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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4GB/64GB Snapdragon 625 $165.99 US, MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K Action Camera $37.99 US Shipped @ GeekBuying


The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 features dual SIM with support for 4G in one SIM and 3G in the other. It's a 5.5" Android phone powered by the Snapdragon 625 Octa-Core CPU with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It has a large 4100mAh battery, 13MP rear camera, fingerprint reader, infrared remote and a premium metal body with 2.5D curved glass for a better feel.

This phone is the Official Global Edition and offers high end specs and quality for a low price.

Next up is the MGCOOL Explorer Pro Action Camera which offers 4K video recording at 30fps for a low price. It's also capable of 1080p video recording at 60fps, time lapses, slow motion and shooting still images up to 16MP. It uses a sharkeye lens to offer a wide angle view of 170 degrees without distortion. The camera takes a MicroSD card up to 64GB, has integrated WiFi with a companion app and offers water resistance up to 30m with the included case.

Product Price Coupon
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4GB/64GB - Global Version Expired $165.99 US (~$223.73 AU) No Coupon
MGCOOL Explorer Pro Action Camera $37.99 US (~$51.21 AU) MGEXPR

Please note: Australia Direct Shipping (5-8 business days after processing) has been discounted on both products. AU$ based on exchange rate at time of posting.

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  • Does it count as a deal being under $10 diff?
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 32GB 4G
    DWI Digital Ca.

    • +13

      You're comparing the MediaTek version (weaker) with 3GB RAM and 32GB Storage to the Snapdragon version (better) with 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage.

      This is a much better deal.

      • Hi Op,

        Was about to buy the phone and it is now showing as US$175.99. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

        • Price changed too early. I'll get it sorted tomorrow.

        • @Clear: Thanks mate. I will wait until the price change.

  • Do you have any deals for xiaomi mi notebook 13"?

  • Hi OP.
    I don't understand well the note that says "Australia Direct Shipping". How long approximately would it take to arrive to Melbourne? 8 business days?

    • Normally 5-8 business days after processing which is typically 2-7 days.

      • So if I pay my $$ and order 2 phones today.
        In how many days the phone will reach Melbourne? , Will you send it via DHL/EMS/AUSPOST or is there any other company you guys will use to send the phones with online tracking?!

        • Australia Direct will use Auspost and arrive in what I specified above.

        • -1


          It will use Australia Post once I arrives in Australia…but what about before that. You seem to be dodging the question Clear.

        • +1

          @PainToad: Not dodging the question at all. Auspost have a joint venture in China which offers cheap and fast shipping to Australia. The postal companies mentioned will handle the package in China on Auspost's behalf and Auspost themselves will deliver it once it reaches our shores.

          Shipping time varies. The order could be processed in 2 days and delivered in 5 days or 3 days processing and 8 days delivery. It varies, but takes a maximum of 15 business days. That is why I have mentioned the time for shipping and processing separately.

  • +2

    OP, thanks for good deal here. I have been looking at Xiaomi phones for nearly two years and have been close to jumping on a Redmi note 3 special edition ( Global Rom and B28 ) deal but missing out by stalling as I like the form factor of the Note 4 better and might have longer update time span.

    Have been patiently waiting for a Taiwanese/Special version of the Note 4 to come out for a while now, any news on the horizon regarding that model please? Anyone else with info on this, sure the Ozbargain community would all like to know.

    • +1

      I've been looking for that Note 3 SE but it's out of stock everywhere.

    • Haven't heard anything in the channels unfortunately. Latest "special edition" was a Hatsune Miku Redmi Note 4X 😕

    • +1

      This Note 4 doesn't appear to have B28 though…

      • +1

        That's my point. All I want is a Note 4 3GB/32GB or 4GB/64GB with Snapdragon 625 + Global Rom + regular included 4G bands + B28 and I REPEAT MUST HAVE B28 lol.

        • +2

          Have you tried using Voda? Voda is fully supported band wise!

        • +1

          @jhk365: Their deals have never compared to the ones I've been able to get from Optus, on both price & inclusions (included data SIM, data pool, unlimited Google Play Music streaming, etc.). Plus I've always been wary of their network's capabilities - I remember how they came to be called Voda-fail… I'm contracted on a 12-month SIM-only plan ATM with Optus, but will be considering switching at the end of this contract, if it's worthwhile, so I'll check out their offers & network stability then.

        • Yeah, that'd be pretty epic. I reckon it may be what I'm after as well, if you come across one…

        • +1


          Yes, I have tried and use Vodafone Prepaid for data with a portable latest Huawei R216H wifi which includes their B5 ( 850 mHz ), as well as both Optus and Telstra portable prepaid 4G wifi routers.

          For my mobile phone use I am what we here call a sim slut, so need a unlocked phone that will provide all the bands 3G and 4G alike. This way I can jump on whatever offer is best at the time and save $10 to $40 per month for my trouble.

          Vodafone has good offers both for data only and mobile with included data, but where I live the signals are really patchy and I need to go from one provider to another on same day to get reliable data speeds, sometimes any at all. Not all of us live in great Vodafone reception areas, or even Optus and Telstra for that matter.

        • +1


          Yeah I feel you, I think rather than overseas model, local models with cheap price tag would be more ideal for ya as they have all band support for all providers :)

        • +1


          Yep, bit of a techno and phone junkie and help out lot's of friends and family in this field, so have many already phones already such as an early Acer liquid Metal, LG Nexus 4, Huawei 550, Huawei G526, LG G2, Lumia 640, Alcatel Pixi 3 4.5", Pop 4 5", ZTE Blitz, Huawei Y6 Elite, LG K10 and latest Sony XA. So you can see, half of these were Vodafone prepaid phones that were easily/cheaply unlocked or in Sony's case not even locked, but have good band support for 3G 850/900mHz as well as the 4G B5/850mHz and some even have the B28 included too although Vodafone phones.

          The Other unlocked phone were capable of all three 3G bands and now with 4G, cover most if not all 4G bands for all three telcos. That way I am free to go with who I want, and when I travel out of need, just to get signal sometimes.

          I really want a Xiaomi phone ( have many of their great power banks ) as they offer a lot for great value under $300, but I really want one that has the B5 as well as B28, otherwise might get limited use just like my as new fantastic LG G2 that lacks both those bands, so mainly gets used on wifi only.

  • Does it have NFC?

  • +1

    since Aliexpress gets 10%, there're better deals there

    • +1

      yeh but over a month for shipping !!!!

      • so GeekBuying is faster? how long??

        • +1

          My postcode (Melb) has quoted Australia Direct shipping for $1.45 US which takes 5-8 business days after processing.

  • what exactly is the redmi note 4 "Global Version", its just pre-opened and installed with a untrustworthy global rom on it that i could install myself? or is it the redmi note 4X?

    is is free shipping the only option? nothing faster?

    • It is the official global version of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 by Xiaomi with English, global ROM and additional bands out of the box.

      In the shopping cart you can view the shipping methods and if you click "Proceed to checkout" you can choose your method before payment.

  • +1

    Does this have a notification led?

    • it does

  • if i didnt have an iphone i would get this phone for sure

  • Hi rep,

    Which one is the sealed unopend global version for snapdragon 4gb ram?


    • The one linked in my post. GeekBuying may turn the phone on before sending to ensure it won't be a DOA.

      • +1

        Hi rep, can you please make sure my unit won't get cosmetic damage like some people did in the past? Sealed unit is preferred for me because of careless handling by some people checking for DOA, but if you must then I insist Geekbuyung to be extra careful in handling as I will request refund for cosmetically damaged or scratched unit.

        I have sent my order number to you as PM, thanks.

  • +1

    Nothing with B28?

    • +2

      Sadly no. There was only a special edition of the RN3 that had B28 for the Taiwan market.

      • That's a pity. Any suggestions of what models to look for that do have B28 capabilities?

        • +2

          Redmi Note 3 Kate Edition

        • @jhk365:

          Yep, hard to get hold of now, especially if you don't like gold color.

          Also hard to go for N3 now that we see the more refined better looking N4 with longer update support.

        • +1

          @ozhunter68: Very true, but that's the compromise if you prefer band 28 support. Personally I'd get this one over Kate, but stable connection is very highly valued for most people. Who knows maybe Xiaomi will add Kate Edition of Note 4 in future.

        • @jhk365:
          Hope so sooner than later as itching to get hands on a decent Chinese 5.5" FHD screen upper midrange phone nice metal finish with full Australian Band support for around $200. Like using an unlocked Sony XA that has all bands 850/900 etc.3G & B5/B28 etc.4G for all three Telcos but disappointed with signal pick up and have gone back to my trusty unlocked Huawei Y6 Elite for now which picks up stronger signal ( live in semi rural hilly area ).

          Do you know how well the Xiaomi phones receive reception? Any particular brand/model you know has better than average signal pick up?

        • @ozhunter68: Hi mate from my experience, Xiaomi phones do have pretty good reception however it is patchy as it lacks band 28. Huawei has a pretty solid reception and so does Samsung but I find only the higher tier Samsung phones have good signal strength. HTC is also wuite decent. All and all, get the Kate Note 3 if you can find it, it will be most ideal for your needs for now.

        • @jhk365:

          Thanks for your advice on your experiences. As the Note 3 looks a bit old hat compared to the Note 4 with stronger metal unibody frame and 2.5D glass, I am happy to wait until they release that version for Taiwan/Australia with B28 as I have a few phones that do the job for some months.

          Have a new LG K10 that's nice with full Band support but waiting for a Full curved glass tempered screen protector to arrive ( ebay chinese seller send faulty one, so need to wait another month now ) before I start using that out of the house. You know Murphy's Law, bound to drop it and scratch the screen without that on and after having similar on the Sony XA I really like the smooth curved slick look and feel of the 2.5D glass. Oh, and I like using the trusty Huawei Y6 Elite ( cheap $49 bargain after cash back ) as like the Y550 I can drop it in boat harbour and not feel guilty lol.

  • Do you have any strong cases for this? How about the original smart flip case.

  • Which one is better Xiaomi Note 4 or Xiaomi note 4x ? Rep, do you sell Xiaomi note4x global version ? Cheers,

    • +2

      Note 4 Global is the same model as Note 4X with extra Ram and Storage

      • thx Jhk365

  • +1

    I thought that this phone would be a lot more popular here…. Am I missing something? Perhaps everyone is phone-ful or phoned out.. :)

    • +1

      Band 28

  • hi, op price still showing 175.99usd ??

    • Yes it will be fixed.

      • Hi OP. I want to buy one but price hasn't been updated, still showing $175.99. Please fix that.

        • Fixed.

        • @Clear:
          Can you fix again please, showing 175.99 now?

  • Price is still $175.99usd ive been watching it also and tried code ,nothing geekbuying is questionable on there support i got on to the online chat and tried to show them the price differance also price match from another site all i got was " me no understand many times so good luck if someting goes wrong and you need warranty fix etc

    • I put the question to GeekBuying and all I can do is wait. Please remember that China is hours behind Australia so there is still time left for them to respond to me.

    • What was the other site Spock?

  • Hi OP
    Price still showing $175.99 and not $165.99 as should be. Is it going back or not?
    Otherwise this deal shouled be marked as expired or at least update the info.

    • Post has been updated

  • +1

    Sorry for delay Tendliya heres the link https://www.zapals.com/xiaomi-redmi-note4-4g-smartphone-deca...
    Also have a look at this .not bad deals i think no point in spending to much i replace mine every 2-3 years alot changes in that time.


    • The 3GB/32GB that you linked from Gearbest is cheaper on my other deal. The Zapals one is the inferior MediaTek model.


    • Thanks Spock. And I also completely agree about not spending too much phones these days. My current phone is LG Pro G2 which I bought about 3 years ago for $350. Still an amazing phone and I love the camera.Unfortunately, dropped the phone few months ago and I have a cracked screen. The touch and the phone still works brilliantly but the crack on the screen starting to annoy me. I tried for the replacement screen, nobody in Melbourne stock them or asking for close to $180 to order it in. So, thinking a new phone. Otherwise in no rush at all.

      • +1

        This phone is a great option, but remember no B28. Good for Vodafone with their B5/850mHz but miss out for better Telstra and Optus reception.

        I have a as new LG G2 that works perfectly still, but lacking both B5 and B28 so where I use it mainly not good at all.

        Even a Sony with both those bands unlocked do not pick up a strong signal here, so gone back to my trusty Huawei Y6 Elite unlocked, great reception. Will try one of these Note 4 when they make a model with B28, until then I'm patient.

  • +1

    The helio x20 is a far better cpu than SD625 BUT i do agree that you my not get the ota updates as offen etc i wouldnt go as far to say it inferior .

    • +1

      It's inferior because it's the Chinese version and not the Global Version. Helio X20 is better in terms of speed, but the Snapdragon has better power efficiency, battery and cooling. It'll also receive more updates and supports custom ROMs.

  • +1
  • Hmmm with all these ebay phone deals, not impressed price wasnt that it said in title for 2 days now

    • +2

      It's a great phone, worth the wait.

    • Price is now back to 165.99.

      • +1

        Only the grey model appears is available for USD$165.99. The gold and black models are USD$175.99.

        Can you confirm if this is going to be corrected? Otherwise please update the post to reflect this

  • Price has now been reduced back to 165.99 for the next 7 days.

    • Only the grey model appears is available for USD$165.99. The gold and black models are USD$175.99.

      Can you confirm if this is going to be corrected? Otherwise please update the post to reflect this.

      • The others were never part of my deal. Would you like one of the others to be on sale? I can ask.

        • Would that be possible? I had assumed it would include all colours. I really want the gold model, so that be awesome if it were priced at USD$165.99 as well. Thanks

        • @lindtchoc: Unfortunately they're unable to do a deal on that one at this time.

        • @Clear:

          Ahh, no worries. Thanks for checking anyway and letting me know!

        • @lindtchoc:
          The price for all has gone up to 176 USD.
          Is there any phone still available for 166USD?

  • i did notice the price fluctuate today costs a bit more in aussie $ must be our dollar exchange rate falling .Still a fantastice buy.

  • Anyone know why the price differance usd$165.99 =223.79 now it = $229.71 aussie hasent moved today .

  • Hi Rep,
    Could you please check my order as I haven't get confirmation email for shipment. I will send the order detail thru PM. Thanks

  • anyones been shipped yet. ordered 31st, still in processing.

    • same here .. ordered 1 june … still in processing …

      • just got confirmation email for shipment … yayyy ….

        • me too! didnt get notified but says its shipped now.. i always forget how impatient i get with these things.. shoulda just sprung for the DHL…

        • @autolux:
          Anyone got the phone yet? If yes, how long did it take?

        • +1


          just got mine an hour ago! looks/feels great..

        • @autolux:
          When did you make the order? Was it delivered by Australia post?

        • +1


          ordered on the 8th jun received today so 12 days. via the $1.50 aus post option

          was fine, had tracking that was largely unuseful and within the 12-15 business days. but tbh id suggest ordering DHL. its $15. its nothing for 3-5 day delivery.

        • @autolux:
          Just learned it has a non-removable battery. A pitty that Xiaomi hopped on this non-removable battery bandwagon. :( Still waiting for muine.

  • Hello Geekbuying rep,

    I was about to buy this phone and found that the price has been changed to 175.99$. Till yesterday there grey version was 165.99$ but today the price has been changed to normal.

    Is this deal expired, if its expired can you please mark this as expired or change the price of the phone?

    • +1

      Updated it to be expired for the time being. Geek will likely put it on sale again, but I have no ETA currently.

  • Dear rep.

    I had received the shipping confirmation with tracking no. on 9th June, but the tracking no. did not have any update since that.

    Did the phone actually get to sent yet?

  • Well no Phone has showed up and its marked delivered to mascot instead of my correct address, Thanks Auspost

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