less black and white case) at a chain restaurant once. Only noticed it when the police were called by the restaurant. Basically a woman didn't want to pay for a drink because it was mostly ice and she thought it was a rip off. The restaurant argued a similar line to your incident; "Why did you drink it all?'. Her response was pretty funny "because I didn't know I drank it all until it was all gone after a few sips!". Police basically said we have better things to do, sort it out yourself.

        But yeah, in that example both parties had valid points, but wouldn't budge (at least for a while)…the drink wouldn't have been more than $5! I think she paid in the end in fear of being arrested for theft?

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          That's a very similar example. I hope that lady kicked up a stink, that is disgusting to call the cops on her over that and scare her into paying up a measly $5.

          Maybe they thought I was scamming, but it wouldn't be a very good scam over for just $15.90. The effort I have gone into complaining about it easily exceeds $15.90

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          The things people do for very little money surprises you.

          I hope that lady kicked up a stink, that is disgusting to call the cops on her over that and scare her into paying up a measly $5.

          If you are a shop or business owner you will think different. Many customers are a**hats and a few will be trying to get stuff cheap or free.

          I can say the same that it is disgusting for the customer to finish her drink and then complain about not having enough and try to scam the restaurant money.

          Try see it from both sides. Maybe they did think you are trying to scam their money by putting hair in it? It happens quite a lot in my friends food stall. My friend just honors them but know most of those are fake accusations, he only do the refund because he is scared they will go leave a bad review (like what you and the idiots here did).

          The things people do for a free meal is insane,,,

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          @ssyl9: If someone is insane enough to lie to get a tiny bit of money back a sensible business owner like your friend is would just let them have it - it falls under the cost of doing business. Its not worth fighting especially if the story is plausible

          For a lady drinking a beverage full of Ice its simple to see if the glass is full of too much Ice.

          I have had the same problem as the lady before and it is really frustrating to get a tall glass and literally only get a sip out of it. It is possible. When it happened to me they simply tipped some out and gave me a free refill.

          Since then I realised that Ice is mainly a filler and waters your drink down as it melts so I always order without Ice… much better unless it is a 40c degree day and even then its still chilled from the fridge/fountain anyway



          No it wouldn't , I've seen people get killed over a few hundred dollars These people got of easy.

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      Unfortunately the teacher rating website still exists.

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      One always has to be wary of any of those review sites

      You aren't getting it: every review is suspect. Why do you think you have some God given power to discern fake from real? You don't. Review sites where anybody can edit reviews should be treated as fake full stop because it's idiotic not to. It's acting as though you have some magical power to see fake reviews.

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        I agree. I never said (or was trying to make it sound like) I could pick out real from fake???

        I'm generally wary of everything on the internet, not just review sites.

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        But if you choose restaurants by the reviews that are written - you read a lot of them and you begin to get a sense of the real and the fake ones. Also by checking out the reviewer - that can give more clues. The perfect reviewer for this restaurant, Jessie Tran, must have a super sweet tooth. 4 days ago there are at least 10 reviews from desert places that this person wrote. Must have had a real sugar overload that day!! That sort of activity shines through as a fake reviewer. So take everything they write with a pinch of salt!!LOL!

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      Who is Jessie Tran?

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      Many of those review sites only exist so they can charge businesses for the ability to either interact with the customer or remove the review. I've seen plenty of them reach out to the company I work for, and it usually looks like "Hey.. We just want to let you know someone has reviewed your company. If you'd like to respond or unpublish reviews, it'll cost you $xxxx per year. Otherwise the review will remain up and you will not be able to respond".. It breeds fake reviews, because it's often the only recourse the business has, short of paying the extortion.

      Note: I'm not writing any of this to defend this particular business, which appears to be shady..

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    If I find hair in take away food I would avoid that place and probably report this to the relevant authority
    Also I would avoid the place in future. I would be more worried about food poisoning rather than $15.90.

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      Has anyone ever been hospitalized after ingesting a hair?

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      If I find hair in take away food I would avoid that place and probably report this to the relevant authority(
      Also I would avoid the place in future. I would be more worried about food poisoning rather than $15.90

      You shouldn't really eat out then… or eat at all if you can link an accident drop of hair in food to food poisoning…

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    So they are doing a bit of damage control, wouldn't you if the tables were turned.

    It was a hair, you gave them a negative review that will cost them business and you also got your money back, sure they acted like dics, but what are you trying to achieve now, do you really want them to loose so much business that they cant cover rent at the end of the week, or maybe send the kids to school without lunch.

    Move on and if the food is bad, they will inevitability find their own demise.

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      Yeah, first impression I get as I read this was the same. I think you are pushing it too far when you drop a review there. And then here as well..

      Firstly, your refund was a day after. And the fact they still acknowledge this and refund you is actually commendable. They had no chance to defend themselves. What if you actually planted that hair? Maybe not in this case, but that could be the case nevertheless, yet they still refund you.

      Second, you actually got a full refund. Yet you still want to further cause damage by dropping a "overblown" review. Saying that the restaurant 'doesn't care and have attitude towards customer' seems uncalled for, despite the fact they still gave you full refund in the end.

      It looks to me like you have some evil intent and want to see a business burn rather than giving a fair review of a once-off experience

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        Have to agree with Johnny boy this time.

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      My issue is not with the food, it's the customer service.

      First if they would have just said Sorry and refunded it in full then that would be the end right there. No review. The food didn't even taste bad.

      Because they were so rude to me about it I put in the review, not because of the hair. As far as I'm concerned the Refund covers the hair problem but does not cover the rude customer service problem.

      Then the thing that I find most galling is that they put in a fake review to cancel out my legitimate one. That's why I came here to see how common it is and it seems that it's not common for businesses to do this, but it seems that this one is just a cut above the rest.

      If a review was not left then other customers would have no idea what was going on there and might not be comfortable with it. I just reported truthfully and it's up to the reader to decide if that is something which would turn them off from eating there.

      I couldn't care less about them losing business at this point. I gave them a fair chance just to resolve it without incident, and the subsequent reviews/attention is merely part of "inevitability find their own demise" as you put it, as they pissed me off enough to make me to do it and is an expected reaction when you piss a customer off like this. If they can't cover their rent or other suffering you want to stretch, well that's their own fault in my opinion and should have thought about those things before giving shoddy customer service.

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      This, in my view, is a very mature response.

      I had my fair s.h.i.t.t.y experience with many Asian restaurants (believe me, I do) but I would never do what you did.

      Rude customer service in an Asian restaurant, if I have to be very perfectly honest with you, is somehow way too common and not unexpected.

      Solution is not to go there again. Simple.

      If he shuts down his shop, I hope they will be spared of the impending poverty that beckons.

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      This. Not only that, there are now some fake made-up reviews that I'm guessing are people from here saying that they got food poisioning.

      This is someone's livelihood you are messing with - you got a refund, move on and don't go back. Maybe get a hobby as well

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      Seems like a bit of a straw man argument. At the end of the day, everything you do has an impact on somebody else's life in some way, but that's not a good reason to NOT do something (in this case). That's why things like TripAdvisor, Zomato etc are good because you get an idea of what service and food quality you'll receive before you go.

      Perhaps think about if you want yourself or your kids to be consuming food from a restaurant where you receive this kind of treatment as a customer.


      Damage control? They lied about what happened and then proceeded to personally attack him… I don't see how that is fair at all. OP received awful customer service and left a truthful review detailing his experience and then they slandered him, I'm not sure if you read the other fake review but they called him an "absolutely disgusting human being".

      It's shameful that behaviour like that is condoned as "damage control"

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    My spideysense predicts a name change and a sign reading "Under New Management" … Seems as though you've already got a brigade.


    i had some kiwi food once, tasted like shit, i told them and i got told i was a racist that i didnt their food.

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    Happens everywhere and in many industries, restaurants, hotels, movies, financial services etc. Has been happening since the spice merchant days

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      Thanks, good article. Crazy how easy it is to rort reviews


        No it's crazy that people are reading them expecting non-fake reviews.

        And then confirming or disproving the fake reviews by ascribing themselves magical powers where they can just spot real and fake reviews.

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          In this case it would appear it is a pretty straight forward case of fake account as the OP said he was very discreet.

          I did not cause a scene, other diners would have been unaware.

          This is of course based on the OPs story being accurate and not biased or factually incorrect.

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    One thing to keep in mind is that, there are many non genuine customers who complain and purposely contaminate their half eaten meal just to get free food. I'm not saying this is what the OP is doing, nor justifies the poor customer service, but could be the reason why some restaurants don't believe in the customer and thus act a certain way.


      I get what you're saying, that the source of the hair is not conclusive unless you do a DNA test on it (but that is going way too far over such an issue) but it seems like places who act this way would not be thinking properly.

      They should be asking themselves some questions like:
      - why did he take the effort to return the next day to complain about it.
      - If it was about getting free food why didn't jr just ask for a replacement or go for a higher value item?
      - If he wanted to start a lawsuit against, why didn't he put something more sinister in there than a hair?

      I think that everyone agrees that the correct thing to do it in this kind of situation is for the restaurant to refund the meal (without hard bargaining), and without getting into who's right and wrong (not accuse the customer of being wrong, nor open up any liability), say sorry for the inconvenience and move on.

      I doubt I would get any sympathy if that would have happened.

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        1) Because they want free money and couldn't be bothered the night before?

        2) You know you can buy food with money? They can still get free food with the refund.

        3) Who said anything about lawsuits?

        I also don't necessarily agree that restaurants should refund anyone who walks in the next day claiming there was a hair in their food yesterday. It certainly hasn't done the restaurant any good in this case, they'd be better off if they kept the money!

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        They should be asking themselves some questions like:

        • why did he take the effort to return the next day to complain about it.

        I would more be questioning why didn't he complain on the spot and need to wait to the next day…

        If it was about getting free food why didn't jr just ask for a replacement or go for a higher value item?

        because getting money back is always better. Typically if it is genuine most people will just ask for a new plate right away… scammer mostly ask for refund after..

        If he wanted to start a lawsuit against, why didn't he put something more sinister in there than a hair?

        No one is gonna start a lawsuit. But many scammers put hair or other objects in order to get that meal for free (or even compensation). They might think you are just one of them

        EDIT: I do agree the restaurant should just refund it.. if it was me I will, no matter if it is a scam or not, my reputation is more important.

        But you cant dismiss the fact that most food places are probably dealing with scammers on daily basis. It is no surprise that they are reluctant to refund you the money

        • -2 votes

          It was a takeaway order, it was late and I was too tired to go all the way back that night. Thats why. But for a dine in I agree. $15.90 seems like such a dumb scam (out of $60+ total order) even for a poor person. Someone like that shouldn't eat out if they can't afford it

        • +3 votes

          @The Land of Smeg:

          $15.90 seems like such a dumb scam (out of $60+ total order) even for a poor person.

          Dude, have you not seen the people here go crazy for a 2% cashback?…thats $2 out of a $100 purchase.

        • +1 vote

          @Ughhh: $2 is easy by just 1 click of your mouse. $15.90 probably not, too much time and effort and you have to sacrifice your dignity for a meal.

        • +2 votes


          Majority of people assume the store would just take the customers word, as "the customer is always right" (which is bs). People who scam don't care about dignity, which is why they keep doing it and are so good at it. Thus, no dignity was ever lost, infact if they got their money, it's a win feeling- like if they just won a game. Unfortunately these people force business' to be sceptical, ruins it for the genuine people.


          @The Land of Smeg: judge not… lest ye be judged.


          @Ughhh: I think that's a fair point that there are an element of people like that out there and I have definitely seen it on this site a lot. For example, people who freely admit to stealing from Self Checkout because they feel "entitled" to do so because "they won't pay for enough staff to watch them" or just because they a "big company". Sometimes I feel like the site should be called OzTheft when people advocate doing that.

          I admit that I have taken part in pain in the ass bargains, sometimes for little reward, but I only do so if it's 100% legal/ethical (not lying, not breaking the terms and conditions even though they are rarely even legally enforceable). I don't even make multiple accounts under fake names to get new user bonuses, even though I use a password manager anyway and would be super simple to manage it. I don't use a VPN to get cheaper prices overseas and I don't even conduct any copyright piracy despite being a member of the Pirate Party. I am a very good boy.

          Maybe I should clarify that scamming a business for $15.90 or 90c is a step too far for ME, but I see your point that some people would do that and that's why they are skeptical. Still doesn't excuse their rude behavior and fake reviews, and they still ended up refunding it anyway so it would have been the some monetary outcome without the rudeness.

          @Well Wasted: I'm not a Christian so I don't know what that means

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    Get real! To avoid hair, anyone in the food chain would have to wear a hair net and I have seen it. Might be law but the practice is vastly different. If you eat meat there are some posts here that are a must read.

    Bigger concern is the credibility of rating sites. Never mind about local ones. Global monsters like Trip Advisor are a wolf in a sheepskin.

    First they build credibility with patience and then they start to dominate by having related firms also taking advertising money. Here is where corruption starts big style.

    Spend a bit of money with TA and magically you will get ahead! No chance for the small operator.

    Software modifiers like the Volkswagen Scandal are nothing new. It is more like the ones who own the press will modify the mind of stupid masses.

    Uber all up front: Greyball software to the max. So they know how to trick out small brained govt inspectors. Sophisticated software to make errors in their favours. Like Banks have done it for ages. If some clever little nerd tries to expose it the press is just ignoring him.

    Many comparison sites use forms of greyball software throw endless information at you trying to be of help and at the end rip you off with a clever trick.

    If you like Chinese food invest into your health and take a trip to rural China. Watch your salad being washed in the street creek incl sewage.

    Then again things are spot checked now. So frozen imports might have all sorts of nasties and it all depends on how long you let them live things breed before you will notice.

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    I eat out a lot and I don't remember ever complaining about my food at the restaurant. I'll never send food back to the kitchen in fear of them spitting or adding any "chef specials" into my food.

    Having said that, I'm not really that fussy when it comes to food. Unless I have some major concerns, I'll eat it so that it doesn't go to waste.

    I've found hairs on many occasions, but I'm not really that bothered about it. The kitchen has lots of people moving around, fans blowing, people passing things here, there and everywhere, so I'm not that surprised if I find a hair in my food.

    Has anyone ever found little slugs or other creatures in their salad? Even if you don't find a physical slug, it doesn't mean that the leaves have been washed carefully.

    At the end of the day, if I don't like the food or restaurant for whatever reason, I just won't go back.

    There's one restaurant that mainly caters to tourists on Spencer St in the city - they advertise a steak and a glass of wine for $20. I tried that once and the "steak" came out in two pieces. I cut it open and noticed that both pieces of steak were cooked to different degrees. I could've sworn that they used leftover meat from previous diners to form my meal. Needless to say, I didn't eat it and I've never been back!

    • +5 votes

      OP found a pube in his meal.. that can't be dissed like it's just normal. It's not like a hair fell off the chef's head, it came from elsewhere and prepared for them to eat. I would of been more than pissed too after already eating some of it


        oh jesus I didn't even realise it could be a pube. I didn't see anyone in there who looked like the hair would have come from their head, and it's uncommon for Asian people to have body hair, so now I'm even more grossed out than before

        • +5 votes

          That's what you get for posting this on OZB. You could have just been pissed, but content at leaving the review.

          But, NO, now you're going to have to deal with the knowledge that you may, could have, possibly eaten some pubes! :)

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