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20% off Selected Stores @ eBay


Hump Month Frenzy Promotion from eBay!

This offer commences at 16.00 (AEST) on 1 June 2017 and ends at 23.59 (AEST) on 11 June 2017 (“Offer Period”).

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Participating Stores means:

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  • Thanks op.
    I've got my bargain.
    Think-tank backpack is same price on eBay as digidirect store so 20% off is a great saving.

    • +3

      Thanks op.
      I've got my bargain.
      Think-tank backpack is same price on eBay as digidirect store

      …for now.

      • Hopefully it stays the same price.

      • +1

        Price stayed the same, a saving of $123.
        A few other things I was watching have stayed same price as well.

  • Hmmm am after 16GB of DDR3… hope there is a deal in here somewhere

    • +1

      Best of luck on your quest

    • I am after DDR4 16gb sodimm… nothing ><!

  • +10

    Ted Camera just closed their store hahaha, why so afraid of eBay promotion

    • +7

      why do they even bother to agree to participate in the sale?

    • Omg nooo I thought you could still purchase from them with discount but they will just process it later?

      • No…totally unable to process any purchase…

    • Well, maybe they'll be back at 4PM

    • +1

      Just ordered something from them at 20% off and wasn't jacked beforehand, so the holiday message was just temporary it seems.

      • good news

    • fkn bs…..just checked the GoPro i wanted to buy since their holiday period is over and now they've jacked up their prices

  • -1

    Any good washing machine deals?

  • The hunt for the reasonably priced iphone continues…

    • +6

      "reasonably priced iphone". Add that to the list of words you'd never hear, like 'cheap affordable house in Sydney'

      Why not get an Android phone?

      • +1

        Its for a female family member. I deffo dont want it

        • +2

          Hands are tied huh
          I feel sorry for you lol

        • i just got my wife a 128gb 7 plus for 1,163.19 from sydneytec . - $1400 from apple at the moment

    • You didn't get a 5S for $269 when AMEX had $100 HN cash back? :>

  • Anyone know where I can get a Gopro hero 5 eligible for this deal?

    • +1

      nofrillssydney and ryda online usually have it

      • +1

        thanks laurence!

      • Would recommend ryda. Usually Australian stock.

  • +1

    anyone seen 20% off from thegoodguys since JBHifi take over?

    • +2

      I was thinking the same thing. I think we haven't. (Did I say I hate JBHifi?)

  • Please stop supplying drugs to Ted's camera ebay store!


  • oops…..

  • any good high-end gaming pc?

    • +1

      If building own, futu online's prices are slightly cheaper than msy after 20% off. Parts I'm look at I save about $30 over msy price for ~$1000 worth of gear. So more like 3% off haha

  • +1

    Hmm no washing machines… is there an easy way to search all these shops?

  • Can someone put Strathfield car radio to the list need to buy a bashcam

    • +1

      Bashcam! Perfect for fathers day.

  • Looking for Olympus E-PL8, any deal?

  • Hi all,
    I am unable to check the stores atm but can someone point me to good prices for microSD cards? I'm hoping for 128GB + (although if the price is right i'd be willing to go 200/ 256GB). Good write performance is desirable. Hoping for <70 for 128GB and <200 for 256/200GB (not sure how much they go for nowadays).

    Thanks :)

  • Any good wine recommended at Winemarket?
    Got the Paxton blend last time and its pretty good so wondering if anyone else is purchasing or has recommendations

  • +1

    Great! thanks OP
    Hoping to find a good deal on mobile phone preferably Samsung S7 and a laptop :)

    • Please do share if you find something. Looking for the dual sim one for the mrs.

      • found this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BRAND-NEW-SAMSUNG-GALAXY-S7-SM-G9...
        but its not 20% off.. however 15% off.. comes to $545-15%

        Haven't bought from these guys before.. any experiences?

        • im going to blow on this, is it a trusted seller?

        • @Meliodas:
          Thats actually shoppingsquare.
          But it doesn't specifically say G930F or FD. Might not be 100% suitable if that's the case.

        • @alterego13: can you actually flash the ROM? im buying this for my mom, i just want to know that as long as you can Flash the ROM and use it normally, it should be fine

        • @Meliodas:
          Wouldn't help your cause if it's NOT the the G930F or FD version. Different radios for different frequencies.

        • @alterego13: i see thanks for the insight

  • wonder if Ted's camera realize that nobody can buy anything from them.

    • Its intentional.

  • -1

    Any Fitbit deals from a participating store?

  • Cheapest GTX 1080 still works out to $630 after 20% off so not great. Also only 3 of those.

  • Hoping for a decent deal on a prime or macro lens for my canon.

  • -1

    Ok so the neg was removed, so I will quantify that this post doesn't actually offer any bargains?

    A link to 20% off products almost always known to be jacked up deserves it.

    • +3

      Your most welcome to neg, but please wait until the deal is valid and you can see if there is pricejacking or not.

  • +1

    If you want to check if the price has been jack up some listings say how many sold……. click that and you can see roughly the last 20 sales
    Just to clarify its next to how many are available.

  • Nice, thanks op.

    What are my chances for a Samsung 8 with 20% off? :D

  • How long will an item remain in your cart? Is there an expiry?

    • -1

      It will remain there until you remove it.

      • +1

        Cheers. I suppose it's first in best dressed for limited quantity items, as in any number of people can add it to cart but it's not until you pay that the stock is allocated.

  • Teds have removed all Lenses and video cameras. Probably more but I only checked these two.

    • It's okay, no one would expect a camera store to sell these anyway …

  • Pro.Gadgets have jacked their prices up.

  • Any bargain SSD's?

    • wondering the same.

    • +1

      Futu-online have a range.

      With the 20% off their prices work out slightly cheaper than my usual store - U-Mart.

      EG Samsung 850 EVO 500GB $220 with free Click & Collect at Woolworths.

      U-Mart $234.

  • -2

    Once GST is in place, for sure will see a LOT MORE price jacking.

  • +4

    there are no deals when all the stores involved put their prices up just before the sales, as confirmed on almost every single listing right now.

    no shame from either the stores or eBay, dont waste your time

    • +1

      Yeah agree, avgreatbuys jacked up their QC35 sadly.

  • Any good gaming laptops?

  • 2.3k for Samsung 65" UHD TV (no HDR). Should I? New listing, I suspect price was jacked. Their ebay listing is $200 more than their website's.

    • Spending >$2K for no HDR? Better be a good tv…

      • Actually it does have HDR. IT just wasn't advertised.

        But it doesn't say which type, if that matters.

    • definitely no. The 8000 model of that TV (with HDR) has been 2.2k on many occasions.

      • Is that series 8? Do you have an exact model number? I want to look into this.

        I'm having trouble finding this deal.

        • +1

          KS8000, its a beast. My cousin has the 55 inch version (for $1485).
          Not even close to on sale anywhere now, but when they discount them, they discount hard.

  • COTD ebay did not include any Kitchenaid stand mixer, DISAPPOINTED !!!
    Why do you do that ???

    • +1

      Because they don't want you paying 20% less for it?

  • CBINGBANG doesn't work for me at 1:40pm

  • +4

    These bastards jacked the price up


    They even changed it from free shipping to $8 shipping. what the (profanity)

  • +2

    Ted's camera is a joke. removed several cameras and lenses

  • Any cheap genuine san disk microsd card deal?
    I'm just after a min 16gb high speed card for Pi zero project

    Please recommend with link if you found any


  • All I want is an R9S but Wireless1 and mobiciti aren't listed.. booo

  • -1

    Woohooo game on dont forget CASHREWARD guys! Go fight!

    • +1

      There is nothing worthwhile to fight for…

  • I got a Mavic Flymore Combo for $1691 from Mr Toys online, confirmed Aussie stock earlier when I rang up.

  • +2

    Great price for local stock on the Sony A6500 from Ryda/Nofrills.


    • +2

      Thx, got the last one. I was planning to buy from Ted's but they removed it.

      If you bought it, dont forget to claim your gift card: https://promotions.sonyanz.com/eftposgiftcard#terms

      • Thanks. Another bonus. They keep putting up stock as they are being sold. If you are travelling this will bring the A6500 down to less than $1,300. $2098 - 419 ebay discount - 190 GST refund - 200 gift card.

        Link to Nofrills which supposed to be same company.


        • Just saw it and it's out of stock :(

        • +1

          @liewehan: they added again about 3-4 days ago but slightly higher price about $100 more.

  • +2

    Grrr … Winemarket upped the price from $69 to $99 on this


    But after the discount it puts purchase price in line with previous purchase history

    Slick ACCC avoiding move!!! >.<

    Edit: after double checking sums technically it still leaves a 20 cent price hike hmmm

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