[Unobtainable Deal] KFC - 9 Original Recipe Chicken Pieces for $9.95 (Tuesdays)

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Everyone's favourite KFC deal!! Use the free chips and drink deal for a $10 meal ;)

Sorry everyone I thought it was available because I saw it on the app and it was still on registers.

Mod 6/6: Deal unpublished as the promo appears non existent (apart from QLD where it was already available). Stores in NSW/VIC are stating the promotion doesn't exist & KFC employees are unaware of any promotion. It may go ahead at a later date (if so, it can be reposted then with the relevant information) or it may have been mistaken for the long running QLD deal.

Mod 2 6/6: KFC have confirmed that the deal is currently only available in Queensland and a couple of stores in Sydney.

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  • is it an app only deal?

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      I really hope not.

      Victoria Gardens in VIC said they are way off joining the App, PIA.

      I live in a black zone of KFC, it's quicker for me to take a train/tram than to drive.


  • App is available in more and more KFC stores every week, so download now to see if the app is available in your local KFC and remember to check back.

    this is only selected stores using the app on your phone ..

    I would say this is only selected nsw stores …

    • So the app can see participating stores for these kind of deals?
      Is there any worker/manager discretion for rejecting or other such things people have encountered?
      If it is a participating store, do I just show them on the phone and ask for it?

      Sorry for being a bit clueless and oblivious…

      • You order via the App

        Select payment (Card or In Store)

        When you arrive at the store you click I'm Here on the App and it will produce an order number.

        You can show or just tell them the order number, pay if you haven't, they make your order.

        It's not like HJ with coupons, the store must be App enabled for the App specials.

        • Thanks for the details. Installed then checked, sadly all stores around my area are not App enabled.


        • @FloatingIce:

          Keep checking back, more and more stores are added almost weekly.

          Check around your work location as well, the offers are worth the travel sometimes, plus you can customize your order without having to explain it in person.

        • @Tom2222:
          Will do. Liking the bit about customization, they seem to misunderstand a lot of the times.

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    Has anyone successfully ordered one today? Can't find it through their app or am i looking at the wrong section? Please help.

  • Can't find the deal in the app…melbourne central and swanston stores

  • The app doesn't seem to be working for me anymore. Unable to find any stores lol

  • yea its not around werribee/ wyndham stores. apparently they reckon if theres such a promo, it would probably be on the app, not in-store.

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    I checked a number of stores in VIC & NSW and couldn't find it. QLD has it in the app, but they always have it.

    Don't think it's happening today, maybe next week as they announced $1 chips only has 1 week left.

  • OP said in comment above it's not happening in store but maybe it was still in the App. It's not in the App today so revoking '+' vote.

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    Asked the guys at kfc parramatta. They said they don't do the deal.

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    I was hestiant seeing this deal. All deals start every month and the next set of deals dont start till next week. So it wouldnt be normal. I think OP doesnt have any information, or potentially is from a QLD store which always does this deal.

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      Nah I saw it on the Xpress app late at night, at the atwell store

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    It seems not applicable in VIC.

  • OP Where's your proof this deal is on

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    This isn't showing up on the Xpress App so likely isn't being offered.

    Check the Xpress App in your area before going in!

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    OP really disappointed with this deal. "lock it in your calendar" he said. Yeah right.

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      Trolled everyone and over 300 likes

      • -3

        Lmao wasn't even intentional to troll you

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    Just checked in at Hindley and Myers in Adelaide. No go in the app nor in store. Deal not on by the looks of it.

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    Got hype for a week wait by associated just to realise it not available to many

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      Yeah I saw it on the express myself so I'm sorry guys

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        Yeah I saw it on the express myself so I'm sorry guys

        Well tell it to the Judge at the Food Court.

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          Lol this was a big mistake for me, very very sorry everyone ;(

        • @Lockster: Ozbargain demands justice and its pound of flesh (OK maybe just something with secret herbs and spices)

        • @Lockster:

          You monster! I had to settle for a salad today!


        • @StrayfireX: A KFC salad?

        • @Lockster:

          No, 9 pieces of hot and spicy flesh we say.

  • Just to confirm, I heard back from KFC social media:

    That deal is currently only available in Queensland and a couple of stores in Sydney. - XXXXXX (Customer service)

    • Was going to get this deal for the first time in my life. Guess I need to find another dinner plan :o

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    Went to KFC so excited to destroy my arteries again, but alas was disappointed.

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    Wasted trip, guess my kids will be going hungry tonight.

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    Yeah was disappointed when I was told the store wasn't participating.

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    Not happening in WA.

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    So much for OP being 'Associated' with KFC…was looking forward to this deal.

  • Went to KFC near central station Sydney. Was told deal isn't on. It's only in Queensland

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