Demo iPhone SE 64GB

Hi all,

Just needed some advice regarding buying a demo iPhone SE 64 GB for $450.

I can purchase it using salary sacrifice so the cost to me would be close to $320.

Just wondering about the warranty and battery life etc and whether is it worth buying it or not.



    If it's an Australian model it would have 2 year warranty from when it was first activated. Any issue with battery life can be resolved with Apple. I'd check warranty coverage with Apple on their support site using the serial number and if it checks out I'd buy it.


      Thanks. Just checked Apple Australia site and the warranty is 12 months for phones. Still, seems like a good buy

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        Officially 12 months. But with ACL they need to provide 24 months no questions asked as that's the reasonable expected minimum lifetime of a phone.


          24 month warranty may or may not apply to ex demo/ refurbished phones. Check the fine print on warranty.
          Again acl only states reasonable time. For a new $1000 iphone this would mean 2 yrs . But I doubt for a ex demo for half the price.


        You can check the warranty status here using the Hardware Serial Number.

        Might not work until after you have bought and registered the phone, but in my experience it will show a 2 year warranty from purchase under ACL, not 12 months stated on the Apple website.


    The 2 year warranty period mentioned relates only to phones purchased as part of a 2 year phone plan. That is, the phone plan provider - not Apple - must themselves extend Apple's standard 1 year warranty period to the period matching the phone plan period.

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    buy. Buy, BYE!

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