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LG V20 - $699 Delivered @ Mymuch (in shop)


best price found for confirmed local stock and warranty.
they have other models too at sharp price.

online retailers sell them for 5-6 hundred, but this is best brick and mortar price in au that I found by far.

created this post after I read it on Whirlpool forums.
would be great if other stores could do price match.

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    Yes, 700 for v20 is definitely not a bargain.

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      Crazy expensive for a phone this old.

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        old? 6 months is old?

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      I dunno, I'd say it's a damn good price for a phone this good. Care to explain your reasoning?

  • I tried JB HiFi and lowest they would do is 805.
    so for local stock it looks a bargain.
    compared to other oversees or eBay it's indeed not.

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    Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/172681067108
    I saw this on eBay $649 ,you can combine 5% off , cash rewards to get even cheaper ,Australian stock

  • Better off waiting for One+ 5 at this price IMO…

    • Yeah

    • not unless you want band 28 otherwise yes

  • Got one a few days ago from DWI for about $500. Arrived in 3 days. Great Phone

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      Did the phone from DWI come with B&O headphones?
      It's not listed on their website and absent from their ebay page, but I noticed other gray importers (e.g. qd_au) from ebay are pricer but lists the headphones as included in the box.

      • Yes it did

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    yah online shops go for 5-6 hundred.
    however given LG's bootloop issue I think some want to buy from brick and mortar shop. this 700 is by far the best I found locally. Harvey and JB are still selling this for 900.

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    Not a deal. $514 delivered from Android Enjoyed.

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      yes, but again Android enjoyed is an online retailer (with quite a bad reputation).
      the 700 is best local brick n mortar price I found offering 24 month warranty

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