Do You Still Have to Give a Wedding Gift after Attending The Hen's Night?


This is my first non-family wedding. So I'm not sure what I should do.

If you've spent $250 on a Hen's night, do you still need to give a Wedding Gift too?

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    Did you pay and organize the entire hens night or pay for the entire brides night then get something for both her and the groom so get something small

    If you just spent 250 while out like say on drinks during the night then you need to get a proper gift because it wont count

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      We paid for the bride's night.

      If I'm giving cash as the gift, what would be appropriate? It's gonna be an Asian reception dinner, if that matters

      • Generally speaking people would give enough red pocket to cover the cost of their food in Asian receptions. E.g $100 red pocket if they think the banquet would cost $100 per person, or more if they are a close friend or family.

        Of course there is no right amount and you shouldn't be expected to pay for food/red pocket, this is just the norm for most Asian family. If you don't want to you don't have to give anything at all.

        I'm sure your presence is the best gift to the happy couple :)

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    No you don't have to however you may be punished by other people in your social group.

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    If you're invited to the wedding then "yes", otherwise "no"

  • Yes. As a guest you are subtly pressured to provide gifts at the engagement party and at the wedding if you're invited. Normally the maid of honour pays for the hen's night, but I'm presuming you did something special? In that case you paid $250 to have a great night to celebrate the bride. It wasn't your gift to her. If you're invited to the wedding then they have a cost for that, giving them a gift to start their lives together is a nice thing to do. If it's an asian wedding then I suggest you get a nice red envelope and a cheque or cash is perfectly acceptable along with a nice card. Have a great time!

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      Normally the maid of honour pays for the hen's night

      Not sure about hens, but every bucks I have been to all of the attendees were given an amount to contribute (usually transferred to someone's bank account in advance) which covered all of the activities plus the costs of the buck doing those activities/drinks/etc.

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        The hen's nights I've been to required us to cover the costs for ourselves as well as the bride

  • Yes.

  • Social protocol dictates yes. Logic dictates no.

  • Usually for Asian weddings, we give more than enough for the cost of the guest. Usually it'll be minimum $150 in a red envelope. I have heard of uncles, aunties & rich relatives to give $thousands & tens of thousands!!

  • I also think you have to buy a wedding present. On Hen's party you didn't make a gift for the future spouse.

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