This was posted 4 years 11 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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½ Price French Fries Original 175gm $1.59 @ IGA 31/5


My all time favorite chips are ½ Price this week at IGA starts 31st May.

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    Yea buddy! I loved these as a kid!

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      Same!! I got a pack a few months ago though and they were just not as good.. kind of just potato and salt was a bit bland…

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    I wish they still sold the Salt and vinegar flavour.

    • I think I remember a chicken flavored one that was great, unless that was an off brand type

    • Salt and vinegar were my favourite! Nice strong flavour.

      They did indeed have chicken flavoured ones for a while, and a tomato (sauce?) one too.

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    I love these but they are salty AF

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      Yep you probably are at higher risk of atrial fibrillation

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        in this case, AF =/= atrial fibrillation :)))

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          sarcasm lost

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    I'm long off junk food, but this item has a soft spot in my heart, so upvote for the post {thumbs up}

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    Are the specials for IGA express stores as well?

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    Has anyone tried dipping it in ketchup sauce? its quite nice :D

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      Anyone here tried including the french fries in a orange/beetroot coctail?
      Its my grand mothers recipe which she modified off a…

      NUTRI NINJA!™ recipie guide-


      • 1 handful french fries( eg for kid half handful/for adult full handful…)

      • 1 beetroot raw(unpeeled/unchoped)

      • 1 orange raw(unpeeled/unchoped)

      • 2 teaspoons sugar(unsweetened)/or as you wish.


      • Combine all ingredients in a nutri ninja™

      • Enjoy!

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    Diabetes never tasted so good.

  • Which type are these?(shoestring,beer battered…)

    I can't find info anywhere???

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      I believe these are the double-fried Belgian variety.

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    Massively underrated

  • Are the Salt & Vinegar version of these chips still around? Or are they gone forever, like everything good these days?

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    My faves !I always call them straws.Is it just me or did they used to be called that ?

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      Yeah we call them straws as well

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      Just realized on the front it says "crunchy potato straws". Also i only need 2 more discs for my Marvel disc collection so thanks for the help!

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        Oh yeah , you're right it does too never noticed ,that's probably why we call them straws!Only 2 ,well done !Which 2 someone else might have extras ?

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          LOL all this time I have been wondering too! Thank you, still need 34 and 36 though hopefully i have found someone who has them.

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