Looking for Some Help with Adobe Premiere Cc Mac User

Hi All,

I am currently on a trial period for Adobe Premiere cc although I have been loving the additional options for editing, my mac just won't let me add layers and specifically edit. E.g. when previewing the video it won't let me watch it or it is so lagged I cannot see the clip. I really want to start using this more frequently although I don't want to waste my money if it won't even run on my computer.

P.s. want to know if the subscription is worth it or is there a cheaper way to get it.

Current computer: MacBook pro 2015
Ram: 8GB
Processor: 2.6Ghz
Intel Iris Graphics 6100
128GB Storage

Also only shooting in nothing love 2700k


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    Your Macbook is using integrated graphics. That's your main problem. You need at least a dedicated GPU for Adobe Premier Pro to run better wtih scrubbing and previewing the timeline. Also helps with rendering. Adding layers etc definitely requires a GPU to render it, even for previewing.

    But if you still want it, cheapest way is probably via student education discount. See here

    Otherwise if you want better performance - try using Final Cut Pro X. Its more optimised and runs better since its Mac software for Mac Hardware. Also 1 off payment. I got the education Pro Apps bundle, so I also got Motion 5, Logic Pro and other software that I don't use.

    You can try the trial version Final Cut Pro Trial Here
    Pro apps bundle here

    Note** I've used Final Cut Pro on my Macbook Air 2011. Stuggled with 1080p but 720p was fine, but honestly, I wasn't expecting it to work but it did.